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Brochure Prasetiya Mulya Graduate School of Business


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Brochure Prasetiya Mulya Graduate School of Business

  1. 1. Welcome to the business school that will take you to see the world from a different perspective. Welcome to Prasetiya Mulya.CONTENTS 3 4 7 Prasetiya Mulya Foundation Message from The Dean Why Prasetiya Mulya ? 9 Prasetiya Mulya Business School 10 MM Faculty Members 14 Atmosphere 16 Facilities 18 Student Profiles 23 Program Curriculum 24 Regular MM 30 Executive MM in Business Management 36 Executive MM in Strategic Management 43 Learning Program 44 Learning Methods 46 Business Plan 47 CEO & Guest Lecture 48 Student Activities 49 International Competition 51 Career Development & Business Networking 52 Career Development 54 Alumni Relations 56 Corporate Partners 61 Program Admission
  2. 2. Best practice education is a collective debt of the current generation to future generations. Djisman Simandjuntak Chairman of the Prasetiya Mulya Foundation Professor of Business EconomicsBuilding 2, PMBS Cilandak Campus
  3. 3. prasetiya mulyaFoundationThe Prasetiya Mulya Foundation The schools various programs have contributed to the development of Indonesian business entrepreneurs(Yayasan Prasetiya Mulya (YPM)) was and professionals in acquiring the best managementestablished by a group of prominent practices needed in the global world. The Prasetiya MulyaIndonesia businessmen in Jakarta, Foundation moves forward to fulfill its noble pledge in19 May 1980. educating Indonesian people.Initially, Prasetiya Mulyas philanthropic mission spread into Board of Trusteesseveral programs and activities such as social projects, Chairman YA YAYAscholarship programs, assistance to victims of natural UL Soedono Salim* AN S M PRASETIYAdisasters, etc. The founders, intellectuals with business Members Eka Tjipta Widjaja* William Soeryadjaya* (RIP) Anthoni Salimbackgrounds, realized that Prasetiya Mulyas core mission Ciputra, Dr. Ir. Edwin Soeryadjaya Frankie Nurimba, Dipl.Ing. (RIP) Franky Oesman Widjaja Harry Tjan Silalahi, SH Ibrahim Risjadshould contribute to building the nation through intellectual Ipung Kurnia, MBA Jauw Tjong Kie Jusuf Wanandi, SHenhancement thus through education and training Kaharudin Ongko M. Hadi Soesastro, Dr (RIP) Mochtar Riady, Dr. Mulyadi Budiman Osbert Lyman Prajogo Pangestu Sofjan Wanandi H. Sudwikatmono (RIP)programs in business and management. Suhargo Gondo Kusumo (RIP) The Ning King Usman Admadjaja Supervisory BoardIn the 2nd year of its 30 years of establishment, Prasetiya ChairmanMulya or Noble Pledge Foundation, set up the Prasetiya T. P. Rachmat, Ir.Mulya Business School renown as the leading educational Members Antonius J. Supit G. Sulistiyanto S., Ir.institution offering degree and non degree programs Board of Executivesin the field of business to help advance the business Chairmancommunity and improve the competence of Indonesian Prof. Dr. Djisman Simandjuntakbusinesspeople. The school pioneered in 1982 the first MembersMaster of Business Administration (MBA) program in Treasurer: Angeline Sutedja, MBA Secretary: Prasasto Sudyatmiko, SHIndonesia, now by decree called by Magister Management Baritono Pangestu Budiarsa Sastrawinata Danandjaja Wanandi Franciscus Welirang Leopard Lyman Michael J.P. Widjajaprogram. Mintardjo Halim Tedy Djuhar *Honorable Lifetime Leader 3
  4. 4. MESSAGEFROM THE deanDear respected business leaders, Socialization and network on the international scope with world class business schools at GSVC ascertainNothing is more difficult than mapping the future business Prasetiya Mulya Business School’s conviction thatdirection. Advanced and developed countries can not todays and future global society will depend on thebe expected to be the generators of global economy initiative of the business world to actualize the "Tripleanymore. The statement "Our global economy is so Bottom Line". A business in line with the times is afragile" at the G-20 group summit held on June 20, 2010 business that not only focuses on creating profit, butin Toronto still echoes loudly. If there are still some drivers also empowering the community and restoring andon the global economy, it would be the economic activity preserving the environment. Failure in these threeof developing economies especially China and India. But aspects will shake the society’s order and result in planetno one knows how long this can last. Earth being no longer able to support life.In the midst of this high uncertainty it would be best if Prasetiya Mulya Business School was born 30 years agoeach of us hold on to the motto: "Do not wait for reform. with the breath of life: "Give and youll be given". MoreReinvent !”. Dawning onto the ripe age of 30 in 2012, than 80 prominent national business people who foundedPrasetiya Mulya Business School takes the initiative to the Prasetiya Mulya Foundation believe in giving some ofplace education on higher ground. The acknowledgement their fortune for the noble cause to educate the nation’sfor this initiative is evidenced by the awards won for people, the nations need for professional managersfour consecutive years (2008-2011) by teams from the will be fulfilled. That belief has been proven through thegraduate/Master Program, students of management, accomplishments of the Prasetiya Mulya Business School.particularly in the Global Social Venture Competition If you share the same belief with the vision of the Prasetiya(GSVC), Haas Business School, University of California at Mulya Business School, do not hesitate to join us. ThroughBerkeley. sustainable business we can renew Indonesia and the world.4 MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN
  5. 5. Prof. Sammy Kristamuljana, Ph.DDean of Prasetiya Mulya Business School 5
  6. 6. Give and you will be given. - Anonymous -
  7. 7. Faculty Members Atmosphere Facilities Student ProfilesWHyprasetiya mulya ?With more than 29 years experience develop the best solutions in any situation. High levels of interaction and involvement in groups and inter-in business education, Prasetiya group discussions whilst practicing applicative businessMulya has consistently developed its concepts are the right means to improve competencies.professional approach in providing The learning process encompassed in the Prasetiya Mulyahigher education services in the areas MM programs is designed through learning experience.of business and management. These The Prasetiya Mulya curriculum is regularly adjusteddevelopments are based on Prasetiya towards developments in the business world and toMulya’s commitment to serving the prepare students to face changes and uncertainties in thelearning needs of businesses and future business environment.businesspeople.Prasetiya Mulya recognizes that every challenge inthe business sector is unique, dynamic and complex. Prasetiya Mulya MM programs received an A-category accreditation, grade A. (National Accreditation Agency,Therefore, business players must acquire good business 2011 - 2016)knowledge and competence to be able to find the bestsolutions for every situation in creative, effective and Prasetiya Mulya Business School is a member of the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS), asrealistic ways. Prasetiya Mulya answers this challenge well as the International Association to Advance Collegiateby establishing business education programs that are Schools of Business (AACSB International).practice-oriented, comprehensive, relevant and current, Prasetiya Mulya was also voted the private business schoolto prepare future business players and leaders as well as of choice by executives and fresh graduates and receivedresearchers. the highest rating in Indonesia (SWA Magazine, July 2008). Prasetiya Mulya is the best private business school and theIn addition to providing learning subjects, Prasetiya Mulya first rank as recommended (100%) by alumni.Master of Management (MM) programs focus on improving (SWA Magazine Survey, November 2009)students’ strategic learning capacities and readiness to 7
