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Waste Plastic to Oil


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We have tied up with Eco Creation, Korea to introduce their machines which convert waste plastic to oil. Eco Creation is the lead in developing new concept technologies to create high-value renewable energy from low valued wastes against the depletion of fossil fuels.
What is converting waste plastics into oil ?
Turning waste plastics into oil is the reverse process making oil in petro-chemical industry.Waste plastics is indirectly heated in low temperature of about 350℃ - 450℃ in the conditionof no air or scarce air. The waste plastics such as PP,PE and PS ,their molecular, a long chain, is first broken into shorter chain molecular, then broken into small molecules.
Unlike other similar machines in the market, our Homogenizer skips the costly manual sorting and cleaning of waste plastics. Just feed the waste plastics direct from source (no separation, shredding or cleaning required), you will produce oil to direct use on diesel engine, generator fuel and boilers.

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Waste Plastic to Oil

  1. 1. Green Energy creator Pyrolysis Machine Converting Waste Plastic into Oil ADITYA RECYCLING Bangalore Green Energy Leader
  2. 2. Green Energy creator The Project Converting Waste Plastics into Oil Model => Batch Type ECP-2011 ADITYA RECYCLING Bangalore Green Energy Leader
  3. 3. Green Energy creator The Value of Business! Depletion of Fossil Energy Intensified Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rapid Increase of the need to Improve Nvironmental Pollution Protection of the Earth, the Nation, the Environment Creation of New Energy The plan to Overcome New Regulations High efficiency (average80%) High quality (light oil level) Green Energy Leader
  4. 4. Green Energy creator Alternatives for the Future! Bio Energy Solar Energy Wind Power Generation Energy Nuclear Energy Green Energy Leader
  5. 5. Green Energy creator Creation of Renewable energy! Vinyl Waste Waste Fishing Net, Fishing Gear Cracked Oil from Household Waste Vinyl Used Waste Lubricating Oil Wasted Tires Cracked Oil from Wasted Tire Green Energy Leader
  6. 6. Green Energy creator The Relative Value of Oil Conversion Projects # TOE : Tonnage of Oil Equivalent Refinery Equipment Green Energy Leader
  7. 7. Green Energy creator Use and Value of Produced Oil from Pyrolysis Waste Plastics, Waste Oil Conversion to Fuel Oil Green Energy Leader
  8. 8. Green Energy creator Leader of environment-friendly technology, Ecocreation !! Ecocreation is an environment-friendly company that cares about future environment of the earth and is a global leading company that opens a new era of low carbon green growth by reducing CO2 emission for invigoration of resource circulation and prevention of global warming through production of environment-friendly products. Simple Process, Low Investment The Best Stability, Safety The Best Oil Conversion Profitability Green Energy Leader
  9. 9. Green Energy creator Hybrid Cracking Emulsion Technology Nitrogen, Atmospheric Pressure Condition Pyrolysis Emulsion ( 380~480℃ Heating Fluid ) Reforming R.P.F( Solid Polymer ) Reforming Waste Plastic PP(Poly-Propylene), PE( Poly-Ethylene ) 폐기물 PS(Poly-Styrene), PPT( Polyphenylene Terephthalate ) Pyrolysis Refined Oil Apply liquefaction, Separation TTechnology Based Catalyst Oil Typical yields : Polymer Waste Kerosene, Diesel more than 80%, Naphtha around 15%, Gas around 3%, CHAR (Coke) around 3% Green Energy Leader
