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Top 5 ‪Project‬ ‪Management‬ Predictions in 2016
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Top 5 ‪Project‬ ‪Management‬ Predictions in 2016


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Project management is considered a very static field, but in 2016, this static field is predicted to head towards an anomaly. This article focuses on top 10 predictions for project management in 2016.
1. Agility would be the success mantra in the year 2016

Agile will be even more vital in 2016. Agile methods have become the best alternatives to the waterfall or traditional sequential development models. Agile methods can be easily synchronized with other software project management software applications which help in process automation and also benefit data analysis.
2. Bigger roles and responsibilities for project managers

In 2016, we can expect bigger roles and responsibilities for project management teams. Participation is sales cycle will be a the big thing in 2016. Project managers are predicted top play a key role in the sales cycle. In future, we hope to see project managers will be actively involved in budgeting the resources and balancing schedules even before the deal is signed with the client. It is also expected that team members will also have to take up additional roles and responsibilities in near future.

3. Higher demand for certified project managers

In the year 2015, most of the organizations accentuated on better project management, especially in the IT sector. This trend is expected to continue in 2016 as well, but this year the preference will be given to the certified project managers, due to the increase in the complexities of IT projects, the emergence of new technologies, and the cost involved in the projects. The bottom line is certified project managers will hold better cards to win in the job race.
4. Improtance will be given to paperless project management

You can expect importance for paperless project management in 2016. More and more companies will move towards or prefer dashboard reporting of project performance over paper handouts. Companies have also noticed the importance of paperless project management methods as it will reduce the overhead cost of paper. This will also mean that organizations will focus on environment friendly approaches.

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