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  1. 1. “FAITH IS THE BEST HEALER” Explore Homoeopathy PRAMUKH Homoeopathic clinic through our website For more information, case studies, testimonials please explore our web site : www.phcindia.org PHC offers detail information throughdisease based brochures on the internet,which forms a valuable source for peopleseeking authentic guidelines on thehomoeopathic treatment, from all over theworld. Respiratory PRAMUKH Disorder Homoeopathic clinic Homoeopathic Treatment Clinic 1: Plot No. 286, F – 1, Akshar Complex, Opp. Gopal Dairy, Sec. 20, Gandhinagar – 382020 Clinic 2: ‘AKSHAR KRUPA’, Plot No. 598/2, Sec.5 B, Near KH -2, Gandhinagar - 382006 www.phcinidia.org : Mobile No : +91 9824022384, +91 999881744 e-mail: contact@phcindia.org, pankaj@phcindia.org© Homoeopathy India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Respiratory Disorder Children would tend to breath through mouth if the adenoid are much swollen. Homeopathy helpsThe Respirtory Disease are those which are relate with to treat the underlying infection, allergies and thusthe organs such as nose, throat, reduce swelling of adenoids. It can help avoidears, bronchi and lungs. Most surgical removal of adenoid in most cases,respiratory disorder tend to be especially if the adenoids are not huge in size.chronic and recurring; treatedconventionally by usingantibiotics, anti allergics,  Asthama in Adult: Asthama is one of the mostbronchodilators and cortisone; common chronic disease thatthat too for many weeks to many humans suffer with. Asthmayears. may present with occasional or more frequent or dailyHomoeopaty has an established altenative treatment episodes of breathlessnessfor most of the resoiratory diseases whereby frequent (with or without cough andand prolonged use of chemical based medicines could sputum) of varyingbe avoided or reduced in most cases, and lasting intensity. Asthma is causedrecovery may be achieved. Some of the names could be by hypersensitivity of yourlisted as under: lung tissues to the environment especially due to defective immune system, whereby the lung tubes  Frequent cold go into a spasm, get inflamed leading to cough,  Recurrent Tonsillitis difficulty in breathing and mucus production.  Enlarged adenoids  Recurrent Pharyngitis and Laryngitis Homeopathy has an excellent approach to the  Recurrent Ear Infection – Otitis Media treatment for asthma; whereby it targets the  Vocal Cord Polyp – Hoarseness of voice immune system, reduces the symptoms,  Sinusitis minimizes the frequency and severity of attacks.  Allergic bronchitis It also makes patient’s system tolerant in such a way that one is able to face the changes in  Bronchial Asthama environment and weather without getting  Hypersensitive air way disease – child affected as much. Frequent Cold:- Very common ailment, caused It is a common experience of the patients by allery or infection, found using homeopathy for asthma that their need most among children, not to take conventional medicines such as inhalers uncommon in adults. (bronchodilators) and cortisone shots reduce Homoeopathy offers a proves drastically. Except for acute and severe attacks treatment which reduced of asthma, which may call for critical care, frequency, severity and homeopathy is a boon for all asthmatics. intensity of frequent cold. Frequent cold result from lowered immunity;  Childhood asthma: Asthma in children is present with poor appetite and an inability to prevalent all over the gain weight. It has been documented world. Children innuerable times that after homoeopathic presenting w ith cough treatment children not only have less frequent and cold with bouts of colds but they also improve health, reflected wheezing has become by weight gain. common among rich and poor families. Inhalers have entered Recurrent Tonsillitis: Recurring infection of tonsil most houses that have often suggests poor children suffering with immunity, which can be asthma. treated with success using homoeopathy. Surgical Homeopathy comes as a blessing to asthmatic removal of tonsils may be children. It is absolutely safe, and equally avoided in most cases. effective which shows perceptible improvement in about eight weeks in most cases. Parents Enlarged adenoids: adenoid are spongy tissues report that the need for bronchodilators, inside nose, similar to tonsil, antibiotics, cortisone and cough syrup keep on which tend to get swollen decreasing after starting with homeopathy. due to infection or allergies; leading to blockage of nose.