  9. 9. Many sources of knowledgeare made available at Prasetiya Mulya –not only its complete collection of business books,but also its faculty members, peer students andthrough sharing sessions with other business players,the wide network of alumni as well as itswi-fi equipped internet facilities throughout the campus. MENGAPA PR ASET YA MULYA? 9
  10. 10. MM FACULTY MEMBERSPrasetiya Mulya MM faculty Prasetiya Mulya Business Schools MM Faculty Members meet academic credentials according to subjects theymembers are professionals, teach and also master good, effective and attractiveexperienced practitioners with teaching techniques. They work to establish a relaxed butgood educational credentials serious atmosphere in class where students are activelyfrom domestic as well as foreign involved in every learning session, to gain maximuminstitutions. benefit from the learning process. Their extensive experience in their fields of expertise enrich their teaching materials and case studies presented in class. The enhancement of Prasetiya Mulya civitas academia is shown by having 6 home grown full time Faculty Members who are honored profesorship in various steam of management.FACULTY MEMBER region of university background ACADEMIC qUALIFICATION BACKGROUND OF FACULTY MEMBER 24%27% 33% 15% Europe USA Asia 67% Dr/Ph.D Australia Master 34%10 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  11. 11. Prof. Dr. Djisman S. Simandjuntak SE (Parahyangan University, Indonesia)Professor of Business Economics Dipl Rer-Pol (Cologne, Germany)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) Dr (Cologne, Germany)Prof. Djisman S. Simandjuntak is the chairman, executive board of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies(CSIS) Foundation and has served several times as a research consultant for the Asian Development Bank. He iscurrently the chairman of the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship’s (IICD) Supervisory Board, and thechairman of the Prasetiya Mulya Foundation. Professor Djisman is also a member of the Expert Group for FeasibilityStudies on the East Asia Free Trade Area, an expert advisor to the Indonesia-Korea Economic Cooperation Committee,and a member of the Indonesian National Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement ofScience.Prof. Sammy Kristamuljana, Ph.D SE Ak (University of Indonesia)Professor of Strategic Management MSM (Arthur D Little MEI, Cambridge, USA)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) PhD (City University, London, UK)Prof. Sammy Kristamuljana, Ph.D is the dean of the Prasetiya Mulya Business School, and specializes in strategicmanagement. Before joining Prasetiya Mulya Business School in 1983, Prof. Sammy Kristamuljana was a chiefaccountant of Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia. Not only has he written case studies, but his scientific articles havebeen published in a number of journals and magazines, and he is an active member of the Editorial Board of theaccredited management and business journal "Integritas".Prof. Ignas G. Sidik, DBA Ir. (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)Professor of Finance and Marketing MBA (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) DBA (Boston University, USA)Professor Ignas G. Sidik’s professional career included time spent working as a director of PT Multi Adi Cipta Persada,as a general manager in a service company and as an entrepreneur. Prof. Ignas G. Sidik is also active in writing and hascontributed to a number of journals in both national and international management forums. His articles, among others,includes Indonesia: A Country in Transition (2003) which he wrote together with Don Rahtz, as well as The Application ofCETSCALE Measure in Indonesia; An Empirical Test.Prof. Dr. Andreas Budihardjo Drs. M.Pd (IKIP Surabaya, Indonesia)Professor of Human Resource Management M.Psi (University of Indonesia)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) PhD (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)Before joining Prasetiya Mulya, Prof. Dr. Andreas Budihardjo was employed as a human resources management expertfor the General Motors & Isuzu training center, and as a consultant in a number of private enterprises. In addition toteaching and providing management consultancy services, Prof. Dr. Andreas Budiharjo is also an active public speaker.Besides working at Prasetiya Mulya, he also teaches organizational psychology, learning organization and knowledgemanagement in the graduate psychology program of the University of Indonesia.Prof. Agus W. Soehadi, Ph.D Ir. (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, Indonesia)Professor of Marketing M.Si (Bandung Institue of Technology, Indonesia)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) PhD (University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK)Prof. Agus W. Soehadis expertise covers strategic marketing, brand management, retail marketing, market research,community marketing and entrepreneurship. His research papers and writings are published in accredited scientific,national and international journals for example Journal of Strategic Marketing (UK based), EMAC Proceedings (Europeanbased), MEG Proceedings (UK based) and BAMP Proceedings (UK based). Currently Prof. Agus W. Soehadi is the VP-Education, International Advertising Association (IAA), IAMS board member and academic leader for the developmentof Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMS) and Co-Founder of ICE (Indonesian Consumunity Expo). Prof.Agus W. Soehadi is a team leader of GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Indonesia, External Expert Security Council(Wantanas) and VP HIPKI (Indonesian Training and Courses Assembly). He also contributes teaching in the DoctoralProgram, University of Indonesia and Bogor Institute of Agricultural, IPB.Prof. Djoko Wintoro, Ph.D SE (Tarumanagara University, Indonesia)Professor of Business Finance MCom (University of Wollongong, Australia)(Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia) Ph.D (University of Wollongong, Australia)As Research Director at Prasetiya Mulya, his expertise covers Corporate Finance, Advanced Corporate Finance,Corporate Growth, Institution Depositors, Investment Management and Financial Management. His research writingsare published in accredited scientific journals such as Indonesia Capital Market Review, "The Credibility of IDX(Indonesian Stock Exchange)" and Business Management Journal "Renewal of the Corporate Finance Function”. Severalpapers were presented at international conferences like the 2nd International Conference on Business ManagamentResearch, Jakarta, 15-16 August 2007 with the paper "How Can Emerging Stock Exchange Survive in the Global EraCompetition", and "Reborn From Crisis", the CEO Forum, Jakarta, 26 August 2009. mengapa prasetiya mulya ? 11
