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3.1\9 SSIS 2008R2_Training - ControlFlow asks


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This presentation describes control flow tasks that exists in SSIS 2008R2.

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3.1\9 SSIS 2008R2_Training - ControlFlow asks

  1. 1. Presented by: Pramod Singla .
  2. 2.  Recap and Q&A  Control Flow Tasks  Data Preparation Tasks ◦ Demo: File System Task ◦ Demo: FTP Task ◦ Demo: XML Task ◦ Demo: Data Profiling Task ◦ Demo: Data Profiling Viewer  Process Communication Tasks ◦ Demo: Execute Package Task ◦ Demo: WMI Data Reader Task ◦ Demo: Execute Process Task  Summary
  3. 3.  SSIS Architecture  Package designer  Import and export wizard  Connection manager  Execute SQL task  Precedence constraints  Containers
  4. 4.  Elements that define units of work  Types of Tasks  Data Flow Task ◦ Task that runs data flows to extract data, apply column level transformations, and load data.  Data Preparation Tasks ◦ These tasks do the following processes: copy files and directories; download files and data; run Web methods; apply operations to XML documents; and profile data for cleansing.  Workflow Tasks ◦ The tasks that communicate with other processes to run packages, run programs or batch files, send and receive messages between packages, send e-mail messages, read Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) data, and watch for WMI events.  SQL Server Tasks ◦ The tasks that access, copy, insert, delete, and modify SQL Server objects and data.
  5. 5.  Scripting Tasks ◦ The tasks that extend package functionality by using scripts.  Analysis Services Tasks ◦ The tasks that create, modify, delete, and process Analysis Services objects.  Maintenance Tasks ◦ The tasks that perform administrative functions such as backing up and shrinking SQL Server databases, rebuilding and reorganizing indexes, and running SQL Server Agent jobs.
  6. 6.  It performs operations on files and directories in the file system. File System Operation available in this task are:
  7. 7.  The FTP task downloads and uploads data files and manages directories on File servers. Operation available with FTP task are:
  8. 8.  The XML task is used to work with XML data. Operation available with XML task are:
  9. 9.  The XML task is used to work with XML data. Operation available with XML task are:
  10. 10.  Computes various profiles that help identify problems in the data  The Data Profiling task works only with data that is stored in SQL Server  A profile is not valid unless not empty tables and columns selected, and the columns contain data types that are valid for the profile. DATA Profiler Viewer  Profile task compute data profiles and save them in a file and Data Profile Viewer review the profile output
  11. 11.  Lets packages run other package  Breaking down complex package workflow.  Reusing parts of packages.  Grouping work units.  Controlling package security
  12. 12.  The WMI Data Reader task runs queries using the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Query Language and returns information about a computer system.  WMI Query E.g. Gives info about quick fixes applied on server ◦ Select * FROM Win32_QuickFixEngineering
  13. 13.  Runs an application or batch file
  14. 14. DEMO 3_1_Demo_ControlFlowTasks.dtsx
  15. 15.  Contact me : ◦ ◦  Microsoft Resources: ◦ ◦ ◦ courseName=ssis-basic&highlight=stacia-misner_08-ssis-basic- debugging!stacia-misner_06-ssis-basic-expressions*2,3#08-ssis- basic-debugging