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  • The bodies that are established as an independent organization by government to regulates the activities of companies in an industry is termed ‘Regulatory Bodies. India has a complex governmental framework of regulatory bodies governed by a variety of ministries.
  • The first thing is that NBA is self regulatory means auto regulation means its means it manage by their own members. The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) represents the private television news & current affairs broadcasters. It is the collective voice of the news & current affairs broadcasters in India . As you know that this a self regulatory body, so its totally manage by its members. The NBA has presently 20 leading news and current affairs broadcasters (comprising 45 news and current affairs channels) as its members. The NBA presents a unified and credible voice before the Government, on matters that affect the growing industry.
  • To promote, aid, help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of the News Broadcasters in the Indian television Industry and other related entities. To promote awareness about the latest developments in the television industry relating to News Broadcasting and to disseminate knowledge amongst its members and the general public regarding such developments. To provide for the members a place of meeting so as to enable them to work in consensus to achieve common goals for the overall betterment of their industry and to have a common platform/forum at which they may air their grievances and arrive at solutions. To promote the growth of friendly relations amongst the members and amongst persons engaged in the production and broadcasting of the television software and especially to encourage co-operation among the members so as to maximize mutual benefits. To protect all its members from persons or entities who carry on unfair and/or unethical practices or who discredit the television industry. No objects of the Company will be carried out without obtaining prior approval/ NOC from the concerned authority, wherever required. None of the main objects shall be carried out on commercial basis.
  • Professional electronic journalists should accept and understand that they operate as trustees of public and should, therefore, make it their mission to seek the truth and to report it fairly with integrity and independence. The purpose of this code is to document the broad paradigms accepted by the members of the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) as practice and procedures that would help journalists of electronic media to adhere to the highest possible standards of public service and integrity. The News Broadcasters Association(NBA) have established commonly accepted content guidelines as a way of practicing self regulation. The purpose is to define editorial principles which are consistent with the tenets of the freedom of speech articulated in the constitution of India; the regulatory framework; common sensibilities of television viewers. And what are the areas as follows: Impartiality and objectivity in reporting Ensuring neutrality Reporting on crime and safeguards to ensure crime and violence are not glorified Depiction of violence or intimidation against women and children Sex and nudity Privacy Endangering national security Sting operations
  • Ministry of Information and Broacasting Prasar Bharti totally manage by Govt. Its manage the sports activity.
  • Cable Television Networks (Regulation){Amendment} Act, 2002 Guidelines for providing DIRECT-TO-HOME ( DTH) services in India (Direct to Home) The Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing With Prasar Bharti ) Act 2007 eg :Sporting Events Of National Importance Foreign direct investment ( FDI ) or foreign investment refers to the net inflows of investment to acquire a lasting management interest in an enterprise operating in an economy other than that of the investor. Indian Telegraph Act 1885 , Indian Wireless Act 1933 , Information Technology Act 2000 and Broadband Policy 2004
  • Who can make a complaint?   Any person aggrieved can make a complaint to the Authority in regard to a programme broadcast by a Member / Associate Member of the NBA How to make a complaint? A complaint must be made in writing, either in English or Hindi, and must include the following: Copy of the complaint letter sent to the broadcaster; Copy of reply received from the concerned broadcaster ; Name and address of the broadcaster. Specify the news item, programme Date, time and channel of broadcast. Short summary of what the complainant is aggrieved of. What can I complain about?   You may complain of any breach of the Code, including the following Principles of Self Regulation contained in the Code : Impartiality and objectivity in reporting, Ensuring neutrality , Reporting on crime and safeguards to ensure crime and violence are not glorified , Depiction of violence or intimidation against women and children , Sex and nudity, Privacy, Sting operations, Endangering national security What will happen to your complaint?   Not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of a complaint complete in all respects, the Authority will issue notice to the concerned broadcaster to show cause why action should not be taken under the Regulations.
  • There is a complaint guide available on NBA website so that you let to know that how you will the form in such genuine circumstances. Eg.: where you complain, From whom to complain, For what purpose, for which person You are complaining? It will be manage by News Broadcasting Standards Authority. The government on Thursday banned two underwear advertisements — Lux Cozy and Amul Macho — claiming them to be “indecent, vulgar and suggestive. The Information and Broadcasting ministry has instructed all television channels to stop showing the advertisement with immediate effect. The ads have been considered "indecent, vulgar and suggestive" and thus violative of Rule 7 (8) of the Advertising Code, the Ministry said in its order. MUMBAI: The International Cricket Council on Friday barred Indian television news channels from covering the  World Cup final  between India and  Sri Lanka  on Saturday, accusing them of breaching the accreditation guidelines.  Representatives of the channels, who had come to attend the pre-match press conferences of the rival captains and  ICC  President  Sharad Pawar  were asked to stay out of the  Wankhede stadium complex.  Despite marathon negotiations to resolve the matter last night, the News Broadcasters' Association (  NBA ) and the ICC could not reach an agreement on terms of coverage.  The Broadcast Editors' Association (BEA) and the National Broadcasters Association (NBA) had then approached the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) ministry on the matter.  ICC has accused channels of a number of broadcast violations during the entire tournament and the game's governing body has repeatedly brought it to the notice of the offenders. Despite the warning, they continued to breach the guidelines, prompting the ICC to take stern action.
