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2\9.SSIS 2008R2 _Training - Control Flow


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This presentation walks you through the basics of SSIS 2008R2 control flow Engine.

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2\9.SSIS 2008R2 _Training - Control Flow

  1. 1. Presented by: Pramod Singla .
  2. 2.  Any Question from Last Session  Connection Managers  32-bit versus 64-bit Providers  Demo: Creating a Connection Manager  Tasks  Demo: Creating an Execute SQL Task  Demo: Creating a Send Mail Task  Precedence Constraints  Demo: Adding Precedence Constraints  Containers  Demo: Working with Containers  Summary
  3. 3.  World Record:1TB in 30 Minutes with SSIS  Merging Data from Heterogeneous Data Stores  Automating Administrative Functions and Data Loading  Populating Data Warehouses and Data Marts  Free with SQL server
  4. 4. •The run-time engine implements the control flow and package management infrastructure •The data flow engine is a specialized, high performance engine that is exclusively dedicated to extracting, transforming, and loading data.
  5. 5. ◦ Using Import and Export Wizard ◦ Using BIDS
  6. 6.  Import/Export Data ◦ Choose Data Source ◦ Choose Destination ◦ Specify the Table/Query ◦ Edit Mapping ◦ Save and Run package
  7. 7.  SSIS Projects: ◦ Data Sources ◦ Data Source Views ◦ SSIS Packages:  Control flow  Tasks  Loops, sequences and events  Variables and scoping  Precedence constraints  Connections Manager  Data flow  Source and destination adapters  Transformations  Multiple sources with joins and unions  Multiple destinations with splits and multicast
  8. 8.  Data sources ◦ A data source is a connection reference that you create outside a package. ◦ A real-time reference to a data store connection, which includes all tables and views in the data store.  Data source views ◦ Provide a subset of data from a data source ◦ You can extend a data source view by adding calculated columns that are populated by custom expressions, adding new relationships between tables, replacing tables in the data source view with queries, and adding related tables.
  9. 9. Control flow Manages flow of the package and perform other management tasks like logging ,checkpoint ,transaction handling etc.  Tasks ◦ Tasks do the work in packages. The most important task is the data flow task  Containers ◦ Containers allow you to group together, or loop through, the tasks  Precedence constraints ◦ Precedence constraints join tasks together
  10. 10.  A connection manager is a logical representation of a connection  Different types of connection managers enable packages to connect to a variety of data sources and servers
  11. 11.  Data flow ◦ Is a engine dedicated to ETL process.
  12. 12. Demo 2_Demo_Containers.dtsx 2_demo_Precedence_Constraints.dtsx
  13. 13.  Contact me : ◦ ◦  Microsoft Resources: ◦ ◦