  10. 10. Green Energy creator Plant Size by 12,000mm(W) X 10,000(L) X 7,000(H) Space required for installation => Variable for capacities Notice => Waterproof / Protection against wind must in roof Period required for installation by within 10 days site installation Process The first pyrolysis of waste and secondary catalytic cracking with catalyst Operation Type Batch type Input Plastics PP, PE, PS Yield Approx. 75 ~ 80 % (It can be different according to the waste plastics type) Electric Capacity Three-Phases (220V or 380V) Produced Oil Component Naphtha, Kerosene & Diesel Fraction Operating Cost Low operating cost due to the use of recycled oil and waste gas from self production Safety Less risk of explosion and fire due to nitrogen substitution It is not necessary to separate, shred and clean the waste plastics. Green Energy Leader
  11. 11. Green Energy creator Power Start ON Gas Collector ON Green Energy Leader
  12. 12. Green Energy creator The Main Process Flow Diagram 1 Input (Waste Plastic) (Refining/Storage) (Compress) (Separation/Cooling) (Compressed Stuff) (Contact Catalytic Reforming Cracking) (Pyrolysis) Green Energy Leader
  13. 13. Green Energy creator Molten Material, Process Flow Diagram 2 Pressing Heat Supply Air emissions Reactor , Process fuel Environmental Process Dust Collection, Adsorption of odor Material Screening Compression Input liquid cracking catalyst Utilization of Process fuel Vapor catalytic cracking catalyst column The primary classification, NAPTHA, GAS input Material and Melting Primary fusion decomposition Catalyst Column secondary catalytic cracking Primary classification process Primary cooling process Decomposition of chlorine compounds, Input inhibitory catalyst Secondary Classification Input coking inhibitor Storage / Ship Secondary classification NAPTHA, GAS Input GUM inhibitor, Neutralization reagent Green Energy Leader
  14. 14. Green Energy creator Process Chamber Placement Pictures Machine under manufacturing (Currently available daily capacity by 1 ton, 2 tons and 3 tons) Green Energy Leader
  15. 15. Green Energy creator 1. Production Process Section System Configuration / Characteristics Remarks Heating Furnace( Heater ) Indirectly Heated => Combustion Gas Transfer Heat to the Reactor High Efficiency => Utilize Waste Gas, Apply Waste Heat Recovery System Automation => Autoignition, Automatic Temperature Control Burner System Safety / Cooling => Explosion Prevention, Forced Quick Exhaust Cooling Using Liquid Gas Fuel( Option ) Pyrolysis Reactor Completed the iIspection of B.T. Special Material of Explosion Proof, Anti-Corrosion( SUS ) High Efficiency Catalyst Layer Built-In, External Apply Coking prevention Technology Apply Anti-Corrosion( H2S / HCl ) Technology Pyrolysis Reactor Splitter / Condenser Apply Splitter, Condenser Integrated Structure Facility Adoption of 3( Three-Phase )( Solid,Gaseous,Liquid) Fractionator Heat Exchanger Application System ofAanti-Corrosion Material and Neutralizing Agent Green Energy Leader
  16. 16. Green Energy creator 2. Process Support Section System Configuration / Method Option Cooling Equipment System Apply Water-Cooling Type Cooling System => Apply Cooling Water anti-Corrosion System => Apply Cooling Water Scale Prevention System Cooling Air-Cooled Furnace => Apply Cooling Heating Medium Reactor by Cooling Heat Recovery Separate Chemical Nitrogen Injection Safety System Nitrogen Injection Around Process Operation => For Cooling => The Inhibition of Oxidization => Self-Nitrogen Generator can be Adopted Anti-Corrosion Chemical Injection System Apply Special Corrosion Inhibitor ( Apply to the Target of Process Cooling Classification System ) => Prevention of Hydrochloric Acid Corrosion => Prevention of Organic Acid Corrosion Heat Recovery System Recovery Utilization of Exhaust Waste Heat from Heating Furnace Chimney => Recycling of OFF Gas by Economizer System => Separate Heating Furnace by Operate Reactor Option Equipment Green Energy Leader
