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  1. 1. STUDENT BRANCH REPORTINGGuidelinesAn IEEE India SAC Team Initiative| 20-04-2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents: Reporting to IEEE ……………………………………………… Slide 3 Benefits ………………………………………………………..…… Slide 4 Guidelines ………………………………………………..……. …Slide 6 Chapters/Affinity Groups………………………………...…Slide 8 Student Branch Officer Qualifications ………….…..Slide 9 Student Branch Reporting – Procedure …………….Slide 10 Student Branch Officer Reporting – Procedure …Slide 22
  3. 3. Reporting to IEEE To assist Student Branches with operational expenses, IEEEprovides financial assistance directly to those StudentBranches which report their activities to IEEE. The onlinereporting gives IEEE important updates from the StudentBranch including a web site and email address, financial data,a calendar of planned activities for the next academic yearand events held during the previous academic year, feedbackon their primary purpose, goals and challenges. These two reporting are1. Student Branch Reporting (due 1stMay, every year)2. Student Branch Officer Reporting (due 1stJan, every year)
  4. 4. Benefits IEEE Student Branches are supported through the rebateprogram annually and by December each year, uponsubmitting the online form, a rebate of US $2.00 per Studentmember of the Student Branch and an allotment of either US$50.00 (for Branches with 49 or less members) or US $100.00(for Branches with 50 or more members). Benefits of completing the online activity reporting include: The reporting student branch will receive one combinedpayment of the US $2 per Student member rebate and theallotment of either US $50 or US $100 based on membershipas of 31 December 2011 membership statistics.
  5. 5. Benefits The student branch will not be required to submit any otheractivity report this year The Student Branch officers will be able to view the report yousubmit online and see the great things your branch did in thepast, which can further be a motivation for activities.
  6. 6. Guidelines Verify that all officers are eligible to hold office beforesubmitting. This applies to all positions except NewsletterEditor and Webmaster. Member numbers of unit officers must be included whensubmitting the Officer Reporting Form Electronically submitted forms are sufficient for reportingrequirements to IEEE Member and Geographic Activities(MGA). There is no need to mail hard copy with the sameinformation.
  7. 7. Guidelines cntd The names of newly elected officers must be reported to IEEEMGA within 20 days following the election. Use IEEE e-mail aliases when available. If a newly elected Officer does not meet eligibilityrequirements, or if Officers are not reported, the position willbe listed as vacant until reporting of an eligible officer isreceived. Remember to print a copy for your records in order to verifyagainst the most recent Geographic Activities Roster.
  8. 8. Chapters/Affinity Groups The Chapter/Affinity Group Chair and Treasurer name,member number, and e-mail address should be sent to thesection secretary for section records and submission with thesection’s reports, within 20 days of an election. If the sameofficer is going to be in place for an upcoming year, send thatinformation to the Section Secretary in December, along withupdated contact information if applicable.
  9. 9. Officer Qualifications - Student Branch IEEE Membership must be current (membership dues must bepaid) upon entering office, and must be maintainedthroughout term of office. Counselor or Advisor: Graduate Student Member, Member,Senior Member, or Fellow grade Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer): GraduateStudent Member or Student member
  10. 10. 1. Student Branch Reporting - Procedure Upon submitting the online form in May or two months afterthe academic year ends for you, the Student Branches willreceive a combined payment of the Student Branchrebate/allotment, which is based on membership statistics asof 31 December 2011. Student Branch activity is to be reported online at A step by step procedure is as follows. Access to the Reportingform requires your IEEE Web credentials.
  11. 11. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→ Click login to login and to start reporting.
  12. 12. Login using your IEEE username and password.1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.
  13. 13. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.•Choose New Report option to start reporting.
  14. 14. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→Enter the details of the reporting Student Branch, under the School tab
  15. 15. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.•Enter the Student Branch’s finance details for the reporting,•under the Finance tab
  16. 16. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→Indicate the activities hosted by your Student Branch for the reporting year. Alsoto be indicated in is the activities planned for the next reporting period.→.
  17. 17. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.•Enter your feedback so that IEEE gets to know how better your needscan be addressed.
  18. 18. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→ Enter relevant contact details as requested.
  19. 19. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→Name your report. You may save it for submission later. Yourreport will not be submitted until you click the Submit.→.
  20. 20. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.→You may view the saved reports under the SubmittedReports tab.
  21. 21. 1. Student Branch Reporting –Procedure cntd.This annual reporting when submitted makes thestudent branch eligible for rebate of US $2.00 perStudent member of the Student Branch and anallotment of either US $50.00 (for Branches with 49 orless members) or US $100.00 (for Branches with 50 ormore members).
  22. 22. 2. Student Branch Officer Reporting –ProcedureStudent Branches can report their officers at any timeduring the year and annually when elections are held.Online student officer reporting form is available at easy to use online form will simplifies the annualreporting that all Student Branches are required tosubmit to IEEE. The one, simple online form takes theplace of the printed annual report of activities and theannual plan of activities
  23. 23. A sample officerreportingform.Enterrelevantdetails and
  24. 24. HAPPY REPORTING!!Best Wishes from GINI team
  25. 25. For Further Assistance** This document is drafted in association with IEEE Madras SAC Team with inputs free to contact us