  12. 12. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 11 12 13 14 15ECONOMY & STRATEGY 6. Indria Handoko, MM MARKETING DEPARTMENT ST (Parahyangan University, Indonesia)DEPARTMENT MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, 11. DANIEL HARYANTO, MM1. FELIX FERRYANTO LUKMAN, MM Indonesia) S.Kom (Binus University,Indonesia) SPi (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, Ph.D Candidate (Manchester Business MM (IPMI, Indonesia) Indonesia) School, UK) MM (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, 12. Dr. Eka ArDianto, MM Indonesia) 7. Juliati Tedjasasmita Gunadi, MBA Ir. (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Dra (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia) Technology, Indonesia)2. Paul s. Oppusunggu, MM MBA (Monash University, Australia) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, SE (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) Indonesia) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, 8. Lenny Sunaryo, Ph.D Dr. (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) Jakarta, Indonesia) BCom (Concordia Univ, Canada) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, 13. Istijanto, MM, MCom Indonesia) SE (Atma Jaya Catholic University,HUMAN RESOURCES & MCom (Otago University, New Zealand) Yogjakarta, Indonesia)ORGANIZATIONS DEPARTMENT Ph.D (Otago University, New Zealand) MM (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) MCom (University of New South Wales,3. Dr. Achmad Setyo Hadi 9. LIES DAHLIA, MM Australia) Drs (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) ST (Bandung Institute of Technology, Dr. Candidate (University of Indonesia, M.Sc (University of Colorado, USA) Indonesia) Indonesia) Dr. (Bremen University, Germany) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta, Indonesia) 14. Robby T. Poniman, MBA4. Franky Supriyadi, MBA Drs. Med (Tarumanagara University, Ir. (Bandung Institute of Technology, 10. Dr. Willem Dagi Indonesia) Indonesia) Ir. (Hasanuddin University, Indonesia) MBA (Univeristy of Texas, El Paso, USA) MBA (University of Pittsburgh, USA) MM (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, Ph.D Candidate (Univ of Pittsburgh, USA) Indonesia) Dr. (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, FINANCE DEPARTMENT5. Gregorius Pratiknyo, MBA Indonesia) Drs (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) 15. Arief Fadhilah, MBA MBA (University of Southern California, USA) SE.Ak (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) MBA (Putra Malaysia University, Malaysia)12 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  13. 13. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3116. ARNOLD KAUDIN, MM, OPERATIONS & SUPPLY CHAIN ADJUNCT FACULTY MEMBER SE (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia) DEPARTMENT 27. Adhi Hendra Baskara E., MBA MM (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) M.Com (The University of Sydney, Australia) 22. Ade Febransyah, Ph.D E (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) S Ir. (Bandung Institute of Technology, BA (San Francisco University, USA) M17. Deddi Tedjakumara, MM Indonesia) ST (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia) 28. Dr. HARRIS TURINO KURNIAWAN MSME (Oklahoma State University, USA) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, r. (Satya Wacana Christian University I Ph.D (North Carolina State University, USA) Indonesia) Kristen, Indonesia) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School,18. Lukas Setia Atmaja, Ph.D 23. Elliot Simangunsong, Ph.D Indonesia) SE (Atma Jaya Catholic University, Ir (Bogor Institute of Agricultural, Indonesia) MSi (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) Yogjakarta, Indonesia) MM (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) Dr (University of Indonesia, Indonesia) MSc (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) Ph.D (Lancaster Univ, UK) Ph.D (Monash University, Australia) 29. Michael Adriyanto, MM 24. F.X. Hongyanto Setio, MBA .Psi (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia) S19. Nico Fernando Samad, MMT, MBP Ir. (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) MM (Prasetiya Mulya Business School, SE (University of Jambi, Indonesia) MBA (Griffith University, Australia) Jakarta, Indonesia) MMT (Bandung Institute of Technology, 25. Hendro ADIARSO Tj, MBA 30. Ida Juda Widjojo, Ph.D Indonesia) Ir. (Bandung Institute of Technology, iplom Kaufmann (Universitas des D MBP (University of South Australia, Australia) Indonesia) Saarlandes, Germany)20. SANDY HARIANTO, M.BUS.Acc MBA (TSM Business School, University of MBA (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, SE (STIE SUPRA, Indonesia) Twente, Netherlands) Belgium) M.Buss.Acc (Monash University, Australia) Ph. D Candidate (Cranfield University, UK) Ph. D (University of Bern, Switzerland) 21. Wijantini, Ph.D 26. Nugroho Suryo, Ph.D 31. Joseph Belly UtarjA, MBA SE (Parahyangan University, Indonesia) Ir. (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) ST (Bandung Institute of Technology, MBA (University of Dallas, USA) MBA (University of Wisconsin, Madison, Indonesia) Ph.D (University of Birmingham, UK) USA) MBA (Melbourne Business School, University Ph.D (AGSM, Australia) of Melbourne, Australia) 13
  14. 14. AtmosPHEREThe Prasetiya Mulya Business School Campus offers everything students could require, including accommodation for different budgets available near the- Cilandak Campus, is strategically campus, serviced apartments, condominiums, townlocated in Cilandak Barat, South houses, guesthouses and hotels.Jakarta. The campus, with its superblocation and facilities, provides Boarding rooms are also available for long-stayingthe ideal learning environment students. These rooms are conveniently located near thefor students and the business campus in Cilandak, Fatmawati, Lebak Bulus, Pondokcommunity, making the learning Indah, Cipete and Pondok Labu areas. Rents vary greatly,process more effective. but most come in the range of Rp 750,000 up to Rp 2,000,000 a month.Prasetiya Mulya Cilandak Campus is located on TBSimatupang road (adjacent to the Jakarta Outer Ring There are a variety of shops and commercial areasToll Road) where the surrounding area is south Jakartas located near the campus, including traditional markets,popular central business district. Many multinational, convenience stores, supermarkets (Hero, 7-Eleven, Giant,private, and state-owned companies have their head Food Mart, All Fresh, Matahari and Ranch Market) andoffices in this area. hypermarkets (Carrefour, Giant and Lotte Mart). Pondok Indah Mall, one of the first modern malls in Indonesia,South Jakarta is known for its various subcultures. Nearby is just 10 minutes from the campus. Only five minutescampus is Kemang, famous for its entertainment, cultural from the campus is Cilandak Town Square (Citos), aspots and abundance of restaurants, cafes and galleries. popular spot and meeting point that combines shopping,Kemang is also home to 80 percent of Jakarta’s expatriate restaurants, apartments and a sports center. There arecommunity. This area is located less than 20 minutes from also plenty of public facilities near the campus, includingPrasetiya Mulya. Another prominent area near the campus mosques, churches, hospitals, clinics, drug stores, banks,is Jakarta’s upscale residential area, Pondok Indah. business centers, internet cafes, and the post office.The area surrounding the Prasetiya Mulya Cilandak14 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  15. 15. "To manage a corporation well and drive "I realized it is important tothe business, leaders must have vision experience a unique learning-the big dream-, the persistance and program for my careerfortitude to make it happen. Prasetiya advancement. Through PrasetiyaMulya Business School is the right Mulya’s comprehensive MMplace to learn and gain inspiration. The program, I broadened myschool lay down the strong foundationof business knowledge through its perspectives equipping mededicated lecturers and extensively to make financially wise anddeveloped network. The program and strategic business decisions.fellow classmates, rich in experience and I was also able to representexpertise, provide the right inspirational the school and Indonesia in aenvironment that enrich the grooming global competition lending theprocess for future business leaders to opportunity to network on alead, contribute and develop others." worldwide level." Yolling MuisSyamsurizal Munaf, ST, MM (Alumnus of Executive MM in Business Management,(Alumnus of Regular MM 1995) 2007)Director & Chief Financial OfficerPT. Medco Energi International, Tbk Head of Finance Department, PT. Panin Life • Runner Up Winner, Global Social Venture Competition 2008, Berkeley, USA “Prasetiya Mulya provides an extensive curriculum which enhances my ability to analyze issues from different perspectives and to get an all round view of the situation on hand. Combined with practical group assignments, I enhanced my analytical abilities as well as developed interpersonal skills in managing team dynamics. These abilities have proven to be very beneficial in the corporate world." Windrio Indrasempurno (Alumnus of Regular MM 2009) PT Suzuki Indomobil Best Graduate 2009 • Runner Up Winner, BEI-CFA Research Report Competition 2009 • 15
