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3.2\9 SSIS 2008R2_Training - ControlFlow Tasks


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This PPT explains SSIS control flow tasks that exist in SQL Server 2008 R2, it's the continuation of "" PPT.

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3.2\9 SSIS 2008R2_Training - ControlFlow Tasks

  1. 1. Presented by: Pramod Singla .
  2. 2.  Recap and Q&A  SQL Server Tasks ◦ Demo: Bulk Insert Task ◦ Demo: Execute SQL task ◦ Demo: Transfer database task ◦ Demo: Transfer Login Task ◦ Demo: Transfer Master Stored Proc task ◦ Demo: Transfer SQL server object Task  Database Maintenance Tasks ◦ Demo: Backup database Task ◦ Demo: Execute SQL server Agent job Task ◦ Demo :History Cleanup task ◦ Demo: Rebuild Index task ◦ Demo: Update Statistics tasks  Summary
  3. 3.  Control Flow Tasks  Data Preparation Tasks ◦ Demo: File System Task ◦ Demo: FTP Task ◦ Demo: XML Task ◦ Demo: Data Profiling Task ◦ Demo: Data Profiling Viewer  Process Communication Tasks ◦ Demo: Execute Package Task ◦ Demo: WMI Data Reader Task ◦ Demo: Execute Process Task –folder zip
  4. 4.  An efficient way to copy large amounts of data into a SQL Server table or view  Can transfer data only from a text file into a SQL Server table or view.   Can use a format file in the Bulk Insert task object  Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can run a package that contains a Bulk Insert task  Mainly used for backward compatibility. Use Data flow instead
  5. 5.  Runs SQL statements or stored procedures  Can handle multiple batch of statements. Each batch separated by GO  Only one statement can return a result set and it must be the first statement in the batch  If the task uses parameter binding, all the queries in the batch must have the same number and types of parameters.
  6. 6.  Transfer Database task transfers a SQL Server database between two instances of SQL Server  The database can be transferred by using online or offline mode  Offline mode requires that you specify the network file shares on the source and destination servers that contain the database files  sysadmin can run package using offline mode  Sysadmin or Database owner can run package using online mode  Path format computernameProgram Filesmyfolder or computernamec$Program Filesmyfolder  Kill all connection before applying offline mode
  7. 7.  The Transfer Logins task transfers one or more logins between instances of SQL Server   the user must be a member of the sysadmin server role on both servers.
  8. 8.  The Transfer Master Stored Procedures task transfers one or more user-defined stored procedures between master databases on instances of SQL Server   This task does not copy system stored procedures  Must be a member of the sysadmin server role or have permission to created stored procedures in the master database on the destination server.
  9. 9.   Transfer SQL Server Objects task transfers one or more types of objects in a SQL Server database  Some options apply only to SQL Server. For example, only SQL Server supports schema
  10. 10.  The Back Up Database task performs different types of SQL Server database backups.
  11. 11.  runs SQL Server Agent jobs  SQL Server Agent must be running
  12. 12.   deletes entries in the following history tables in the SQL Server msdb database ◦ backupfile ◦ backupfilegroup ◦ backupmediafamily ◦ backupmediaset ◦ backupset ◦ restorefile ◦ restorefilegroup ◦ restorehistory  The task includes a property for specifying the oldest date of data retained in the history tables. 
  13. 13.  rebuilds indexes in SQL Server database tables and view  encapsulates an ALTER INDEX REBUILD statement  This task encapsulates an ALTER INDEX REBUILD statement with the following index rebuild options: ◦ Specify a FILLFACTOR ◦ Set PAD_INDEX = ON ◦ Set SORT_IN_TEMPDB = ON ◦ Set IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ON ◦ Set ONLINE = ON
  14. 14.  Updates statistics tables and indexes  This task executes the UPDATE STATISTICS statement  You can specify the sampling %
  15. 15.   SQL Server Tasks ◦ Bulk Insert Task ◦ Execute SQL task ◦ Transfer database task ◦ Transfer Login Task ◦ Transfer Master Stored Proc task ◦ Transfer SQL server object Task  Database Maintenance Tasks ◦ Backup database Task ◦ Execute SQL server Agent job Task ◦ History Cleanup task ◦ Rebuild Index task ◦ Update Statistics tasks
  16. 16. DEMO 3_2_ControlFlowTask_2_OnlioneDemo.dtsx
  17. 17.  Contact me : ◦ ◦  Microsoft Resources: ◦ courseName=ssis-basic&highlight=stacia-misner_08-ssis-basic- debugging!stacia-misner_06-ssis-basic-expressions*2,3#08-ssis- basic-debugging