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Internet of Things


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Internet of Things #1: Basics
Sasnauskas, Swedbank

Published in: Internet
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Internet of Things

  1. 1. Internet of Things #1 Basics Sasnauskas, Swedbank * Objectives * Questions
  2. 2. Early Beginning…
  3. 3. 1st Raspberry Pi 2014 03
  4. 4. You should do It ! Open Source Lots of Colleagues already doin’ it We Love engineering (+ Mechanical Sympathy) Constant Trend Physical IT Inspire ones around Home Security Saves $$
  5. 5. Internet of Things (IOT) ?
  6. 6. Board Types Raspberry Pi Arduin ESP8266 ATTiny85
  7. 7. Raspberry Pi (SBC) Raspberry Pi (35 GBP) Bananna Pi Pi Zero W Beagle Bone Odroid C.. …
  8. 8. 50% of RaspBerry price… DC and SD card
  9. 9. Raspberry cases
  10. 10. GPIO
  11. 11. Hi-Low
 LED example
  12. 12. PWM
  13. 13. One Wire
  14. 14. SPI
  15. 15. I2C #!/usr/bin/env python from ina219 import INA219 SHUNT_OHMS = 0.1 MAX_EXPECTED_AMPS = 0.2 def read(): ina = INA219(SHUNT_OHMS, MAX_EXPECTED_AMPS) ina.configure(ina.RANGE_16V) print "Bus Voltage: %.3f V" % ina.voltage() print "Bus Current: %.3f mA" % ina.current() print "Power: %.3f mW" % ina.power() print "Shunt voltage: %.3f mV" % ina.shunt_voltage() if __name__ == "__main__": read()
  16. 16. Arduino family Uno Nano Mega Pro - 6-12V. And ways of powering - Analog Read - Strong Community - Simple to make one Yourself
  17. 17. Arduino IDE C C++ Serial Monitor (Plotter) Multi Boards Libraries Examples !
  18. 18. Button Simple Capacitive Super Mario game on Youtube By using Plums as Buttons
  19. 19. STM32 (Blue Pill) AliExpress ~1.5 USD 10bit resolution AnalogRead() Burn program via FTDI
  20. 20. Analog Read Designed in Lithuania
  21. 21. ESP8266/ESP32/Wemos ESP8266 ESP32 Node MCU Wemos Electronics Arduino IDE compatible MicroPython Can be a web server Memory 1 - 8 - 16 MB (board with WiFi)
  22. 22. Board Comparison
  23. 23. ATTiny 555 timer ATTIny 85 ATTiny 84A 85 specs: Memory 8KB 8 MHz Made by Atmel (same as Arduino) Small and cheap Uses less power little memory Not all Arduino functions would work Can use software communication features even hardware don’t exist
  24. 24. Ultrasonic Sensor Distance via Ultra Sound 2-500 cm 4 pins
  25. 25. Relays Just use Digital GPIO pin And turn DigitalWrite LOW/HIGH
  26. 26. Can be used both:
 - Raspberry - HDMI - Arduino - SPI Displays: LCD Please Use Quality ones
 like official 7’ screen
  27. 27. Displays: 1602A LCD
  28. 28. HAT Low power Usage Takes time to repaint Displays: e-Paper
  29. 29. Displays: OLED
  30. 30. Vintage Merging-a-Vintage-Macintosh-Plus-Wi/
  31. 31. My Dear Old Dell D820 Laptop…
  32. 32. Motors DC Stepper Servo Actuator Solenoid
  33. 33. Voltage Regulation Linnear
 (not effective) Step-Down (Buck converter)
  34. 34. Voltage Regulation
 ReUse old DC’s
  35. 35. (os platform)
  36. 36. Software Blynk
  37. 37. Software Node RED
  38. 38. MQTT MQTT[1] (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an ISO standard (ISO/IEC PRF 20922)[2] publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol. It works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a "small code footprint" is required or the network bandwidth is limited. The publish-subscribe messaging pattern requires a message broker.
  39. 39. Serial UART (TTL) RS 232 RS 485 Raspberry Pi - Arduino Uno
  40. 40. Serial Python (Raspberry Pi) C (Arduino)
  41. 41. Serial Source code Python (Raspberry Pi) C (Arduino)