  16. 16. AuditoriumFaCILITIESBuilding facilities include two main can also use the study hall, the activity hall, plaza or gazebo around the campus park as places to study orbuildings for teaching-learning to hold group discussions. The computer laboratoryactivities, library and computer lab. complete with both fixed line and wire internet connectionsThere is a dining hall, a study hall is used also to conduct business simulations. Alsoand also other supporting campus available is an Indonesian Stock Exchange corner withfacilities, providing the complete data access and stock market information referencedlearning atmosphere at Prasetiya from the Indonesian Market Quotes (IMQ) as well as theMulya. IDX database. Wi-Fi facilities are available in all parts of the campus compound.In the main building, there is an auditorium and severalamphitheatre classrooms equipped with LCD projectors, For lunch and dinner, a dining hall is available with roomdesktop computers and other multimedia equipment to to seat 250 people. There is also the Prasetiya Mulyasupport interactive teaching and learning, and each room Store (PMStore), Book Store and a food court facility tois arranged to facilitate class discussions. Also available meet students’ daily needs. In the campus there are alsois the business library, one of the best in the country, with parking facilities, with around-the-clock security, a largea collection of more than 30,000 books, domestic and Muslim prayer room and a sporting area, i.e. a futsal cuminternational journals, the ABI CD ROM, a wide range of basketball court.magazines and internet access for literature research.The library also has thousands of business plans whichrepresents the students’ final projects containing feasibilitystudies of various industries and businesses.The calm and comfortable environment in the libraryencourages students to spend long hours there. Students16 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  17. 17. Dining HallPM Book Store "I felt the need to learn about business and management, when I was in the engineering profession. Prasetiya Mulya broadened my career views, enhanced my knowledge, and stretched my abilities and skills to the maximum. The learning experience transformed me, I am confident and competent to face the endless changes in the business world." Waldo Hutapea, ST, MM (Alumnus of Regular MM Program 2005) Brand Manager - PT. Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya 17
  18. 18. STUDENT PROFILESPrasetiya Mulya Business School In the past years, Prasetiya Mulya students’ profiles have varied greatly in terms of their educational andcontinuously strives to provide the professional backgrounds. Students’ educationalbest learning process and offers Master backgrounds have ranged from economics, engineering,of Management (MM) programs information management, social sciences to arts andto suit students’ needs and specific graphic design. In terms of professional backgrounds,characteristics. The MM programs students have also varied from consultants to financialavailable are the Regular MM, managers, human resource managers, account managers,Executive Business Management MM engineers, creative directors, auditors, tax specialists,and Executive Strategic Management HR generalists, portfolio managers, marketing managers, training managers, plant managers, doctors, pharmacists,MM. directors, entrepreneurs and others. They have come from various industries, ranging from the oil and gas sector, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, wood industry, banking and financial industries as well as the mass media. With such diverse range of student profiles and learning processes demanding interaction among peer students, the doors for students to exchange experience and insights are wide open. Prasetiya Mulya students also have unprecedented opportunities to build business networks that can help enhance their chosen career path.18 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  19. 19. “The school introduced the latest concepts and cases to discuss, delivered by competent faculty members, and provided"Prasetiya Mulya Business School equipped applicable knowledge to myme with pertinent management knowledge. professional works. The programThe balance of theory, applied knowledge shaped me to think strategicallyand high quality selected case discussions in from several point of views.class strengthened my confidence and belief I wish more professionals canthat I will survive and continue to grow in any gain the same experience inorganization. By the virtue of Prasetiya Mulya Prasetiya Mulya.”Business School, I see life so green." Fera DamayantiDR. Waluyo (Alumnus of Executive MM in Business Management 2010)(Alumnus of Executive MM in Strategic Management 1996) Head of Pharma Business - Dexa MedicaDirector of General Affair, PT Pertamina (Persero) • Graduate The Best in Class with DistinctionFormer Vice President, BP Indonesia 2010“Prasetiya Mulya brings the opportunity to explore businessmanagement concepts and application in the real world.The unique learning experience and the school atmosphereshape vivid working attitudes which represent high qualitystandard of business practices. The best yet is that the schoolfacilitates students eager to join international competitionsby increasing their business insights through enhancementof horizons and experience, and building extensive network.Thank God I experienced all and felt the beat!”Fadli Cahyono(Alumnus of Regular MM 2009)Commercial & Operations Finance Manager - Fonterra Brand Indonesia• Best Graduate 2009• Team Finalist - Global Social Venture Competition, South East Asia Round 2009• Sampoerna Foundation Graduate Scholarship 2007-2009• National Finalist, Ristek-Novartis Indonesia Biotechnology Leadership Camp 2008 19
  20. 20. MM STUDENT PROFILE (2009-2011) University Background % Age % REGULAR MM Parahyangan Catholic University 17.65 20 - 25 years 66.67 Bandung Institute of Technology 12.75 26 - 30 years 32.35 Bina Nusantara University 11.76 > 30 years 0.98 University of Indonesia 10.29 Undergraduate Background % Trisakti University 6.37 Working Experience % Engineering 31.86 Atma Jaya Catholic University 3.92 < 1 year 28.28 Economics 25.00 Swiss German University 3.43 1 - 2 years 33.33 Computer Science 14.22 Gadjah Mada University 2.94 3 - 4 years 33.33 Social Science 6.86 Pelita Harapan University 2.94 > 4 years 5.06 Design 3.92 Tarumanagara University 2.45 Psychology 2.45 Bogor Agricultural University 1.96 Position % Microbiology 1.96 Padjajaran University 1.96 Law 1.47 Prasetiya Mulya Business School 1.47 Fresh Graduate 55.92 Food Technology 1.47 Maranatha Christian University 1.47 Staff / Officer 31.28 Literature 0.98 Diponegoro University 0.98 Entrepreneur 4.74 Biomedical Science 0.98 Petra Christian University 0.98 Manager 3.32 Geography 0.98 Other State Universities 2.94 Assistant Manager 2.37 Maths and Statistics 0.98 Other Private Universities 5.41 Supervisor 1.42 Engineering Physics 0.49 Overseas 8.33 Department Head 0.95 Others 6.38 20 PR ASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL
