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App marketing - ReseBok


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This App Marketing Plan ppt has been created by Prajakta Tamhankar, during a Marketing Management Internship Under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.

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App marketing - ReseBok

  1. 1. Me Time? Hobbies? Come to us
  2. 2. An app that lets you record your travel memories, decorate them with pictures and videos. Share with others on community or Create travel wish-list Read other’s stories and Blogs Get exciting offers as you do what you love.
  3. 3. Situation Analysis
  4. 4. Let’s check out some quick stats. Millions of people Travel Daily for a various reasons. They click hundreds of photos and videos. About 85 % people keep memories of their travel in the form of photos, videos or a travel smash book. They also like to share their experience on social media. 61% of consumers search online and depend on peer reviews or past experiences. There is a sharp increase in number of travel bloggers, travel photographers and wild-life enthusiasts.
  5. 5. 85% of international travellers have some kind of mobile device with them while travelling. Travellers ages 15 to 29 accounted for an estimated 23% of international travellers in 2015 An estimated 17 million travellers identify themselves as being 'health and wellbeing' focused, with 40% of them travelling regularly. Gen Zs watch 2x as many videos on mobile as other generations Gen Z shuns conformity and tradition but like storytelling and visual displays. 59% of travel related searches are from those aged 35-64 Some more
  6. 6. I must target these Bloggers
  7. 7. Let’s target everyone
  8. 8. Journey Write a Day Volo
  9. 9. Community Read No paper, edit anytime Write Connect and share Search and learn
  10. 10. Market Goals Instant Goal – 30,000 users in 6 months Intermediate Goal – Rapid customer acquisition and adding new feature within 6 months. Reach to a customer base 200,000 in 1 year. Ultimate Goal – More than 6 million users.
  11. 11. Target Market
  12. 12. Customers
  13. 13. Travel Bloggers. Facebook Travel Group admins. College Fests. Travel Magazines.
  14. 14. P O P Journal feel , add photos, videos, reminder, location, weather and activity. Export stories in different Formats. Easy Edit. Throwback
  15. 15. P O D Join Community and meet like-minded people 4GB free storage on cloud and unlimited storage for premium Share on or community or public in premium Access blogs and post from others in premium Earn points and avail offers and Prizes in premium Wish-list and create plan
  16. 16. Innovative and creative alternative for Me time. High quality and great value. Best medium to find other travellers and share experiences. Zero compromise on picture and video quality. Access/Edit Anytime and anywhere . Remain updated and discover some exciting new locations. Create your own wish-list, and plan next trips Customer Value
  17. 17. Collaborator Value Opportunity to be engaged with like-minded organizations /communities. New perspectives on any issue, idea generation space and support any initiatives. Special blogs. Offers and discounts. New Updates.
  18. 18. Company Value Innovation and creativity Constant engagement with customers leading to better understanding of needs. Effective CRM tools. Flat hierarchy to get as many ideas from the whole team . Excellent relationship between company and employees, employee and customer, and company and customers. Achieving the targets set and pushing the benchmark with constant efforts to deliver the best.
  19. 19. Tactics
  20. 20. Logo Tagline: Let’s Travel with Words
  21. 21. Free Basic Journal 4 GB data Storage Share on Facebook/Community Export in all formats Join Community Earn Likes and points Unlimited Storage All Blogs and articles Premium Premium= $6 Promotional = $ 5
  22. 22. Incentives Promotional price Referral points, Points for sharing and liking Weekly top 3 get bonus points Redeem points monthly to avail offers Top point earner wins grand prize every year
  23. 23. Incentives for Collaborators  Special Blogs  Offers  Market information
  24. 24. Incentives for company
  25. 25. Let’s Promote ReseBok Hash-taging Selfie to earn points. 5 points per Selfie!!!! Imagine how much a selfie Queen like me will earn in a day! Just that I will have to Travel ! MyReseBokSelfie
  26. 26. More Promotion Technique s
  27. 27. Distribution
  28. 28. Infrastructure CEO CMO CFO CTO
  29. 29. Chief Marketing Officer Advertising Specialist Sales team Market Research Business Development Executive Infrastructure and Processes  Research and Market Strategies  Target market and Analysis  Brand and Positioning  Advertising and promotions  CRM  Customer reviews and support  Business Development and Public Relations  Handling Collaborators  Digital Marketing  Sales and Sales Target
  30. 30. S H E D C U L E 1-2 • Strategy and evaluations • Analysis of Market 2-3 • Advertising • Promotion 4-5 • Customer feedback • Analysis of sales 5-6 • Restructure in case of change in need or demand
  31. 31. Criteria
  32. 32. Performance metrics App crashes API Latency End-to-End Application Latency App load per period Network errors App load per period
  33. 33. User metrics App downloads App reviews App Ratings Average session time Active users per week App retention. App Churn Event Tracking App abandonment
  34. 34. Engagement metrics Net Promoter score User response to promotions App Store Rank Funnel Tracking Viralness
  35. 35. Business income metrics Cost per Acquisition Brand Image and associations Lifetime Value Revenue and sales Target Average revenue per user AOV and AOV per Paying user