  • But before filling this thing you must read the redressal the content of the NBA forum.
  • Mr K.V. L. Narayan Rao President Group CEO & Executive Director - New Delhi Television Ltd. Mr. Barun Das Vice President Chief Executive Officer - Zee News Ltd. Mr. Ashok Venkatramani Honorary Treasurer Chief Executive Officer - Media Content & Communications Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. (Star News) Mr G. Krishnan Executive Director & CEO - TV Today Network Ltd. Mr. Sunil Lulla Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer - Times Global Broadcasting Company Ltd. Rajat Sharma Chairman - Independent News Service Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Saikumar Ganapathy Balasubramanian Group COO - Network18 Media & Investments Limited & Manager – IBN18 Broadcast Ltd.
  • Regulatory bodies

    1. 1. Regulatory Bodies
    2. 2. Advertising Regulation• Advertising regulation refers to the laws and rules defining the ways in which products can be advertised in a particular region. Rules can define a wide number of different aspects, such as placement, timing, and content.
    3. 3. Regulatory Council• News Broadcaster Association (NBA)• Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)• Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)• All India Advertising Association (AIAA)
    4. 4. Overview• There are several self regulatory bodies in India which are managing by Indian Broadcasting Federation (IBF).• Indian Broadcasting Federation established in 1999 is Indias premium apex organization of television broadcasters.
    5. 5. Indian Broadcasting Federation• IBF promotes the interests of the Indian Television Industry and working as a clearing of ideas for this rapidly growing industry.• Its consists of major broadcasters with more than 250 TV Channels.• Its protect and promoting the interests of its members and freedom of electronic media in the worlds largest democracy.
    6. 6. News Broadcaster Association• The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) represents the private television news & current affairs broadcasters.• It is an organization funded entirely by its members.• The NBA presents a unified and credible voice before the Government.
    7. 7. Objective• To promote, encourage, develop, protect• To promote awareness• to have a common platform/forum for their member• To promote the growth of friendly relations• To protect all its members from persons
    9. 9. Legislation• Important Acts & Rules issued by Ministry of I&B: – Press And Registration Of Books Act 1867 Press – Council Act , 1978• Prasar Bharti – Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation Of India) Act, 1990 – Sports Broadcasting Signals Ordinance, 2007
    10. 10. Contd..• Cable Television Network• DTH Services• The Sports Broadcasting Signal• Foreign Direct Investment in Print Media• Telecom related Acts and Legislations• IPTV
    11. 11. News Broadcasting Standards• Who can Make a Complaint?• How to Make a complaint?• What Can I Complain About?• What Will Happen to Your Complaint?
    12. 12. Viewers and Complaints Guide• A Guide to the Complaints Process of the News Broadcasting Standards Authority• News Broadcasting Standards Authority
    13. 13. Complaint FormDetails of Complaint Please complete these detail in fullName of BroadcasterProgramme Title / BroadcastItemProgramme date: dd/mm/yrTime of Broadcast
    14. 14. Contd..Complainant(s) Please complete these details in full.SurnameFirst NameMr. / Mrs. / Ms.AddressDaytime Phone No.:Mobile No.:Email (if applicable)Fax Number (if applicable)
    15. 15. Complaint Redressal• It is a two tier mechanism. As per Regulations, the complainant has to first make a complaint to the concerned broadcaster(s). If the broadcaster(s) has not responded or the complainant is not satisfied or the grievance is not redressed, the complainant can then file a complaint before the Authority.
    16. 16. Board of Directors Name DesignationMr K.V. L. Narayan Rao President Mr. Barun Das Vice PresidentMr. Ashok Venkatramani Honorary Treasurer Mr G. Krishnan Executive Director Mr. Sunil Lulla Managing Director Rajat Sharma ChairmanMr. Saikumar Ganapathy Group COO Balasubramanian
    17. 17. Bibliography•••••
    18. 18. Thank You ..!!