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Introduction to advertising & integrated marketing communication
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Imc presentation advertising

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Integrated marketing communication presentation on Advertising

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Imc presentation advertising

  2. 2. VARIOUS ASPECTS o Event Management o Advertising Manager Role o Advertising Agency Coordination activities o Managing Advertising Campaigns o Advertising Creative Briefs o Case study
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY o What are the essential ingredients in event management ? o What are the various roles of an advertising manager ? o What roles are played in Advertising Agencies ? o What steps are completed as part of Advertising campaign management ? o How does a creative brief facilitate effective Advertising ?
  4. 4. EVENT MANAGEMENT Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. o Studying the brand o Identifying the target audience, o Devising the event concept, o Planning the logistics and o Co-ordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. o E.g. Zest , International Management Research Conference, case study competition ,Alumni Meet 2016. o Big Events : Awards , IPL , etc. Objective: What are the essential ingredients in event management ?
  5. 5. EVENT MANAGEMENT REQUIRES oNeeded Everywhere : oTeamwork : oCreative Thinking : oStrong Leadership :
  6. 6. TOP 5 QUALITIES Well said : Tushar Panchal – Public Relations, Communications, Branding, Corporate Affairs says: a) Get the Brief right b) Know your Consumer c) Work within budgets d) Time is crucial e) Never ever lose control
  7. 7. ROLE OF ADVERTISING MANAGER Introduction : Advertising managers are in charge of promoting, marketing and advertising a company's products. They maintain close working relationships with all departments within a company as well as working intimately with the marketing department o Budget Responsibilities : o Target Audience : o Advertising Campaign : Objective: What are the various roles of an advertising manager ?
  8. 8. ADVERTISING AGENCY COORDINATION ACTIVITIES oACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: They serves as the go-between for the advertising agency and the client company oCREATIVES: It develop and designs advertisements oTRAFFIC MANGERS: They works closely with the advertising agency’s account executive, creatives and production staff oACCOUNT PLANNERS: They provides the voice and will be the advocate for the consumer within the advertising agency. Objective: What roles are played in Advertising Agencies ?
  9. 9. MANAGING ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Managing advertising campaigns is the process of preparing and integrating a specific advertising program. Whether an in-house employee or an external agency performs the work, the marketing manager oversees the development of the advertising campaigns. An effective campaign consists of five steps: 1. Conduct and review the advertising research. 2. Establish advertising objectives consistent with the overall IMC program. 3. Review the advertising budget. 4. Select the appropriate media based on the viewing habits of the target market. 5. Prepare creative brief. Objective: What steps are completed as part of Advertising campaign management?
  10. 10. ADVERTISING CREATIVE BRIEFS Typically, creative work with a document prepared by the client and account executive called the creative strategy or creative brief. oThe objective oThe target audience oThe message theme oThe support oThe constraints Objective: How does a creative brief facilitate effective Advertising ?
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION oJeans are trousers made from denim cloth. oIt was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. o Historic brands include Levi's, Lee and Wrangler . oJeans comes it various fits i.e. skinny,slim,boot cut,narrow bottom,low waist etc.
  13. 13. FACTS oJeans is common denominator among teens around the world. oSocial media allows teens to consider a variety of brands. oEach year ,jeans style changes. oJeans may be worn for style or for work, beside teenagers young children's and older adults can also buy this items . oJeans may have very short life cycle. oCompany's into jeans manufacturing are :-
  14. 14. CREATIVE BRIEF We have been placed in charge of the advertising programs for a jeans company. We will need to select the type of jeans we are trying to sell and then create a creative brief using :- oProduct oObjective oTarget audience oMessage theme oConstraints oBackground information
  15. 15. PRODUCT :OLD NAVY-ROCKSTAR JEANS Different size Different color
  16. 16. VARIOUS FITS
  17. 17. OBJECTIVE oTo increase the brand awareness and sale of old navy rockstar skinny jeans TARGET AUDIENCE o Pre teens o Teens o Young adults
  18. 18. MESSAGE THEME TAG LINE o “Be yourself…… are a rock star live like rock star” o “Rock it !! old navy …!!”
  20. 20. BACKGROUND INFORMATION o Print advertisement -Local news paper -Old navy catalog -Magazine o Media -Old navy advertisement focused on brand name and slogan -MTV channel -Vh1 -Fashion shows o Internet -E-commerce -Advertisement in social media. -Banner and tagline on various websites.
  21. 21. QUESTION AND ANSWERS o What company provides the primary competition for your jeans ? Ans: Variety, Pattern, Quality, Price, Trendy, Size o Which media will you select for next campaign ,given the information provided in the creative brief ? Ans: Television and internet
  22. 22. QUESTION AND ANSWERS o How do you plan to deliver the message theme in advertising campaign ? Ans: Celebrity, Social media, Viral video o What tag line will you choose for your advertisement ? Ans: “Be yourself…… are a rock star live like rock star ”
  23. 23. BIBLIOGRAPHY o Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications – Kenneth E. Clow/ Donald E. Baack o o o operations o

Integrated marketing communication presentation on Advertising


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