  3. 3.  Allergic Bronchitis, Allergic Cough: Allergies affecting the upper and lower bronchial tree are common, and present with peculiar allergic cough, which may be dry, metallic and annoying. Anti-allergic Mr. Bhavasar, Gujarat medicines may help but temporarily. My son who is suffered from childhood asthma. He had Homeopathy has an effective treatment for a recurrent cough and cold. Allied doctor every time range of respirator y allergies and allergies advice for nebulizer for week. Then I started coughs. homoeopathic treatment which completely cured the my son. We are very grateful to you. Sinusitis: The hollow space between the skull bones, called sinus, Hetal Patel, London when get inflamed I want to say thank you to Dr. Darji who cured my son and infected, present form his recurrent tonsillitis problem. We were ready with a nasty to remove his tonsil but homeopathy save his tonsil. condition called Thanks. sinusitis, where patient experiences Savjibhai Patel, India congestion of nose and face, thick yellow nasal You are god for me. I have sever problem of sinus. I did discharge, fever and headache. Antibiotics might all the treatment but no improvement. You and your help but would not stop the recurrence. treatment gives me a totally relief from the my Homeopathy will help such cases significantly. problem. Throat related conditions: Recurrent and Yogesh bhatt, USA chronic inflammation of I was diagnosed chronic bronchitis and through web voice box Laryngitis and site I came to contact with Dr. Darji. I has difficulty in pharyngitis find good breathing occasionally. I started his homoeopathic treatment using treatment and result within 10days. Frequency of homeopathy. coughing was gradually decreased. Now I can say I am cured already. Grain size tumor of the vocal cord, called as vocal cord Sameer Barot, Canada polyp, presenting with hoarseness of voice, finds I started homoeopathic treatment for my allergic interesting treatment using homoeopathy and problem because I was not getting any relief with delicate surgery often becomes avoidable in many allopathic treatment. After taking homeopathy for cases. about 3 months there has been totally remove the all my symptoms.Other respiratory conditions and role ofhomoeopathy: This list is not exhaustive. Nisha Maheswari, India1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD ): Very first time my son having many months gap in hisThis group of disorders includes conditions such as asthamatic problem after start homoeopathicEmphysema and Chronic bronchitis. COPD is largely an medicines. My family members are happy withirreversible condition that can find a supportive therapy homoeopathy treatment for my son. His nature alsousing homeopathy, and no cure. changed, his appetite also improve after start2. Bronchiectasis: This condition ahs irreversible homoeopathy treatment. Thank you more than I candilatation and collapse of the bronchial tubes, leading to say.impaired air pressure and difficulty in removal ofsecretion of sputum. Homeopathy can help to control Reema Sen, Delhi, Indiacough and infection; cannot cure. Homeopathy is magical treatment. Small pills remove my allergic rhinitis and adenoid problem which is3. Infections: Homoeopathy is especially indicated in many years old and ENT advice for surgery. Veryrecurring and prolonged infections. thanks to Dr. Darji.4. Pulmonary fibrosis: For this obstinate and irreversiblecondition, homeopathy helps to controlcough, mucus secretion and difficulty in breathingto certain extent.
  4. 4. PRAMUKH About Dr. Pankaj N. Darji (B.H.M.S;I.C.R) Homoeopathic clinic (PHC) PHC - PRAMUKH Dr. Darji practice in HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC is Gujarat, India. He is established in 2004. The studied Clinic has made steady homoeopathy progress since 2004. intensively for over Established as a only seven years. Dr. homoeopathic clinic, it has Pankaj Darji was played a vital role in completed his homoeopathic clinic of Gujarat. medical graduation WE treat the patients with in 2001 & joined Institutions of Clinical Research right medication at right time (I.C.R), reputed institution in the Gujarat, India. Hein our Clinic with polite and homely attitude. We treat successfully completed his post graduation in 2003-the person, not the disease. Thus we take a great deal 2004.of pride in the tradition and uncompromised nature of After completed his fellowship in Baroda, he workedthe personalized care that is provided to our patients. with pediatrician for 7years in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, At PRAMUKH HOMOEOPTHIC CLINIC the India to understand pediatric emergency & how topatient is guided for best services as per his/her handle with homoeopathy – like convulsion, severrequest and need. We treat you like family. breathlessness, high grade fever etc.Our mission – is to bring quality healthcare with He is attending & paper presentation inhuman touch within the reach of every individual. We various national conferences & workshops onare committed to the achievement and sustenance of homoeopathy.excellence in competence and care for the benefit ofmankind.  Our experiences rich as I have under our careOur vision – to be a nationalized recognized patients from more than ten countries.healthcare centre for its unmatched healthcare  Dr. Darji is first doctor in Gujarat whose moreservices and our commitment to the excellence. than 50 video of treated patient in you tube.Our Goal – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy  Pramukh Homoeopathic Clinic has PregnancyNation. Counseling Centre & Homoeopathic trainingOur Values – we place our patient’s health first. we centre.seek improvement in the quality of our services.  More than 6000 different type of cases are treated under one roof b/w 2004 to 2010 Homoeopathy Treatment by Post PHC Online support system: Many patient may not be able to visit our centre in The online person; nor many they treatment is have an access to the supported by Dr. internet to get treated Pankaj Darji. Our online. PHC offers Patient over the treatment by post and world have an easy over the phone. You may access to our clinic sign up by calling our by personal visit (18/7), by e mail clinic and get a special (24/7), by live web chat from our questionnaire posted/e web site (16/7), by post, by video mailed/faxed. Along with conference through skype / the reply to the google.Before starting the questionnaire, it will help treatment as well as throughout if you also send in the the course of online treatment, you photos of the affected can communicate with Dr. Pankaj parts, for Dr. Darji’s evaluation. After that, Darji For more information, case studies,testimonials please explore our web site : Explore Homoeopathy www.phcindia.org medicines will be sent you by post, anywhere . through our website