  21. 21. MM STUDENT PROFILE (2009-2011) Position % EXECUTIVE Staff / Officer 58.45 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT MM Supervisor 14.02 Manager 13.04 Assistant Manager 6.28Age % University Background % Director 3.8621 - 25 years 4.35 University of Indonesia 16.02 Entrepreneur 2.4226 - 30 years 65.22 Bina Nusantara University 11.65 Department Head 1.9331 - 35 years 24.15 Bandung Institute of Technology 8.74 > 35 years 6.28 Trisakti University 9.22 Professional Background % Parahyangan Catholic University 7.77 Finance & Banking 17.96 Padjajaran University 6.80Undergraduate Background % Chemical 11.65 Atma Jaya Catholic University 6.31 Consumer Goods 11.17Engineering 35.58 Brawijaya University 2.43 Oil, Gas & Natural Resources 7.77Economics 29.33 Gadjah Mada University 2.43 Media & Entertainment 6.80Computer Science 16.35 Pelita Harapan University 3.40 Insurance 6.80Social Science 6.25 Tarumanagara University 3.40 Retail 5.83Law 3.37 Swiss German University 1.46 Health & Pharmacy 3.88Agriculture 1.92 Bogor Agricultural University 1.46 Government 3.40Psychology 1.44 Other State Universities 5.34 Automotive 3.40Literature 0.96 Other Private Universities 7.28 Consultant 2.43Design 0.96 Overseas 6.31 Property & Construction 1.46Maths & Statistics 0.48 Logistics & Transportation 0.97Others 3.36 Working Experience % Telecommunication & IT 0.97 Manufacturing 0.49 2 - 3 years 57.00 4 - 5 years 26.57 Research & Education 0.49 > 5 years 16.43 Food, Drink and Beverages 0.49 Others 14.04 Position %Manager 52.89Senior Manager 19.23 EXECUTIVEProfessional 11.54 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT MMDirector 10.58CEO/CFO 2.88Entrepreneur/Owner 1.92Commissioner 0.96 Age % University Background %Professional Background % < 30 years 4.81 Bandung Institute of Technology 17.32 31 - 35 years 27.88 University of Indonesia 16.35Oil, Gas & Natural Resources 18.27 36 - 40 years 33.65 Gadjah Mada University 8.65Finance & Banking 12.51 41 - 45 years 25.00 Parahyangan Catholic University 5.77Telecommunication & IT 12.51 > 45 years 8.66 Padjajaran University 5.77Manufacturing 10.58 Atma Jaya Catholic University 4.81Logistics & Transportation 6.73 Trisakti University 3.85 Undergraduate Background % Bogor Agricultural University 2.88Health & Pharmacy 6.73Consultant 6.73 Engineering 47.13 Diponegoro University 1.92Media & Entertainment 5.77 Economics 32.69 Tarumanagara University 1.92Property & Construction 2.88 Agriculture 4.81 Maranatha Christian University 0.96Insurance 1.92 Aeronautics 1.92 Other State Universities 6.73Food and Beverage 1.92 Law 1.92 Other Private Universities 14.42Automotive 0.96 Social Science 1.92 Overseas 8.65Consumer Goods 0.96 Computer Science 1.92Government 0.96 Literature 0.96 Working Experience %Chemical 0.96 Nuclear Engineering 0.96 5 - 10 years 51.43Research and Education 0.96 Psychology 0.96 10 - 15 years 30.48Others 8.65 Others 4.81 16 - 20 years 13.33 > 20 years 4.76 21
  22. 22. Multifunction HallThe program’s comprehensive and applicativecurriculum prepares business players and leaderswith necessary knowledge while sharpening other skillsneeded in the business world and in life.
  23. 23. Regular MM Executive Business Management MM Executive Strategic Management MMPROGRAMCURRICULUMPrasetiya Mulya Business School Critical thinking and class discussions are important to shape the class students, not only learning from theoffers three MM programs Faculty members but also frequently from each other.individually designed and targeted at Faculty members serve as mediators or facilitatorsdifferent goals. These are the Regular conducting the teaching process in a very interactive andMM, Executive MM in Business dynamic manner.Management and Executive MM inStrategic Management programs. The curriculum for the MM Programs are adjusted periodically to keep pace with developments in theWith more than 25 years experience, Prasetiya Mulyas business world and also, regional and international focusprofessionalsm and committment to business education is given that require students to be aware of socio-culturalhas earned it recognition as one of the top Business changes, thus ensuring students are prepared for all theSchools in Indonesia. This recognition is backed by challenges they will encounter upon graduation and in theirsurveys conducted by leading business magazines and workplace.newspapers covering local, state-owned and multinationalenterprises employing Prasetiya Mulya graduates. 23
  24. 24. Acquatech Team Regional Finalist, Global Social Venture Competition - South East Asia Round, 2010, Bangkok Thailand.regulAr mmThe regular MM program is an The program consists of four trimesters (1 trimester = 4 months), and offers two majors, i.e. Marketingintensive full-time program that Management and Finance Management. In this regularruns for 16 months, and is especially program, the emphasis is on students’ mastering conceptsprepared for those who have and techniques. In addition to business knowledge, thiscompleted their undergraduate program also places emphasis on character building and(S1) degree and have limited work self development. Students in this program will receiveexperience. training in various business skill areas including meetings, negotiations, presentations and interviews, as well as communication in the workplace. The program also offers other important subjects such as business law, group dynamics, business ethics, taxation and information management systems. The Regular MM program requires the completion of 49 Trimester Credit Units (CU) and 12 business workshop units. Classes run five days a week, from 8.30 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. "With my industrial engineering background, I learned management and gained valuable business perspective in Prasetiya Mulya, very close to what I face in the real business world, I became the youngest person who succeeded in establishing the Lexus business in Indonesia. In the global automotive business, one must have engineering, marketing, finance, and HR know how and good business intuition, besides having the neccessary personal skills, all very important determining factors, for a promising career in the future." Adrian Tirtadjaja, ST, MM (Alumnus of Regular MM 2003) General Manager Lexus Indonesia - PT. Toyota Astra Motor24 PROGRAM CURRICULUM
  25. 25. REGULAR MMcurriculum description BUSINESS & interpersonal skills workshop trimester SUBJECT credit trimester SUBJECT workshop unit unit MatriCULATION AKI 501 Financial Accounting 0 Trimester 1 BEC 609 Fundamentals of 2 BEC 605 Fundamentals of Business 0 Communication English WSP 601 Introduction to Business 1 OPR 511 Statistics for Business 0 Law STA 501 Strategic Planning: 0 MJN 603 Ethics in Business 1 Analytical Tools & Trimester 2 AKI 603 Taxation 1 Techniques MJN 602 Group Dynamics 2 BEC 610 Meeting, Negotiations, 2 Trimester 1 AKI 701 Managerial Accounting 3 Presentation & Interviews EKN 707 Economics for Business 3 Trimester 3 BEC 611 Doing Your Job: 2 MJN 701 Organizational Behaviour 3 Communication in the MKT 703 Consumer Behaviour 3 Workplace Trimester 2 FIN 702 Corporate Financial 3 FIN 602 Management Information 1 Management System MKT 701 Marketing Management 3 Total workshop unit 12 MJN 705 Human Resources 3 Management ELECTIVE SUBJECTS OPR 703 Operations Management 3 minimum 10 students Trimester 3 STA 702 Strategic Management 3 MAJOR SUBJECT credit STA 703 Business Plan 1 1 unit FIN 721 Investment Management 3 MARKETING MKT 731 Services Marketing 2 FIN 723 International Finance 3 MKT 742 Brand Management 2 FINANCE FIN 720 Advanced Corporate 3 MKT 745 Business to Business 2 Finance Marketing MKT 721 Marketing Research 3 MKT 747 Experiential Marketing 2 MKT 723 Strategic Marketing 3 FINANCE FIN 757 Financial Risk Management 2 MARKETING MKT 725 Integrated Marketing 3 FIN 759 Business Financing 2 Communication FIN760 Business Valuation 2 Trimester 4 STA 706 Business Strategy 3 Simulation MANAGEMENT MJN 735 Organizational Diagnostic 2 STA 703 Business Plan 2 5 Elective Course 1 2 Elective Course 2 2 Total Credit 49Note:• One trimester equals to 14 weeks of class meetings (approximately 4 months)• cu = credit unit; wu = workshop unit• 1 session = 1.5 hour• Program duration : 16 months ( five days a week from Monday to Friday)• Monday: 8.30 - 16.15 WIB and Friday: 08.15 - 16.45 WIB• Elective subjects requires minimum of 10 class attendees 25