  17. 17. Green Energy creator 3. Safety and Environmental Equipment Section System Configuration / Method Remarks Reactor Explosion Proof Safety System Satisfy National Safety Standards Material & Facility Required Government Agencies Verify Adopt Pressure Relief System in an Emergency Adopt National Standard Explosion Proof Equipment Explosion Proof Electrical System Apply Pipe interlocking Device Against Vibration Apply Reactor Interlocking Device Emergency Response System in case of Power Failure Apply Emergency Private Power Station System Apply Process Generated Gas Continuous Processing System Incineration of OFF-Gas Apply Flare Stack Option of Small Diesel Generator Oil Spill Response System Apply Preparing Process for Oil Spill Loss Prevention System => Compliance with Government Standard Precipitator Deodorizing Adsorption Removal Post Processing of Emission Combustion Gas from Incinerator by Heating Furnace => Precipitator, Odor Adsorption Column => Precautionary Investment Prepared for Emergency Process Waste Treatment System Solid Waste Consignment Process for General Landfill Development of a Separate Solid and Sale Facility more than 3 Tons Green Energy Leader
  18. 18. Green Energy creator Characteristic of our Development Process Section Our Company Process Material Separation Polymer Resin of PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc Complex of Single Substance or Mixture Other Company Process Solid Waste RPF Process Characteristic Remarks Excellent Yield => Kerosene, Diesel Grade Excellent Separation Process High Quality Oil Production => Minimize of Wax Component => Excellent Low Temperature Fluidity In the case of Catalytic Cracking of Mixture, the Process Efficiency of Solid Liquid Mixtures Is Twice. Low yield => The Yield of Naphtha is about 60% at least Fixed Separation Decline Low Quality Oil Production => Contain Large Amounts of Wax Very Poor Low Temperature Fluidity Process Operating Time Is Long Cause Energy Mass Consumption form or Product Quality Becomes Degraded It is inevitable that Light Naphtha Occurs in Bulk because of Reflux reaction to Reduce Wax Green Energy Leader
  19. 19. Green Energy creator Characteristic of our Development Process Section Process Operating Condition Relative Comparison of Operating Hour ( Based 5 Tons Reactor) Our Company Process Normal Pressure Indirect Heating Type => 380~480℃ => Normal Pressure 0.5 Kgf ( Gassing Pressure Standard ) In case of Solid Liquid Mixture Process Around 10 hours ( Shorten Operating Hour ) Other Company Process Normal Pressure High Pressure Indirect Heating Type => 400~500℃ In case of Solid Single Material Process => 20 hours => Prolonged Operating Hours According to Reflux Reaction Normal Pressure High Pressure Indirect Heating Type 450~700℃ In case of Solid Single Material Process 15 hours Main Products Boiling Point Range 130~385℃ of Fuel Oil and Similar to Kerosene and Diesel Fuel Oil Containing Large Amounts of Waste Naphtha, Gas and Wax => Room Temperature Low Temperature Fluidity is very Bad because of Wax Containing Green Energy Leader
  20. 20. Green Energy creator Characteristic of our Development Process Section Our Company Process Reactor Horizontal STOP Reactor Semi Automatic Medium Sized Reactor Other Company Process Rotary Fluid Reactor Process Characteristics Remarks It is possible to Input more than 80% of the Material => Equipped with Catalyst Column Remove Wax and Foreign Material Apply Technology => Apply self Development Isomerization Catalyst => Excellent Thermal Efficiency => Coking Prevention and Easy Operation Management Isomerization Catalyst As the Catalyst which Changes the Structure of Paraffin with It Changes the Structure of Wax and Makes It very good Fluidity Material Limited less than 50% of Raw Material Charging Quantity by Based on Liquid Law Material => Thermal Efficiency is Disadvantage Heat Loss is Great => Coking Management is Difficult => Front Coking Phenomenon Occurs At 360°C => Concern about Mechanical Durability Problems According to Reactor Fluid Green Energy Leader
