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Closer Look at The Often Neglected Lot!


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Closer Look at The Often Neglected Lot!

  1. 1. The crazy ones! :) An aimless life = a useless one! Everybody should have a purpose, must have a dream, and should have an aim, an ambition! People who wander aimlessly constitute the useless lot! We don’t need them! I mean when one can get the best then why go for the rest! Right? Of course! Today we want the genius ones! There’s no scope for the average! We want workaholic, dedicated, boring, serious, emotionless, book worms! So all in all we don’t require the crazy creatures who believe that “making a life legendary is more important than making a living”, who enjoy the “little” things, who giggle
  2. 2. and laugh at their mistakes, who go out and enjoy the rain and the sunshine, who challenge the orthodox beliefs, who are carefree yet responsible, who cry over little things and give priority to feelings, who are compassionate, who can go beyond their means to help anybody, who pass smile to strangers, who give love and believe that the world is full of kind- hearted people, if you can’t find one, at least be one! We don’t require these idealistic fools who begin to believe in the beauty of their dreams over money matters! No! We don’t want these emotional fools! They would ruin the business
  3. 3. models. We want the best, the money minded, selfish, self centred, shrewd people who know how to get things done, how to use others for their motive, who can take advantage of anybody! We want those geniuses!! Ok now just for a minute can you forget about these divine souls I mean the so- called genius lot!! Thank you very much! Now let us look at the useless emotional fools! They are not genius for sure, they have no clue how to get things done, how to use people for their purpose! They are not that smart BUT they are genuine ones, they have a heart packed with love, feelings, compassion, emotions, truth and purity! They are the ones who make
  4. 4. this completely insane world habitable! These people may not lead a perfect life but they definitely live a happy life! They may not earn in millions but millions like us have them in their hearts!!!! They are the crazy ones, yes, and the best ones!!! 