  26. 26. SUBJECT DESCRIPTIONMATRIculation MKT 703 Consumer Behaviour 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: NoneAKI 501 Financial Accounting This is a foundation course in Marketing. In this course, through consumer0 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None analysis framework various topics are studied in detail such as consumerDesigned to discuss the nature of accounting, the company’s financial report, cognition and affection, consumer perception, consumer preference,the elements of financial statements, and the analysis of financial statements. consumer knowledge, and consumer decision making.With these discussions, the students are expected to be able to understandfinancial accounting in the language of business. BEC 609 Fundamentals of Communication 2 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: BEC 605BEC 605 Fundamentals of Business English Designed to provide students with the fundamentals of business English0 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None that are necessary for learning and practicing managerial communicationDesigned to provide students with business English communicative skills skills required in subsequent BEC courses. The activities focus on enhancingnecessary for subsequent BEC courses. The activities focus on fixing gaps in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The language functions taught,grammar, as well as, enhancing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. include: participating in meetings; talking about jobs and responsibilities;The language function taught relate to the following areas: meeting people; telephoning to make arrangements; arranging a schedule/meeting; askingtelephoning; meetings; making arrangements; business travel; company polite questions; describing the structure of an organization; writing letters,visits; and tackling problems. memos and short reports; asking for opinions; discussing a company’s history; discussing careers and past experiences; using a problem solvingOPR 511 Statistics for Business model; making suggestions; considering possibilities.0 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: NoneTo equip the students with statistical basic concepts as tools in advanced WSP 601 Introduction to Business Lawcourses as well as for future practical applications in business decision 1 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: Nonemaking contexts. This course provides an introduction to laws effecting business. It aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of law and legal processes inSTA 501 STRATEGIC PLANNING: Indonesia, leading to an examination of the bankruptcy law, corporate law, lawAnalytical TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES of contract, labor or employment law.0 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: NoneThe strategic management process may seem to be privilege of the top MJN 603 Ethics in Businesslevel managers. Application of top-down approach in the formulation, 1 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: Noneimplementation and evaluation of practical Strategic Planning result in In this course, students will gain insight in ethical decision making, generallymiddle-level managers acting as doers or executioners. This situation and in the business context. In particular, they will acquire the following basicscannot accomodate the current needs of the business world. Participation of ethics, business ethics; identification and differentiation between ethicalfrom all levels of management in the overall process of Strategic Planning and legal issues; analytical tools and methods; application of concepts andmanagement is expected to increase corporate effectiveness to achive tools in ethical decision making.the companys vision and mission, and the quality of the Strategic Planninginput process itself. To deliver maximum participation, managers shouldequip themselves with analytical tools and techniques developed in strategic TRIMESTER 2management. FIN 702 Corporate Financial Management 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None This course examines the role of finance in supporting the functional areastrimester 1 of a firm, and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions can create value. Students are expected to master the following topics: basic analyticalAKI 701 Managerial Accounting skills and principles of corporate finance; functions of modern capital markets3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None and financial institutions; standard techniques of analysis, capital budgeting,This course is a graduate level exploration of managerial accounting. The discounted cash flow valuation, and risk analysis.course will cover the three streams of managerial accounting; cost andcosting, operational decision support and management control. MKT 701 Marketing Management 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 703EKN 707 Economics for Business Marketing management emphasizes managing customer value. It is a3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None study of choosing, creating, delivering, and communicating customerEconomics for Business is introductory to—and also be a review of— value. It involves marketing information system, development, design,economics. The emphasis of discussions is on business-related topics of and implementation of marketing programs. After this course participantseconomics. The microeconomics sessions focus on the basics of the market should be able to demonstrate the integration of managing customer value,and market structures whereas in the macroeconomics session discussions and conduct presentation of marketing programs through the use of bothare on emacroeconomic variables, performance, and policies. The students qualitative and quantitative data.are expected to gain basic understanding about the framework as to howbusinesses are both influencing and influenced by the market (micro, MJN 705 Human Resources Managementindustrial level) and by the macroeconomic variables working in the economy 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MJN 701as whole. Upon completing this course, participants are expected to be able to discuss the role and functions of Human Resource Management in an organization;MJN 701 Organizational Behaviour and to apply the concept of human resource management in the organization3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None level in order to achieve the organization goals.The course is about organizations and how they operate in a world that israpidly changing. It will focus on people working together & contributingindividually within the organization. The course will provide an opportunityto develop a perspective and skills for managing people effectively inorganization.26 PROGRAM CURRICULUM
  27. 27. OPR 703 Operations Management FIN 721 Investment Management3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 702This course introduces students to concepts and techniques related to the This course discusses analytical frameworks and empirical evidence indesign, planning, control, and improvement of service and manufacturing investment management. The first part of this course focuses on equityoperations. The course attempts to make students conversant in the analysis. Portfolio strategy and technical analysis are the focus of the secondlanguage of operations management, provide the students with quantitative part.and qualitative tools to analyze basic operations issues, and allow studentsto see the role of operations management in the overall strategy of the firm. FIN 723 International FinanceAfter completing this course, students are expected to understand the role of 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 702operations management in the overall business strategy of the firm; to grasp This subject will give an understanding of the recent progress of internationalthe idea of creating value through operations management and to be better financial system. Students will be guided to understand the instrumentsequipped in analyzing, managing, and improving processes in the service in international financial market, applied customarily in global companies’sector as well as manufacturing firms. financial decision-making. This subject will analyze the quantitative and also the qualitative aspects. The students will be greatly involved in financialAKI 603 Taxation analysis to sharpen their ability in making financial decision.1 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: NoneThis course provides an introduction to taxation effecting business. It aims to MKT 721 Marketing Researchprovide students with a basic knowledge in taxation processes in Indonesia. 