  21. 21. Green Energy creator Our Competitive Technology Process Risk Reactor Coking Distiller Tube Clogged (Wax / Saponification substance) Other Company Existing Technology Extended Maintenance time => Heat Transfer Decline => No Chemicals to Remove Impurities Occur Wax Occurs Frequently Piping Blockage Applied Independently Developed Inhibitors for Impurities Occur => Expected Patent Application => Wax Cracking Catalyst Development => Expected Patent Application Dramatically Improve Fuel Quality Remarks Independently Developed Application of Anti Coking and so Expected a Patent Application Dramatically Improved Process Poor Quality in Winter Product Quality Degradation Caused by Wax Product Quality Degradation due to Facility Hydrochloric Acid Corrosionby PVC and Salt Our Technology Exposure to Corrosive Hydrochloric Acid, Difficult for Screening Material -Shorten Equipment Life -VCM Monomer Occurs and Fuel Quality Degradation As the Highest Level of Technology at Home and Abroad, No other Companies Commercial Pracactes -Applied VCM Monomer Dechlorination Catalyst Development ( Expected Patent Application) -Suppress Interference Reaction by Salt (The same patented item) Green Energy Leader
  22. 22. Green Energy creator Our Competitive Technology  Select Fuel Additive Based On the Same Refineries  Applied Technology => Fully Improved Combustion Efficiency => Other Functionality  Possible to Provide Leading High  Performance Reforming Catalyst  Facilities due to having Independent Catalyst Development Efforts  Engineering Technique => Contribute to Improving Future Productivity ► Profitability Green Energy Leader
  23. 23. Green Energy creator Pyrolysis Yield according to Material Material Section Pure PE, PP, PS Standard => Except of PVC Pyrolysis Yield • Gas => 2~3% • Naphtha => Around 15% • Kerosene & Diesel Fuel => More than 80% • Coke( ASH ) => Below 1~3% Remarks • Distillation Appearance ( Boiling Point ) => 130 ℃ ~ 385℃ => In the case of RPF => Yield Change Depending on the Foreign Content Green Energy Leader
  24. 24. Green Energy creator Our Technical Characteristics The Best Catalyst Control Technology of the World Liquid Catalytic Cracking, Vapor Catalytic Cracking, Decomposition of Chlorine Compounds, Neutralization Catalyst Technology, Apply Suppression Technology of Wax, Gum, Coking Secured Economic Minimize Investment Secured Stability Cost of Equipment Superior Economic Compared to other Company Gas uses Its Own Fuel Maximize the Stability of Pyrolysis Furnace due to the Secure of Low Pyrolysis Temperature Decomposition of Chlorine Compounds Input Neutralization Catalyst Minimize the Occurrence of Chlorine Gas Causing Equipment Corrosion to Adoption of Anti-Corrosion Minimize Simplify Production Process Facility to Minimize Minimize Operation Cost Maximize Thermal efficiency of Approx. 8 % No limited material is Single Operation of High Molecule and Waste Oil Maximize Profitability HDPE Standard Diesel Level can be Produced more than 75% of Pyrolysis Oil Minimize 2nd Waste Material => Dangerous Substances like Gas, Naphtha, etc => Generated Gas and Naphtha are used for its Own Fuel. Minimize Disposal Dangerous Material Stability due to Low temperature Pyrolysis Stable Operation due to Minimize the Occurrence of Wax and Regular Maintenance and Stable Shut down in case of Abnormal Condition and Easy Process Maintenance Facility Stability Operation Stability Green Energy Leader
