Cambridge checkpoint english p1 specimen mark scheme 2012


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Cambridge checkpoint english p1 specimen mark scheme 2012

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge CheckpointENGLISH 1111/01Paper 1 For Examination from 2012SPECIMEN MARK SCHEME 1 hour 10 minutes MAXIMUM MARK: 50 This document consists of 5 printed pages and 1 blank page.© UCLES 2011 [Turn over
  2. 2. 2Question 1 Part Mark Answer Further Information (a) 1 (the iconic) red-eyed (tree frog) (b) 1 slighter and / or smaller surroundings / (the influence of) environment(al (c) 1 factors) / temperature / humidity Total 3Question 2 Part Mark Answer Further Information calm / peaceful / not easily provoked (a) 1 Do not accept: serene. (b) 1 thinking about / contemplating / pondering (c) 1 characteristic / individual / unique / striking blowing up / distending / dilating / swelling / (d) 1 pumping up / puffing upTotal 4© UCLES 2011 1111/01/SM/12
  3. 3. 3Question 3Part Mark Answer Further Information Award 2 marks if 11–14 of the missing punctuation marks are in the correct place. Award 1 mark if 6–10 of the missing punctuation marks are “I would like to buy a tree frog,” said the in the correct place. customer. Award 0 marks if 0–5 of the 2 “Are you looking for something unusual?” missing punctuation marks are asked the pet retailer. “We have some in the correct place. interesting captive-bred specimens.” Comma, question mark and full stop must be inside the speech marks. Accept single or double speech marks.Total 2Question 4Part Mark Answer Further Information e.g. Green tree frogs, which have a distinctive 1 song, live in the United States.Total 1Question 5 Part Mark Answer Further Information Accept any suitable connective including e.g. e.g. Green tree frogs make good pets although 1 since, as. The sentence must they are most active in the evenings. make sense in the context of the passage.Total 1© UCLES 2011 1111/01/SM/12 [Turn over
  4. 4. 4Question 6 Part Mark Answer Further Information When the writer began to keep tree frogs, he both needed for mark kept the large and placid White’s; now he is 1 more experienced, he keeps the iconic red-eyed Accept any other suitable tree frog. verb.Total 1Question 7 Part Mark Answer Further Information Dragon-flies – top of wall Toads – among brambles Geckos – in cracks (high up the wall) (a) 6 Crane-flies – among the leaves Moths – (withered) plaster Beetles – all over the place; everywhereTotal 6Question 7 Part Mark Answer Further Information 2 marks – summary including at least 4 points in mostly well-organised, accurate sentences. 1 mark – summary including 1–3 points in mostly well-organised, accurate sentences. or 4 or more points with some inaccuracies in (b) 2 organisation and sentences. or 4 or more points, mostly lifted from text and noticeably over length. 0 mark – summary includes no relevant points and / or incoherent sentences.Total 2© UCLES 2011 1111/01/SM/12
  5. 5. 5 Section B: Writing (Information Texts)8 PURPOSE AND TEXT STRUCTURE SENTENCE STRUCTURE PUNCTUATION SPELLING AUDIENCEThe tone is appropriate to Material presented Fluent, beginning to use a Uses a range of Uses virtual correctnessthe ideas and is sustained. coherently with introduction range of structural features punctuation correctly and over a range of vocabulary and conclusion and in an for effect. with confidence. including more complexIdeas and content are effective order that and difficult words.developed in detail to establishes the text type. Control of complex Secure use of commas tocreate a clear and sentences and the position mark clauses.consistent relationship Well crafted paragraphs of clauses to focusbetween writer and reader. contribute to control of the attention although may not text. always be consistent. 6/7 6/7 6/7 5 4The tone is appropriate for The material is generally Uses a range of sentence Uses full stops correctly. A few spelling errors,purpose and is largely coherent and in sensible structures with some Some range of punctuation mostly of more difficultsustained. order, with an attempt at confidence. as needed, used correctly, words. an introduction and but generally limited.Relevant ideas and content conclusion.are chosen and developedwith some detail. Paragraphs are used to structure the text and are generally helpful. 4/5 4/5 4/5 4 3Writer’s tone is established The material is clear, but Limited or partially effective A number of errors A number of errors ORbut lacks detail. not developed coherently use of complex structures. including occasional full spells a simple vocabulary and may be presented in a stop (evidence of comma correctly.Some awareness of random order. Mostly simple or splicing).audience may be shown, compound structuresthough not consistently. There may be an attempt based on a variety of at an introduction and/or a connectives including – conclusion. and, but, so Paragraphs may not be shown. 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2Little understanding of the Little understanding of how Sentence structure often Sentences rarely correctly Many errors including apurpose or audience of the to present a text. grammatically incorrect. marked. A generally very range of simple words.text. erratic use of punctuation marks. 1 1 1 1 1Award 0 where performance fails to meet the lowest description.© UCLES 2011 1111/01/SM/12
  6. 6. 6 BLANK PAGE© UCLES 2011 1111/01/SM/12