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Product mix


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Product mix

  1. 1. PRODUCT- MIX
  2. 2. What is product-mix ?• Set of all product offered for sale by a company.• It consist of various product line.• Any company’s product mix has four dimension : 1. Width 2. Length 3. Depth 4. Consistency
  3. 3. • Width : Number of different product lines carries by the company.• Length : Total number of items in the product mix of the company.• Depth : Assortment of size, colour and models offered in each item of a product line.• Consistency : It refers to the relationship of various product line either in their end use, production requirement, distribution channel or other way.
  4. 4. Product Mix of Hindustan Unilever Limited Home & Personal Beverages CarePersonal Hair Laundry Skin Care Oral Care Deodorants Tea Coffee Wash Care Lux Brooke Surf excel Fair & Pepsodent Axe Bru Lovely Sunsilk BondLifebuoy Rin Ponds Close-up Rexona Lipton Clinic + Liril Wheel VaselineHamamBreeze Dove PearsRexona
  5. 5. PRODUCT-MIX DECISIONA. PRODUCT LINE ANALYSISTaking decision regarding whether addingnew product line or not, lengthen the existing product line or not, analysis of product line is useful.
  6. 6. 50 45 40 35 %contribution 30to sales 25 salesand profit 20 profit 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 Product item
  7. 7. B. MARKET PROFILEProduct line manager must review the position of its company’s product line against competitors lines. Product mapis used to show the position of their items against competitors items.
  8. 8. C BHIGH D B C X X A DMED B C X B A DLOW LOW(90) MEDUM HIGH EXTRA (120) (150) HIGH(180)
  9. 9. Methods of Extending Product-Line• Line stretching : every company’s product line covers a certain part of the total possible range, when company lengthen its product line beyond current range known as line stretching. 1. Down-Market Stretch 2. Up-Market Stretch 3. Two-way Stretch
  10. 10. • Line Filling : A firm can lengthen its product line by adding more items with in the present range.
  11. 11. LINE MODERNIZING, FEATURING AND PRUNING• Product line need to be modernized. In rapidly changing product markets, modernization is continuous.• The product line manager typically select one or few items in the line to feature.• Product line manager periodically review the line for deadwood that is depressing profit.