  25. 25. Green Energy creator Our Process Operating Characteristics - Case 2  Material => Waste Plastics 100%( RPF RDF, Recycling Chip )  Operating Hour is Variable Depending on the Characteristics of Materials => Operating Hour is Very Variable Depending on Foreign Content and Content of the Pure Polymer  It is very General to Operate One Time a Day ( Normal Operating 12 hours ) => In the case of much Foreign Content => ASH Removal Time Occurs by Increasing after Reaction  Recommended Maximum One Time a Day Green Energy Leader
  26. 26. Green Energy creator Comparison of Produced Oil based on our Technology RPF PYROYSIS OIL @ ASTM D86 당사 개질 RDF 촉매 기존 상용 촉매 Green Energy Leader
  27. 27. Green Energy creator Hybrid Cracking Process Product Quality Classification (Red is Standard) Diesel (Oil Company’s Diesel) Flash Point(℃) Above 40 (Above 30℃ of Pyrolysis Oil ) Pour Point(℃) Below 0(Apr. ~ Sep.), Below -17.5 (Oct. ~ Mar.) Waste Lubricating Oil Cracking Oil (NO Catalyst) Our Pyrolysis Oil of Waste Plastics 30~60 : Variable According to Process -30 -10 Residual Carbon, Wt% Below 0.15 0.17 0.05 ASH, Wt% Below 0.05 0.001 0.001 Distillation 90%, ℃ Below 360 395 350 2.0~5.8 5.2 2 SULFUR, Wt% Below 0.2 0.08 0.005 Moisture & Precipitate, VOL% Below 0.5 0.07 0.05 Cetane index Above 45 - 40~55 Lubricative, HRRR W.S.D 400 MAX Red Orange B&C 300 Above 0.815~below 0.855 0.82~0.84 Pb Below 1 ppm None None Cr Below 1 ppm None None Cd) Below 1 ppm None None As) Below 1 ppm None None Centistoke @ 40℃, cSt @15℃ DENSITY, g/㎤ Contents of Heavy Metals 0.79~0.81 Green Energy Leader
  28. 28. Green Energy creator Technology Outline( Catalyst Performance ) Minimize of Heavy Oil Fraction Maximize of Kerosene & Diesel Grade Green Energy Leader
  29. 29. Green Energy creator High Molecule PP,PE,PVC Decomposition & isomerization , Reaction of dechlorination Pour point Below -25℃ Becomes High Quality Fuel Green Energy Leader
  30. 30. Green Energy creator Technology Outline Infrared Analysis of Kerosene & Diesel at General Gas Station High Quality Hydrocarbon High Quality Hydrocarbon Aromatics Green Energy Leader
  31. 31. Green Energy creator Technology Outline Infrared Analysis Comparison of Our Catalyst Pyrolysis Oil High Quality Hydrocarbon HDPE 촉매 분해유 FT-IR CHART Hydrocarbon Double Bond Substance High Quality Hydrocarbon Aromatics Fully meets as Petroleum fuel based on Analysis of the chemical structure Green Energy Leader
  32. 32. Green Energy creator Infrared Analysis Comparison of R.P.F Catalyst Cracking Oil RPF(PE ,PS 등) 촉매 분해유 FT-IR CHART Hydro Carbon Aromatic High Quality Hydro Carbon Hydro Carbon Double Bond Substance High Quality Hydro Carbon Unrefined Moisture Plasticizer Line C-O Combination Fully meets as petroleum fuel based on analysis of the chemical structure Green Energy Leader
  33. 33. Green Energy creator Economic Evaluation of Refined Oil Production Raw Material => Waste Plastic / RPF 100% Handling Throughput => 3 Tons / day X 20days / Month Operation Leased Plant Standard Output => Gross 75% Recovery Rate /2500 Liter( Reflected by a Reduction in Fuel use Itself ) Green Energy Leader
  34. 34. Green Energy creator Economic Evaluation of Refined Oil Production Standard Price => Selling Price of Gas Station Jan. 2012 Reasonable Price Range (Based Kerosene KRW 1400) Green Energy Leader
  35. 35. Green Energy creator [ The Purpose of Emulsified Recycle Business ] 1. Reduce Emission Amount of Co2 { Reduce by Approx. ¼ Compared to Incineration Treatment } 2. Reduce Incineration Treatment or Reclaiming Disposal Cost 3. Create a New Business and Profit by Selling Recycled Oil 4. Thorough Information Management of Wastes [ The Purpose of Product ] ▶ Fuel for Diesel => Industrial fuel, Agricultural Boiler, Incinerator, Diesel engine generator, Vessel& heavy machinery fuel, etc ▶ Residue is Available as a Heating Fuel for Cement Furnace Fuel, Heating Fuel of Iron Works and Foundry{ Cokes 4500Kcal } [ Recommend Type of Business ] Main Agent of Administration( City ) Recycling Resources Enterprise => Recycle Center, Plastics Recycling Resources Enterprise, Mineral Resources Enterprise Waste Disposal Enterprise => General Waste, Industrial Waste, Agricultural Waste Plastics Industry Product processing industry, Film printing industry Chemical Industry Polymer Ingredient Manufacturing Industry Chemicals Industry Green Energy Leader
