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Forum Enviro Fenic Fuel Optimisation


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Forum Enviro Fenic Fuel Optimisation

  1. 1. Fuel Optimisation Delivering real savings across your fleet. a forum enviro product.
  2. 2. Fuel costs crippling your business? With rising fuel costs and increased traffic congestion, it’s no secret that fuel is generally the highest cost of operating a vehicle. The cost of running a fleet places increasing pressure on margins, often resulting in costs being passed onto customers. Concerned about your impact on the environment? The benefits of using diesel fuel, for example, are well known, including higher fuel economy and lower costs generally. However, the disadvantages of using diesel fuel relate to environmental impact. Engines that run on diesel tend to emit more particulate matter, which contribute to increasing carbon pollution. That’s where we can help. Forum Enviro’s fuel efficient technology will not only reduce your fuel costs, but will also achieve reduced emissions in vehicles where it is installed. Introducing the Fenic Alpha fuel saving device. History. The Fenic Alpha fuel saving device originates from Japan where the company, established in 1990, has enabled many thousands of businesses to enjoy the benefits of this innovative fuel saving technology. Following on from further expansion into China, Taiwan and Malaysia, Forum Enviro is now making this technology available to Australian businesses and most recently, Europe and the UK. Vehicles and engines benefitting from outstanding improvements in fuel efficiency include buses, trucks, port cranes, airport vehicles, earthmoving equipment, railway engines, ships, ferries, generators and mining machines. Forum Enviro is the exclusive Australian distributor of the entire Fenic Alpha range of products. Improve the efficiency of your fleet and reduce your environmental impact.
  3. 3. The Fenic Alpha device range. FENIC PASS THROUGH Land Vehicles & Heavy Equipment, Diesel & Biodiesel Marine & Heavy Industry, Diesel & Biodiesel How the Fenic is installed. The Fenic device is installed between the fuel tank and fuel filter. C H H C ... H H H C H H H C H H H C H H H C H H H C H H H C H H H H C H H H H C H H C ... H H H C H H H C H H C H H H H C H H C ... H H H C H H H C H H C ... H H H C H H H O H O 2 O 2 O 2 O 2 O 2 O 2 O H O H O H O H O H Activated Fuel Improves fuel combustion Increases torque Improves acceleration performance Reduces fuel costs Reduces emissions β • γ ray Combustion How the Fenic Alpha fuel saving device works. The Fenic device is a fuel efficiency product that consists of ceramic balls, 5mm in diameter, irradiated with Radium and Thorium. The radiated fuel reduces the following properties: • The fuel consumption • The intensity of knocking • The noise level of combustion by 1-2db • The exhaust emission of smoke, CO, THC and NOx 5-10% respectively. In addition, vehicle and engine tests prove that the radiated fuel improves acceleration (and torque) over standard fuel. The Fenic Alpha is a tube-shaped stainless steel container with ceramic pellets inserted. The device is a ceramic catalyst that contains 23 elements such as Silica, Alumina, Rare-earth, Thorium and Radium. As fuel passes through, Fenic releases low level Beta and Gamma radiation rays which irradiate and radicalise the molecules improving fuel combustion. The diagram below illustrates how the hydrocarbon molecule is ‘knocked off’, becoming shorter, which increases the number of molecules and therefore surface area attracting greater hydrogen and oxygen saturation. What engines can benefit from this technology? The Fenic device is patented technology that applies a radial ray to hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, biodiesel or gas. In doing so, the combustion of fuel in engines improves, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The Fenic device will suit engines from 0 – 37,000 horsepower. Fixing to fuel tank Fixing to steel chassis Fuel Tank Engine Fenic Alpha Feed pump Fuel filter Heavy equipment Installation “A relatively simple installation sees you achieve savings fast.”
  4. 4. Can I install the Fenic myself? We recommend that the Fenic Alpha fuel saving device is installed by a qualified mechanic and an installation guide and video can be provided to assist them through this process. Alternatively, we can arrange installation for you. See what Fenic Alpha can do for your business. The Fenic Alpha fuel saving device has delivered substantial improvements in fuel efficiency to thousands of engines across the globe. To find out how you can get this innovative fuel saving technology for your fleet, call us on 1300 036 786 or go to to arrange an appointment. How much does it cost? There is no capital outlay. The device is provided via a simple Technology Licence Agreement, paid monthly out of the gross fuel savings, over an agreed term. We’re confident that the savings made on your fuel bill will easily outweigh the cost of the device, creating a cash flow positive arrangement from day one. Will it void my warranty? In the unlikely event that conclusive evidence proves that the device caused an engine failure, each device is covered by a liability policy should such an event ever arise. What’s comforting to know is that in the 20 years since the first Fenic Alpha fuel saving device was installed, the manufacturer reports there has not been a single failure. p. 1300 036 786 e. w. Want to know more? Let’s Talk Sydney. Unit 20, 39 Herbert St, St Leonards NSW 2065 Melbourne. 5/10 Duerdin Street, Clayton VIC 3168 Brisbane. 26 Edmondstone Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006 Gold Coast. Level 2, 46 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Australia. United Kingdom. monitoring, energy and fuel optimisation and soon to be released waste minimisation solutions. We have recently entered the UK market as part of Forum International and we look forward to bringing UK businesses innovative solutions that are currently available in Australia. Our global ambitions have us expanding to more countries in the near future. Stay tuned. About Forum Enviro Forum Enviro offers a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new an innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses. In Australia we’re part of the Forum Group of Companies, a dynamic managed service business delivering a range of innovative technology solutions across a variety of technologies including managed print and IT services, fleet