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 This course considers the gathering of marketing-related data fromBEC 610 Meeting, Negotiations, Presentations and individuals and organizations, with particular emphasis on integrating problemInterviews formulation, research design, questionnaire construction, and sampling so2 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: BEC 609 as to yield the most valuable information. Also studied are the proper useTBEC 610 is designed to provide students with specific business English of statistical methods and the use of computers for data analysis. Bothcommunicative skill relevant to the job interviewing process. The activities qualitative and quantitative research methods are discussed. In order to gainenhance writing, speaking and listening skills. The language functions taught, a deeper understanding of what is involved in marketing research; studentsinclude: preparing for, and chairing, meetings; preparing for, and participating will undertake a research, negotiations; preparing and giving presentations; producing effectivewritten communication; applying for a job; preparing for, and participating in, MKT 723 Strategic Marketinginterviews. 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 This course is built around a commitment to develop market-basedMJN 602 Group Dynamics competitiveness, reflecting the fact that any business success is in its ability2 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: None to win the customer’s preferences against competitors’ offerings. StudentsThis program is designed to improve student’s sensitivity, empathy and are expected to examine critical issues required in the making of high-levelpeople skills to work effectively in a team. Students people skills are and strategic marketing decision making in a business. This course takes theenhanced by implementing the Johari’s Window Concept. Students are perspective of both the functional and the business levels because strategicgrouped into relatively small groups guided by faculty members to practice marketing decisions can be taken from the level of a Marketing Manager,“sensitivity skills”, such as active listening, assertive communication, and a General Manager, or a Business-Unit CEO. In most cases, corporate-levelbeing open and positive. They are, thus trained to practice high emotional CEOs need also to understand the conceptual framework in winning theintelligence and to develop a positive personality. In order to be effective, this markets served by their business is conducted outside Jakarta. MKT 725 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 This course takes an analytical approach to the study of Integrated MarketingTRIMESTER 3 Communication. Attention focuses are on the relationship between product brand or company image with marketing communications forms, suchSTA 702 Strategic Management as: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, and3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: all basic & functional management subjects experiential contact.During the course each student will accustom himself/herself to act as anactive member in the Team of Strategic Leaders of a firm taken from the case BEC 611 Doing Your Job: Communication in thethat will be discussed in class. Interaction with peers while learning together Workplacein class and doing group assignment will enhance understanding and enable 2 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: BEC 610students to (1) identify and understand the Resultant model of Strategic TBEC 611 is designed to provide students with specific business Englishmanagement and the configuration of seven elements in the urgency communicative skills relevant to the workplace. The activities enhancemanagement process (2) understand fully and adopt the configuration of writing, speaking and listening skills. The language functions taught, include:seven elements of the "urgency management process" as a guide to practise assessing candidates; written correspondence; reporting on progress;strategic management (3) understand the power of strategic and organization describing trends; discussing products and services; comparing options;levers in the transformation process, the importance of Business Definition workplace meetings; and effective presentations skills.and Firm Position (4) take advantage in applying the Resultant Models wayof thinking for bringing new perspective to the companys strategic planning FIN 602 Management Information Systemscycle, making business plans and identify a firms Resultant with respect to to 1 Workshop Unit / Prerequisite: Nonethe current organization conditions and critical situations. This course gives an overview of information technology and an understanding of the strategic importance of information systems inFIN 720 Advanced Corporate Finance organizations. Students will be exposed to the vocabulary of MIS. Students3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 702 will not be computer programmers at the end of this course. They will beDiscusses the growth of companies via diversification that includes reasons able to intelligently discuss and assess information systems requirements,for diversification, the relationship between headquarter and business unit, strategy, and issues on the job and be group building political capital, corporate investment via acquisitionand strategic alliance, capital structure for diversified company, private equitymarket and corporate turnaround restructuring. 27
  28. 28. TRIMESTER 4 MKT 747 Experiential Marketing 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: NoneSTA 706 Business Strategic Simulation Experience marketing provides facilitation beyond the product function. It3 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: STA 702 provides sensory, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and relational values toBusiness Strategy Simulation is a multi-disciplined learning method which consumers (Schmitt, 1999). The brand engages the consumer holistically.places and involves students to actively in run a virtual business. This The aim of experience marketing is to establish memorable moments tovirtual business environment model the real world and reflect actual world the consumers. In the Experiential Marketing class, the students will learnpractices. The students will set up a company, manage and maximize about how to differentiate the brand through experience, how to involve theits value through the application of their business knowledge and their consumers when they encounter with the product, and how to establish aintegrative management skills. The business Strategy Simulation requires long-term relationship between brand and consumers.the implementation of holistic rational decision making and cooperativeteamwork. Thus the students are expected to be able to overcome the FIN 751 BANK MANAGEMENTfunctional as well as the strategic problems of their company, and to 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: Nonecompete under competitive and uncertain situation. This course is designed to enhance students’ interest in banking practices and problems. Students are expected to master basic management principlesSTA 703 Business Plan of the bank and made aware of the issues of risk, regulation, technology and6 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: all management functional courses competition that bankers see as their greatest challenges in modern banking.This is the final project to demonstrate student’s ability in implementingbusiness concepts at general industrial and firm specific environments. FIN 757 FINANCIAL Risk ManagementBased on a scenario analysis, the environmental opportunities and threats 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 723are explored to create a viable Business Plan. The assessment of strengths This subject discusses the key topics of corporate risk management,and weaknesses is conducted to measure its feasibility. The strategic and operational risk, financial risk and business risk management from thefunctional aspects are discussed systematically in the group to present a perspective of non-financial corporations. The course focuses on knowing thecomprehensive Business Plan. theories and practices of risk management and building problem solving skills as needed by managers. Various teaching methods are used in this subject.Business Plan Examination Lectures are used to explain and discuss the theoretical framework of riskCredit Unit integrated to STA 703 Business Plan / Prerequisite: The student management required to analyze the cases. The case method is used to buildmust have submitted the business plan and have acquired 49 credit units and develop problem-solving skills in terms of formulating case definitions, the(Regular MM) and should pass all compulsory supporting subjects with GPA case analysis framework, and proposing case recommendations.