  42. 42. Trends? “Same trends that have been true for decades. Higher levels of integration, especially with new kinds of IO like RF (ESP-12/32, for example), more memory of various types, faster clocks, lower cost, lower power, smaller packages. I wouldn’t expect those trends to change much over the coming years or tens of years. “
  43. 43. My Projects Eco Friendly Involve Friends Ultimate Playground Non Functional Requirements:
  44. 44. My Projects
  45. 45. My Projects
  46. 46. My Projects
  47. 47. My Projects
  48. 48. 1st - Good Planning
  49. 49. Home Automation Voice control - Lights IR Led - Old Speakers RF (433 MHz) - Bathroom heater Future: - Restart Router? :) - Water boil - Dream: laundry hanging - Smart Mirror - BathRoom: heater temp, room temp,
 auto light (need for handwash 3 secs)
  50. 50. Amazon Alexa Voice Control Control Home devices (ESP8266) Routines Developer API
  51. 51. Sonoff WiFi Devices Get it working in 5 mins Smart Switch Relay block Temperature sensor E27 light Button
  52. 52. AudioGuru
  53. 53. Applications
  54. 54. Future: Magic Mirror
  55. 55. Weather Station Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Wind speed Wind Direction WindGuru Energy Saving Stevenson screen
  56. 56. Garage Security
  57. 57. WiFi worked at first…
  58. 58. My GreenHouse project
  59. 59. Production is not really Friendly 
 Create POC in Your Workspace
  60. 60. - RS 485
 - 30m
  61. 61. Solar Powered
  62. 62. Time Module DS323 DS1302
  63. 63. Power Consumption
  64. 64. Relay Control
  65. 65. Transistors Scheme Relay Control
  66. 66. Door Opener L298N Code
  67. 67. LED strip Arduino Addressable Power source calculation Resistor on Data pin Connect ground!
  68. 68. Future…
  69. 69. “SuperComputer”
 Rack dream reality
  70. 70. Future Application…
  71. 71. Advice for Quick Start 50 sensors Top Projects on YouTube Insta: techwiki
  72. 72. Advice for Quick Start Set of items BreadBoard Wire connectors PCB Holder
  73. 73. Advice for Quick Start Voltmeter
 (can be cheap) Power Source
 (better good quality)
  74. 74. Voltmeter implementation Pull Up / Pull Down
  75. 75. Advice for Quick Start AliExpress (cheapest, long to wait) (quick, more expesive, sometimes same price) Evita (electronic parts, advice) Lemona (electronic parts, advice) Dogas (wires)
  76. 76. Social Media FaceBook:
 Open-source electronic
 community Group (Lithuanian)
 Instagram: TechWiki Community: Instructables,, ESP8266,, Advice for Quick Start Great Scott Bitluni Andreas Spies MakerPortal RDagger
  77. 77. (can edit and print online)PCB’s
  78. 78. Create the Change
  79. 79. Project Buddies Vidmantas - Relative. Electronic. General knowledge. Pranas - Dad. Implementation of mechanics, wires. Robertas - Colleague. Parts as Gift and prof. advices. Darius - Friend. Sys Admin. NonameHosts service + advice on Linux, VPN. Vaidotas - Friend, BA. Ideas, usability, UI. Viktor - Colleague. Frontend Dev. React, PWA. Jonas - Colleague. UIX. HondaTuning, Auto Tuning/Repair. Mechanics greenhouse. AudioGuru, Friend. Audio Shop. Choosing Bluetooth DAC. Ciziunas.Pro - Tech Buddy. Edvardas - Friend of family. Electronic. Security system 12V help. Mindaugas - School friend. Watering of plants. Thank You
  80. 80. Literature Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino: Using Python and OpenCV Raspberry Pi By Example (Packt Publishing) Beginning C for Arduino: Learn C Programming for the Arduino, Second Edition Arduino Sketches: Tools and Techniques for Programming Wizardry Pramoninės komunikacijos procesų valdyme. A. Večkys
  81. 81. Contact Me @sasnauskastech