  36. 36. Green Energy creator Q&A about Catalytic Cracker of Waste Plastics Q.1. What is the Characteristic of this Device? A ① Low Operation Cost due to Pyrolysis using the Fuel of Recycled Oil and Waste Gas. ② This Device Realized Low Cost Compared to Former Emulsification Device Q.2. What is the Processing Capacity of this Device? A ① Processing Capacity => 1.000kg, 2.000kg, 3.000kg, 4.000kg, 5.000kg / Day Q.3. What is the Processing Progress of this Device? A ① Input a Batch of Waste Plastics in the Preprocessing Stage. ② Heat the Raw Materials of Waste Plastics and Gasify Inside a Furnace. ③ Obtained Cracked Gas is Reformed into Gasoline Grade and Diesel Grade by a Catalyst Column and save in each Cracked Oil Tank Q.4. What is different from General Method until now? A ① Existing Emulsification Device Safety Matter Operation Cost and our Emulsification device needs a Gaseous Reforming Catalyst and there is No Risks of Explosion and Fire because of using Nitrogen and Low Operation Cost by using the Fuel of our Own Produced Recycled Oil and Gas Green Energy Leader
  37. 37. Green Energy creator Q&A about Catalytic Cracker of Waste Plastics Q.5. What is the Influence on Safety and Environment? A ① Block the Emission of Harmful Gas with the Installation of Gas Washer and Storage Tank ② Not necessary of Measures and like a Silencer and etc Specially even though there are Operation Sounds like Motor Sounds and Cooling Pump Sounds, etc ③ Not necessary of Measures because we perceive almost No Vibrations even though we are near to the Device ④ It is possible for draining and Waterproofing Entirely without Polluting because Drainage is only for Circulating Cooling Water Green Energy Leader
  38. 38. Green Energy creator Vitalization of Regional Economy through Regional Energy Supply Change of Environmental Friendly Awareness by Region Creation for Clean Streets And Clear Regional Society Environment Name of Parts Fuel Gas Storage Tank Burner Damper Catalyst Reforming Column Spiral Heat Exchanger 2EA Noxious Gas Neutralizing Tank 1EA 1EA 1EA 1EA Cooling Tower 1EA Fuel Heater 2EA 1EA Nitrogen Generator 1EA Overpressure Gas Tank 1EA Gas Vein Pump 1EA Naphtha Tank 1EA Micro Pressure Gauge Diesel Grade Storage Tank 1EA Micro Thermometer Gasoline Grade Storage Tank 1EA Valves & Pipes Collect Wax Column Naphtha Separation Tank Green Energy Leader
  39. 39. Green Energy creator Relay Part Maximum Load => 2.2 kw( Based on 1 Ton ) Average Electric Consumption => 1 ~ 2 kw / hr Average Daily Operating Hours => 10 ~ 12 hours/day Electricity is used to Operate Burner Pump & Lamp and to Measure the Gauge Green Energy Leader
  40. 40. Green Energy creator Relay Part Main Control Panel Green Energy Leader
  41. 41. Green Energy creator Relay Part Main Control Panel Green Energy Leader
  42. 42. Green Energy creator Relay Part Main Control Panel Green Energy Leader
  43. 43. Green Energy creator Main Device Status Indirect Heating Furnace & Burner Indirect Heating Furnace & Burner Green Energy Leader
  44. 44. Green Energy creator Main Device Status Melting Pyrolysis Reactor Melting Pyrolysis Reactor Green Energy Leader
  45. 45. Green Energy creator Main Device Status DUFJ Various Tank Green Energy Leader
  46. 46. Green Energy creator Various Tank Main Device Status Power Start ON Gas Collector ON Green Energy Leader