(Grade Point Average) of or higher than 3.0 without C, D, F, I and NP grade.The comprehensive exam is the final assessment of the Business Plan. FIN 759 Business FinancingStudents who have submitted their Business Plan have to defend it before the 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 721panel of examiners. Using a lecture and discussion teaching format, this course provides the background in the concepts, processes and institutions in the financing of business enterprises both at early stage and growth/expansion stage. Topics covered within this course are equity financing (ownership, warrants, LLCELECTIVE SUBJECT and LPE), debt financing (bank loans, factoring, revenue participation/royalty financing, and private debt), friends, angels, venture capital sources andMKT 731 ServiceS Marketing licensing and franchising. Students should be able to explain the reasons why2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 businesses need short-term and or long-term financing, be able to identifyServices marketing emphasize managing customer experience. It is a study and describe the main sources of capital funds for businesses, and applyof understanding customers in service encounters, building the service knowledge and skills to practical situations.model, managing the customer interface, and implementing profitable servicestrategies. It involves service marketing information system, development, FIN760 Business Valuationdesign, and implementation of service marketing programs. 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: FIN 721, FIN 720 This course is a graduate level exploration of business valuation. It is actuallyMKT 742 Brand Management designed for students with career interest in corporate finance, investment2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 banking, securities analysis or corporate investment. Since it is an electiveThe course examines the complete brand management process from the course, anyone who is interested in issues pertaining to valuation can alsoperspective of the brand manager. It covers the strategic decisions that take this course. A good understanding of accounting and corporate financemust be made in three areas (1) the development and introduction of new is important in valuation. Students attending in this course are the coreproducts/brands—from idea stage to commercialization; (2) the marketing subjects of financial accounting and corporate finance. The familiarity of usingof existing brands, with emphasis on building, measuring, managing, and spreadsheet (MS Excel) is a must.leveraging brand equity; and (3) the marketing of product modifications,product line extensions, brand extensions, and product deletions. MNJ 735 Organizational consulting: diagnosis and designMKT 745 Business to Business Marketing 2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: None2 Credit Unit / Prerequisite: MKT 701 The highly competitive business environment nowadays requires companiesBusiness-to-Business Marketing is a graduate level marketing elective course. to be professionally managed. As a result, many changes in the organizationFor maximum benefit from this course,, students should have marketing should be in good order to survive and even grow. Organization dimensions,management knowledge, prior to taking this elective course. The purpose such as culture, strategy, managerial style and structure have to beof this course is to help students to understand marketing activities between effectively identified before change is carried out. This course discussesfirms/organizations. Upon completion of this elective course, students should ways to diagnose organization dimensions and elements and make effectivebe able to understand the distinctive nature of the marketing tasks when the organizational changes to increase its performance. Scientific approachescustomer is an organization; understand the growing role of marketing within and concept is introduced and discussed so that change agents can manageindustrial companies; have insights into ways in which a number of marketing the changes effectively.concept and techniques can be used by the business-to business marketingmanager.28
  29. 29. prasetiya mulya scholarshipsPrasetiya Mulya Business School offers scholarships forthe full time Graduate Magister in Management degree "Learning is always my passion. I want toprogram (Regular MM Program). develop myself through education because I believe that education will broadenFuture Leaders Scholarship opens for highly talented my perspective, enrich my knowledgeindividuals with leadership potential and who are and beneficially shape my future. I want tocommitted to contribute to the business community andnational development. It covers tuition fees, books, and contribute my knowledge to people aroundliving allowance. me and to the business community. I think I can contribute more with higher education.Graduate Program Scholarships open for highly The Prasetiya Mulya Future Leadersmotivated students with excellent academic qualities Scholarship gave me the chance to gainbut financially disadvantaged. Preference is given to more knowledge and skills that beneficiallycandidates who possess the necessary aptitude, personal supported my career."qualities and interest in management. Prasetiya MulyaBusiness School offers this scholarship for the regular full Dhiah Karsiwulantime degree program. (Alumnus of Regular MM 2010) Project Analyst - PT. Agrinergy IndonesiaInformation on requirements, terms, and conditions, forms • Team Finalist - Global Social Venture Competition, South East Asia Round 2010and instructions can be read and downloaded from the • Prasetiya Mulya Future Leaders Scholarship 2008Prasetiya Mulya website at Applicants Awardeeare suggested to read the general information on the • Prasetiya Mulya Management Society President 2009 -website thoroughly prior to applying. 2010 29
  30. 30. Amandes Team Global Finalist & Winner of Innovation Award, Global Social Venture Competition, 2010, Berkeley USA.EXECUTIVE MMin BUSINESS MANAGEMENTThe Executive MM in Business The Executive MM in Business Management combines the curriculum and classroom atmosphere with a dynamicManagement program is a part-time and intensive learning experience. The program is on aprogram designed for undergraduate part-time basis designed for those who seek to acquiredegree holders with at least two years knowledge, conceptual understanding of business andworking experience. management and expand their networks. It fits young professionals who are climbing the managerial ladder. The focus is on Business management, offering two minor subjects: Marketing management and Finance management. The program requires 43 Trimester Credit Units (CU), to be completed in 5 trimesters (1 trimester equals 4 months). Course days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday (from 6.15 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.)30 PROGRAM CURRICULUM