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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing of Mochi (Campaign, Brand Awareness, Trendy, Durable, Affordable, Core Targeting, Sample Creatives, Facebook Ad Set, Interest, Behaviour, Daily Budget, Potential Reach, Carousal Creatives, Landing Page, Organic Post Creatives)

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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Presented by Siddhi Chandrawat,Shivangi Awasthi& Prasham Jhaveri Mochi SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE What We Hope to Fulfill Introduction to the Brand Strength and Weakness analysis Campaign 1 explained (Facebook , Instagram and YouTube) Core Targeting for the Campaign Ad set 1 Sample creatives for Campaign Campaign 2 explained (Facebook ad campaign) Landing page 6 Creatives
  3. 3. Industry- Fashion and Retail Founded in the year - 2000 Where-Commercial street, Bengaluru Outlets- Over 104 outlets in 50+ cities. Target market- Young cosmopolitan Indian Product range-Handbags, belts, socks, mobile cases, foot-care and shoe-care products. ABOUT US-
  4. 4. Competitors- Metro shoes, Catwalk, Bata,etc. Brands Available- Mochi, FILA, Woodland, Lee Cooper, Buckaroo, Red Tape, J.Monteni,Crocs Focus on- Fresh designs, creativity and spunk for young Indians. ABOUT US-
  5. 5. Strenghts Weaknesses Customer Loyalty Program Convenient location- 104+ outlets in 50+ cities Wide variety of brands available at stores Wide range of products available Lack of Brand awareness Poor brand image Not very active on social media No good marketing campaigns
  6. 6. Campaign 1 - All Mochi All day Campaign Hashtag- #AllMOCHIALLDAY Campaign Duration- 30 days Product Range- Shoes Main Campaign Objectives- Brand awareness Social Platforms for the campaign- Facebook,Instagram and YouTube (not verified)
  7. 7. Durable Affordable Trendy Brand Awareness Mochi needs to improve its Brand Image and Personality.
  8. 8. Trendy Brand Ambassadors - Janhvi Kapoor & Varun Dhawan Generic Posts and photoshoots on Facebook and Instagram. Video - 9am to 9pm - Trendy Mochi shoe for every event ft. Janhvi and Varun. Collaboration with a popular fashion designer like - Mochi x Nikhil Thampi. 4 short videos on shoe making released once a week designed and monitored by Nikhil Thampi. Video on how to pair any outfit perfectly with Mochi shoes ft. Nikhil Thampi Instagram meet and greet contest -What do you like about the latest Mochi collection and two lucky participants win a chance to meet Janhvi and Varun.
  9. 9. Affordable Durable Social Platforms- Facebook and YouTube Video of a man running late for his job interview shot from the foot angle showing different obstacles like unpredictable rains, crowded local train where people step on his feet,shoes getting dirty in muddy water,etc. Voice over by- Javed Jaffery Social Platforms- Facebook and YouTube Video of a single mother taking her child to a mochi store to get her shoe fixed and ends up buying a new one because it's affordable. Voice over by- Javed Jaffery
  10. 10. Core Targeting for Campaign 1 Age-25 to 40 Gender-Both male and female Location- Mumbai,Pune,Kolkata,Delhi,Bangalore Language- English and Hindi Interest - Durability,comfort,trendy,variety. Behaviour-Buy trendy shoes at reasonable rates. Daily Budget-Rs.25,000 Reach-34,000-2,10,000 (As per Ads Manager) Conversion-52 to 330 (As per Ads Manager)
  11. 11. Sample Creatives
  12. 12. Campaign 2 - Be Awesome Campaign Hashtag- #BE AWESOME Campaign Duration- 30 days Product Range- Shoes Main Campaign Objectives- Conversion and sales Social Platforms for the campaign- Facebook
  13. 13. Facebook Campaign-Ad Set 2
  14. 14. Facebook Campaign Name-BE AWESOME
  15. 15. AD SET-Age Group, Location, Gender & Language
  18. 18. AD SET-Behavior
  21. 21. Carousal Creatives Website URL-
  22. 22. Single Image Creative
  23. 23. Landing Page
  24. 24. Organic Post Creatives (Siddhi)
  25. 25. Organic Creatives (By Prasham)
  26. 26. Organic Creatives (By Shivangi)