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Crossreach company profile

  1. 1. 2012[COMPANY PROFILE]
  2. 2. 2Company Profile CROSSREACH: Crossreach is an events and branding company focused on bringing brands to life and inspiring consumer passion through live events and experiences. A team of dedicated professionals, we aim at helping you run the business effectively. We firmly believe that a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. | Confidential
  3. 3. 3Company Profile OVERVIEW: Since its inception in 2012, Crossreach has been the pioneer force in providing best solutions to its clients. The company was formulated as a one-stop-solution provider that integrates services ranging from public relations to branding and events. The name ‘Crossreach’ stands for the amalgamation of accomplishment and teamwork, providing end-to-end solutions. It signifies that we cater to a wide range of clients offering them unmatched services. Like the vibrant shades of the logo we offer fresh and novel ideas when it comes to public relations, events and branding solutions. The colors portray the innovative and creative approach that initiates our thought process. Today’s client is looking for a communication solution with an experience of interaction with their audience across multiple media. For such demands we create events and branding activities that inspire and transform the audience. With detailed planning, qualitative results and a creative tap we aspire to serve you better. | Confidential
  4. 4. 4Company Profile SERVICES:  PR: At Crossreach, we understand the importance of influencing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. We provide cross platform PR solutions that drive the business goals of an organization. From ideation to execution, our ideas utilize multiple aspects of public relations creating an indelible impact on the consumer’s mind. After a detailed understanding of the client’s requirement and analyzing the market trends, we visualize campaigns that invoke curiosity. We create awareness by brand building exercises, thus ensuring you maximum media exposure. Crossreach offers a full spectrum of PR services including:  Media relations  Media tours  Newsletters  Speaking engagements  Special events  Sponsorships  Community relations & Philanthropy | Confidential
  5. 5. 5Company Profile  EVENTS: Working in collaboration with our clients, we plan and execute the perfect events. We believe that events encompass elements of entertainment, functionality, philosophy and vision. They represent and fulfill strong multidimensional business, personal and communication objectives. We, at Crossreach are dedicated to conceive, design and execute events that surpass the objectives of our client. We act as an effective and personalized interface between the client and his guests, as well as any other vendor that the client interacts with. Our services range from Corporate Events to Social Events. Corporate Events: We serve the corporate organizations by providing them with tailor-made services like conferences, product launch, seminars and trade shows. Entertainment Events: Events such as award ceremonies and film promotions fall in this category. We are deeply engrossed in outdoor events and music concerts. We excel in this category as our professionals have rich experience in the entertainment industry. | Confidential
  6. 6. 6Company Profile Social Events: Wedding planning has evolved as a potential field that needs to be tapped. Birthdays and weddings are extremely personalized and need detailing to the core. We hand hold the client through all the decision making processes. We short list the vendors and follow up with them till the day of the event. | Confidential
  7. 7. 7Company Profile  BRANDING: Brand is the most valuable asset of a firm. A well positioned brand is perceived as a more credible brand. We launch or re brand your brand by our proven and research driven process. Crossreach will help you to develop compelling brand concepts. With a firm belief in the three C’s of branding; Creating, Capturing and Communicating, we set the strategy to build and roll out the brand. We keep the process simple and focus on building a competitive advantage from the get-go. Offering a differentiated positioning we are equipped with expertise and processes that will help your business to grow. Our services include:  Brand development  Internal branding  Re-branding  Image Building  Market research  Brand name and logo  Collateral designing | Confidential
  8. 8. 8Company Profile | Confidential
  9. 9. 9Company Profile  CLIENTS: Shri Balaji On Creations: Shri Balaji On Creations is a production house that entails itself in drama, street plays, stage shows, short films and other similar projects. Crossreach promoted the silver jubilee showcase of Z Bridge; one of their famous plays. We organized a press conference and set the pace for an extensive media coverage. We provided extended services of pre-event branding and PR. Rise Industries: Rise Industries is one of the leading cashew processing unit in India. They have a major presence in Western Maharashtra and Goa by the virtue of their dominant proficiency in procuring quality raw cashews. We offered them a PR campaign that helped them in maximizing the media presence. Our services included media relations, speaking engagements and special events. The Raghu Dixit Project: The Raghu Dixit Project was organized at Fest-O-Comm, the annual media festival at Symbiosis Institute and Media and Communication. Crossreach organized the entire event and also provided pre-event branding services for the same. DJ Teri: An outstanding representative of electronic dance and music, DJ Teri is the winner of Vestax DJ Digital Battle. She has also been in the music headlines for playing at | Confidential
  10. 10. 10Company Profile one of the biggest music festivals in Goa. Crossreach organized her live performance at One Lounge. The event was promoted and organized by us in its entirety. Symbiosis Super 9: Symbiosis super 9 is a day and night cricket tournament played among the leading colleges of Pune. Sportiluv is a sports management company that is dedicated towards nurturing the sport talent in the country. Crossreach in association with Sportiluv has been thoroughly involved in organizing such events that boosts the true spirit of sports. | Confidential