  47. 47. Green Energy creator Main Device Status Green Energy Leader
  48. 48. Green Energy creator Main Device Status Green Energy Leader
  49. 49. Green Energy creator Main Device Status ( Sight Glass ) Sight Glass Green Energy Leader
  50. 50. Green Energy creator Other Major Device Green Energy Leader
  51. 51. Green Energy creator Other Major Device Green Energy Leader
  52. 52. Green Energy creator Other Major Device Green Energy Leader
  53. 53. Green Energy creator Gas Compressor Despite being compact in size and light in weight vertical Air Cooled Oil Free Reciprocating Compressor is as Highly reliable as any industrial version used in utility supply plants and the product is used to Supply High Pressure Gas as required by increasing and the Pressure of a Low Pressure Gas operation speed of Compressor It should not operate at 820rpm or Higher or at 200 rpm or Lower Nitrogen Generator Electricity  Single Phase  AC 220V  50 / 60Hz Specification Flow 98% by the purity of the Nitrogen Generated( Nm3/hr ) Discharge Pressure of the Nitrogen Generated( kg/㎠g ) Inflow Air Volume( nm3/hr ) Inflow air Generated( kg/㎠g ) Voltage ( V, AC ) Frequency(Hz) Number of Phase Current( Ampere ) Discharge Port Diameter of the Nitrogen Generated( PT ) Green Energy Leader
  54. 54. Green Energy creator Burner Technical and Functional Features • • • • • Diesel Burner / Oil Burner, OFF GAS Incineration Burner Single Stage Operation( ON / OFF ) Compatible with Any type of Combustion Chamber High Pressure Mechanical Atomization of Fuel using Nozzle Ability to Obtain Optimal Combustion Values by Regulating Combustion Air and Blast Pipe • Maintenance Facilitated by the fact that the Atomization unit can be removed without having to remove the Burner from the Boiler • Manual Air Flow Adjustment Technical Data Green Energy Leader
  55. 55. Green Energy creator No. ITEM 1 Inner Volume 2 Name of the Fluid to be used 3 Design 4 Opera tion 5 UNIT CONTENT No. 1.0 1 Inner Volume Air M³ 2 3 Design 4 Opera tion Mpa G 0.97 Temperature ℃ 60 Pressure Mpa G 0.88 Temperature ℃ AMB. Inner Diameter of fuselage mm I.D 898.4 x 1264h 5 6 Corrosion Tolerance mm 1.0 7 Radiation Inspection(S/H) NO / N.A 8 Welding Efficienc y 9 Post Heat Treatment 10 Used Materi al 11 Permis sible Stress Flat End Plate % % UNIT Name of the Fluid to be used Pressure Fuselage ITEM NO Fuselage and Flat End Plate SS400 Anchor Bolt 0.97 Temperature ℃ 60 Pressure Mpa G 0.882 Temperature ℃ AMB. Inner Diameter of fuselage mm I.D 1130 x 1584h 6 Corrosion Tolerance mm 1.0 7 Radiation Inspection(S/H) 8 Welding Efficienc y 9 Post Heat Treatment 10 Used Materi al SS400 Fuselage and Flat End Plate N/㎟ 100 Support N/㎟ 100 Anchor Bolt N/㎟ Air Mpa G SS400 Support 2.0 Pressure 70 85 M³ CONTENT 61 11 Permis sible Stress NO / N.A Fuselage % 70 Flat End Plate % 85 NO Fuselage and Flat End Plate SS400 Support SS400 Anchor Bolt SS400 Fuselage and Flat End Plate N/㎟ 100 Support N/㎟ 100 Anchor Bolt N/㎟ 61 12 Water-Pressure Test Pressure Mpa G 1.261 12 Water-Pressure Test Pressure Mpa G 1.261 13 Wind Load/Earthquake Load ㎧ 45/ZONE 2A(1.15) 13 Wind Load/Earthquake Load ㎧ 45/ZONE 2A(1.15) Kg 383 In installation Kg 739 14 Weigh t 14 Weigh t In operation Kg 739 In Water-Pressure Kg 2794 In installation Kg 383 In Water-Pressure 15 In operation Kg 1393 Installation Place OUTDOOR 15 Installation Place OUTDOOR Green Energy Leader
  56. 56. Green Energy creator Patent Status Green Energy Leader
  57. 57. Green Energy creator Certificate of Test for Pyrolysis Oil Green Energy Leader
  58. 58. Green Energy creator Thanks So Much to You New Technology by Ecocreation Industries keeps running forward for more Clear and Cleaner World ADITYA RECYCLING Bangalore Green Energy Leader