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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS               Cambridge CheckpointENGLISH                              ...
2                                              Section A: ReadingQuestion        1   Part        Mark   Answer            ...
3Question        3   Part        Mark   Answer                                                      Further Information   ...
4Question        6   Part        Mark   Answer                                                  Further Information       ...
5                                                      Section B: Writing (Fiction Text)9    CONTENT AND                  ...
6               BLANK PAGE© UCLES 2011    1111/02/SM/12
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Cambridge checkpoint english p2 specimen mark scheme 2012


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Cambridge checkpoint english p2 specimen mark scheme 2012

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge CheckpointENGLISH 1111/02Paper 2 For Examination from 2012SPECIMEN MARK SCHEME 1 hour 10 minutes MAXIMUM MARK: 50 This document consists of 5 printed pages and 2 blank pages.© UCLES 2011 [Turn over
  2. 2. 2 Section A: ReadingQuestion 1 Part Mark Answer Further Information (a) 1 Will We know what he is thinking and feeling. or (b) 1 It is his thoughts and actions which drive the plot. Total 2Question 2 Part Mark Answer Further Information Phrase Quotation He enjoys reading. ‘Will put aside his book’ The mark for Phrase can be awarded He is thoughtful / ‘Will put aside his book’ even if the sensitive to others’ ‘Will paused, frowning’ Quotation is missing feelings / atmospheres. ‘‘Hey’, Will said, disturbed.’ or incorrect. ‘He pulled up his legs to make room.’ ‘It would have been too much like a The mark for reminder.’ Quotation cannot be awarded if it does He has a good ‘they scuffled together, grinning,’ not match the 2 relationship with his Phrase given. brother James. He is responsible. ‘remembering a duty:’ He cares about the He came to his favourite rabbit … rabbits. affectionately.’ Any quotation that supports his care for the rabbits. He likes it when it snows. ‘I wish it would snow properly.’ ‘gift he most wished for … it was snow’Total 2© UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12
  3. 3. 3Question 3 Part Mark Answer Further Information He is concerned by their behaviour / feels that something is wrong. ‘Opening doors to fill the feed boxes, Will paused, 2 frowning.’ ‘Hey!’ Will said, disturbed. ‘Hey James, look at that’ ‘They’re all jumpy. Even Chelsea.’ ‘What’s the matter with him? And all of them?’Total 2Question 4 Part Mark Answer Further Information He does not notice anything / is not really interested. He gives a practical explanation why they are behaving differently. 2 ‘They seem alright to me.’ / ‘(James said with) mild interest,’ ‘I dare say your hands smell wrong. You must have touched something they don’t like.’Total 2Question 5 Part Mark Answer Further Information Any two points from the following: Crowded: There are a lot of children / the house seems too small. Noisy: there is a lot of noise. / loud radio in kitchen / 2 the arguing that goes on amongst the children / mother shouted / both of them shouted Helpful: The children are helpful to their mother. / Gwen is helping her mother in the kitchen. / Will and James are just off to do some chores. Quiet areas: the window seat / where Will is reading.Total 2© UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12 [Turn over
  4. 4. 4Question 6 Part Mark Answer Further Information 1. the radio, Gwen’s singing / mother red-faced over the oven (a) 2 2. silence / cold and hard frozen ground To give a sense of noise, warmth and the security of (b) 1 the house compared with the threatening silence and cold outside. Or similar explanation. Total 3Question 7 Part Mark Answer Further Information Any three of the following: restless and/or uneasy rustling to and fro [whole phrase needed] (eyes blank and) terrified 3 jumpy cringed (into the corner) leapt back in alarm [whole phrase needed] moving distractedly [whole phrase needed] (strange) frightened (wide eyes)Total 3Question 8 Part Mark Answer Further Information personification of the snow (a) 2 being sorry for its poor effect or display The music seems as if it is growing out of the radio. (b) 2 in order to fill or inflate the kitchen with sound Total 4© UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12
  5. 5. 5 Section B: Writing (Fiction Text)9 CONTENT AND SENTENCE TEXT STRUCTURE PUNCTUATION VOCABULARY SPELLING AUDIENCE STRUCTUREThe atmosphere and Ideas are organised Fluent, wide range of Uses a range of Vocabulary is Virtual correctnesssetting are clearly into a planned and sentence structures, punctuation correctly adventurous, precise over a range ofchanged by the coherent story, some used for effect. and with confidence. and used effectively vocabulary usedweather. including an effective to create a strong including more opening and Some control of Secure use of image. complex and difficultCharacter satisfying conclusion. complex sentences commas to mark words.development is more and the position of clauses.complex and Well crafted clauses to focusbelievable. paragraphs contribute attention to controlling the paceThe reader’s of the story.response to differentparts of the story iswell controlled. 6/7 5 5 5 4 4The changes in Ideas are developed Uses a wide range of Uses full stops Some evidence of an A few spelling errors,setting and from a sensible sentence structures correctly. Some range emerging vocabulary mostly of moreatmosphere are not opening but may not with some of punctuation as and efficiency in the difficult words.always convincing but reach an effective confidence. needed, used choice of words todo evoke a response conclusion. correctly. convey detail.from the reader. Within paragraphs, General range limited.Development of the sequences of eventscharacter[s] is shown are developed aroundthrough actions and a main sentence orreactions. theme. 4/5 4 4 4 3 3A plain story which The opening, Limited or partially A number of errors Vocabulary generally A number of errorsfocuses on either development and effective use of including occasional used accurately; OR spells a simplecharacter or action conclusion of the complex structures. full stop (evidence of consists of vocabulary correctly.but has little sense of story are logically Mostly simple or comma splicing). straightforward wordsatmosphere. related and mostly compound structures with occasional well paced. based on a variety of evidence of carefulSome awareness of connectives including choice.audience Paragraphs are used –and, but, so, but are not because consistently helpful. 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2 2The story has an Ideas are grouped Sentence structure Sentences rarely Uses a simple Many errors includingattempt at a simple together, although often grammatically correctly marked. vocabulary accurately a range of simpleplot with some paragraphs may not incorrect. Generally a very but may make errors words.reference to weather be shown. erratic use of over more complexconditions. punctuation marks. words.There is anoccasional awarenessof audience. 1 1 1 1 1 1Award 0 where performance fails to meet the lowest description.© UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12
  6. 6. 6 BLANK PAGE© UCLES 2011 1111/02/SM/12