History of indian advertising


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  • Nirma NRS-----National readership survey
  • India’s 1 st soap opera HUM LOG is on air. Nirma offers stiff competition to multinational brands.
  • History of indian advertising

    1. 1. History of Advertising
    2. 2. Origin & growth of advertising in the world Not used untibbbl about 200 years ago The upsurge in advertising came after the development of printing in 1450’s 06/27/12 07:18
    3. 3. 1700’s In 17th century, newspaper started appearing in various part of the world Newspaper advertising began to develop First newspapers had the large numbers of ads At the end of century, great number of commercial newspapers were published in Europe 06/27/12 07:18
    4. 4. 1800’s Around 1840, several people were selling space in newspapers in New York & other cities Space-brokers, who later on developed into ad agencies. Came into existence Competitive advertisement came into existence later in 18th century 06/27/12 07:18
    5. 5. Cont’d…. Advertising marked a great expansion 1840’s manufacturers began using magazine ads to reach the mass market In 1841, in the USA the first advertising agency was started In 1871, Bates set up the 1st ad agency in US which offered “creative services” 1888, the first ad journal Printer’s Ink was launched in US 1893 Coca Cola registered its trademark 06/27/12 07:18
    6. 6. Development of modern advertising America are the forerunners of this but it has its root in England Industrial revolution plays an important role After World war 1st, the era of salesmanship arrived In 1920, radio emerged as a powerfull ad medium Great depression came in 1930 due to wars 06/27/12 07:18
    7. 7. Cont’d…. TV broadcasting was introduced in 1941 at the end of world war 2nd The period between 1940’s-50’s was the period where consumer started improving their standards of living In the 60’s image era started In the 90’s comparative marketing appeared 06/27/12 07:18
    8. 8. History of Indian Advertising 06/27/12 07:18
    9. 9. Pre Independence Press advertisements – largely imported goods which had reached Indian shores. Dattaram , the first agency , was found in 1905. it released the first ad for West End Watch Co., Mumbai in 1907. In 1920, the banner ad was put on trams. 06/27/12 07:18
    10. 10. 1930’s The talkies and radio emerge as media.1940’s 2nd World War Famine Fight for Independence In 1941, Leela Chitnis became the first Indian film actress to endorse Lux soap 06/27/12 07:18
    11. 11. 1950’s Industrial revolution in the Nehruvian era Burmah Shell propagated kerosene by advertising on Vans Cinema advertising began In 1956, Kolkata gets the privilege of India’s first ad club In 1957 government launches Vividh Bharati Leading ad agency - Press Syndicate 06/27/12 07:18
    12. 12. 1960’s India’s first Advertising Convention (1960) Advertising to to be Indian in thought and content Shift to marketing orientation Professionalisation within agencies 1st Asian Advertising Congress at New Delhi Research data generated 06/27/12 07:18
    13. 13. Cont’d…. MRI (Market Rating Indices) Shop Audits National Readership Survey(NRS) I and II Creativity was emphasized Photography find increasing use Social marketing 06/27/12 07:18
    14. 14. 1970’s Media boom Special magazines 2nd Asian Advertising Congress at New Delhi Lifestyle studies, positioning Rural marketing In 1978 Indias first TV Commercial goes on air 06/27/12 07:18
    15. 15. 1980’s Indianisation of western advertising Public sector advertising Expansion and diversification of agencies Aug 15th 1982 – Colour TV introduced Radio commercials introduced(1982) NRS III by IMRB Colour Printing more popular 06/27/12 07:18
    16. 16. Cont’d…. Regional broadcasts, expansion of radio Formation of Indian chapter of International Advertising Association Formation of Advertising Standards Council of India(ASCI) Concept of sponsored programmes on TV 06/27/12 07:18
    17. 17. 1990’s NRS-IV ( 2 surveys – ORG and IMRB-MARG) Niche magazines Emphasis on Direct marketing Satellite TV(1991) CNN – 1st channel to be beamed to India Star bouquet Zee bouquet(1992) DD Metro to counter satellite channels 06/27/12 07:18
    18. 18. Cont’d…. DD Audience surveys Movie channels and pay channels FM Radio Emphasis on Brand Equity Internationalization of Advertising NRS V-VI & IRS survey in 1997 Consumer Tracking and Satisfaction studies 06/27/12 07:18
    19. 19. 2000 Internationalization of domestic agencies Net Advertising The role of the advertising agency – changing to that of a marketing consultant 06/27/12 07:18
    20. 20. Different Stages Of Advertising In India 1st stage (1900-1947) ◦ Advertising products originated abroad ◦ Minimal Indian production ◦ Economic growth was negligible ◦ Investments in market was very low ◦ Most indigenous products are comodities, required no advertising 06/27/12 07:18
    21. 21. 2nd stage(1947-1977) ◦ India started on the path of self-reliance ◦ Press commission in 1953 ◦ Total spent on ads in India was Rs.5 crore  3.5 crore on print ads  1.5 crore on hoardings 06/27/12 07:18
    22. 22. 3rd stage(1977-2000) ◦ Second press commission, 1983 ◦ At this point, ad revenues touched Rs200 crore ◦ Increase in revenue was phenomenal, almost 40 times ◦ 1982 was a trademark year because colour TV came in, changing the Indian lives completely ◦ TV reached to 70 % of the Indian people 06/27/12 07:18