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A 21 PowerPoint slide on the beautiful country of Nepal. This PowerPoint highligths tourist attractions, Nepalese culture and food, and just a basic overview of Nepal and it's geography and demographics.

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  1. 1. By Prasant Subedi
  2. 2. • A landlocked country between India and China•Located in South Asia•Area- 147,181 square kilometers• Population- 26,494,504•93rd largest country in the world•41st most populous country•Capital- Kathmandu
  3. 3. • Only non-rectangularflag in the world• Red stands for thenational flower andvictory in war•Blue stands for peace•White stands for the calmnature of the people aswell as the aggressivenessof the warriors.
  4. 4. Contains…•Flag of Nepal•Mount Everest•green hills symbolizing the hilly regions of Nepal•yellow color symbolizing the fertile Terai region•male and female hands joining to symbolize gender equality•a garland of the national flower.•A white silhouette in the shape of Nepal.
  5. 5. • National anthem of Nepal is “ Sayaun Thunga Pool Ka”•Officially declared as thenational anthem of Nepal onAugust 3, 2007
  6. 6. •Rhododendron is the national flower ofNepal. It is a shrub-like flower with ovalor circular shaped leaves. It comes in red,white, pink, or purple.
  7. 7. •The Himalayan Monal(Danphe in Nepali) is thenational bird of Nepal. It is a large sized bird withmulticolored feathers.Kevin, the bird from the 2009 Disney-Pixarmovie Up, was based on a real HimalayanMonal in Sacramento Zoo
  8. 8. •Official Language: Nepali.•Major Languages:English, Maithilli, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Newari, Magar, Awadhi, Bantawa, Gurung, Limbu, and Bajjika.•Other Languages:Nachhiring, Athpare, Bahing, Belhare, Toto, Dogri-Kangri, Dura, Kayort, Khaling, Kham, Kulung, Kurukh, Kusunda, Lepcha, Majhwar, Mugom, Mundari, Puma, Rajbanshi,Sampang, Sanskrit, Santali, Sherpa, Sunuwar, Thami, Thulung, Wambule, Wayu, Yakhha, and Yamphu.
  9. 9. •Traditional Food- Dal- Bhat-Tarkari(boiled rice, lentil soup, and cooked vegetables, also yogurt, spicycondiment known as achar, and curry•Other Traditional Food- Momo( a Nepalese dumpling filled with ground chicken or turkey served over asoup.), Kheer(rice pudding), and sel roti( homemade circle-shaped bread or rice donut).•Snacks- Samosa (fried or baked pastry with savory filling- potatoes, peas, and vegetables), Jalebi (deep-fried wheat flour filling with sugar syrup), and wai wai (instant noodles with spices)•Drinks- Chai(tea made with spices, milk, and sugar), water, and international brand of soda(Coca-Cola,Pepsi, Fanta)
  10. 10. •Soccer- All Nepal Football Association•Cricket- The Cricket Association of Nepal•Other sports- Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling,, Running,Weightlifting, Basketball, Shooting, Archery, Badminton and Golf
  11. 11. There are several types of Nepalese music…• Religious•Rock•Pop•Folk•Classical•RapThere are several instruments...•Dhimay- drum•Bhusyah- metallic cymbals•Madal- double-headed drum•Dholak- Nepalese violin•Bansuri- bamboo-style flute
  12. 12. Major Religion- Hinduism(81.3%)Other Religions-• Buddhism(9%)• Islam(4.4%)• Yumanism(3%)•Christianity(1.4%)•Other(0.9%)
  13. 13. •One of the most significant Hindu temples of Lord Shiva inthe world, located on the banks of the Baghmati River in theeastern part of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The templeserves as the seat of the national deity, Lord Pashupatinath
  14. 14. •A temple located in Gorkha, Nepal•Perched on top of a valley 1, 302 meters abovesea level.•Can be reached by a cable car.
  15. 15. • Krishna Mandir is located in Patan DurbarSquare.•It is a temple dedicated to the seventhincarnation of Vishnu, the god Lord Krishna ofHinduism religion.
  16. 16. •Buddhist pilgrimage site in Rapandehi, Nepal•Birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, or Buddha•A World Heritage Site
  17. 17. • The holiest Buddhist temple inNepal•Located in the outskirts ofKathmandu City•A World Heritage Site
  18. 18. •The second holiest Buddhist temple•Perched atop a hill on the Kathmandu Valley
  19. 19. •First National Park in Nepal•Consists of elephants, tigers, rhinos, boars, andleopards.•Located in mid and south Chitwan, in central Nepal•A World Heritage Site
  20. 20. •Earth’s tallest mountain, hovering at 8,848meters(29,029 ft)• Located in the Solukhumbu District•Also known as “Sagarmatha”• A World Heritage Site
  21. 21. Thank you for listening!