  36. 36. To be explained with Exibits
  37. 37. Exhibit 1 Here's a visualization by Localytics of what monthly retention numbers look like by industry over three months.
  38. 38. This AppBoy chart shows how quickly the retention rate drops in the days following the download of the average app. Exhibit 2
  39. 39. Social Media Statistics • Just about half of the travel brands on Facebook found that their bookings increased because of their presence on the large social networking site (Digital Visitor) • 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as social media, word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family, above all forms of advertising (Webbed Feet) • 85% of customers expect businesses to be active in social media (Vocus) • 82% of consumers trust a company more if they are involved with social media (Forbes) • 77% of consumers said they are more likely to buy from a company if the CEO uses social media (Forbes) • +75% increase occurred last year for trust in social media as it went from 8% to 14% as a trusted information source (Edelman) • 36% of online travellers visit social networking sites to influence destination selection (World Travel Market London) • One out of three US travellers reference social media as a main source of travel ideas and inspiration (MMGY Global) • 52% of travellers use social media to plan a trip (Eye for Travel) • 71% of Asian leisure travellers consider personal recommendations for a trip “very important” in the decision-making process (Tnooz) • 52% of travellers were so influenced by social media that they changed their original travel plans (Sprout Social) • 10% of those who use social media to research travel plans changed agent/operator/website (Sprout Social) • 87% of those younger than 34 are using Facebook to solicit advice before making bookings (Stikky Media) • 50% of travel companies have said that direct bookings have been generated from
  40. 40. Continued.. • 80% of travellers are more likely to book a trip from a friend liking a page rather than responding to a traditional Facebook ad (Eye for Travel) • Holiday pictures are the most shared content on and after vacation (Tnooz) • 70% of social media users update status/share photos while on holiday (Eye for Travel) • 76% of social media users post vacation photos to their social networks (Webbed Feet) • 34% of Asian leisure travelers are actively looking for social recommendations and feedback on ideas via social networks such as Facebook and TripAdvisor (Tnooz) • Worldwide, there are over 1.5 billion active Facebook users, with 699 million people logging in daily (Zephoria) • Every 60 seconds on Facebook, 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded (Zephoria) • 52% of Facebook users say their friends photos inspire their travel plans (Webbed Feet) • 23% of Facebook users check their accounts 5 or more times daily (Huffington Post) • 42% of stories shared to users’ Facebook timelines in 2012 were travel experiences, making it the top story being shared by users (Tnooz)
  41. 41. Continued.. • 53% of people on Twitter mention products and/or services in their tweets (SocialNomics) • 36% of online travelers visit social networking sites to influence destination selection (World Travel Market London) • TripAdvisor has a monthly visitor inflow of 57 million people, as well as a member base that exceeds 36 million (TripAdvisor) • 53% of travellers were adamant they would never book with any business that didn’t attain a TripAdvisor profile (Sparkloft Media) • Social media is now a genuine marketing platform, with 93% of marketers using social media to their advantage (Social Media B2B) • 52% of travelers change their plans based on social media activity and responses (Media Bistro) • Social media is one of the most successful ways to market your travel services, with more than 50% of direct bookings coming from social media accounts (Frederic Gonzalo) • Social media can reduce marketing costs by up to 24%, allowing your profit margins to increase significantly (Frederic Gonzalo)In 2011, about 62 percent of industry businesses had a Twitter profile. By 2012, that number had jumped to 75 percent and it continues to climb today (Frederic Gonzalo) • More than 51% of travel brands that had a Facebook presence noted that they had an increase in business that year (Digital Visitor) • 71% of travel brands on Facebook found that they had better engagement and conversation with their customers (Digital Visitor)
  42. 42. Churn according to Localytics' analysis across the first three months of an app. Exhibit 3
  43. 43. Apptentive illustrates how users are far less likely to consider downloading an app with a three-, two-, or one-star rating than a four- or five-star rating. Exhibit 4
  44. 44. Exhibit 5
  45. 45. Exhibit 6 Only promoters and detractors decide your net promoter score. Passives are not included in the equation. Graphic courtesy of HelpScout.
  46. 46. This visualization of a funnel model shows the stages a user might pass through to reach an app's conversion goal. Exhibit 7
  47. 47. Exhibit 8 This Fiksu chart shows a shifting average cost per purchaser for iOS and Android app from September 2015 to September 2016.
  48. 48. Exhibit 9
  49. 49. Exhibit 10
  50. 50. Exhibit 11
  51. 51. Exhibit 12
  52. 52. Exhibit 13
  53. 53. Exhibit 14
  54. 54. Exhibit 15
  55. 55. Exhibit 16
  56. 56. Exhibit 17
  57. 57. 1st 6 months Total Cost = $ 1500 Initial price = $5 /download of premium Target > 300 Hence we will definitely profit
  58. 58. Credits • optimal-value-proposition-that-drives-market-success/ • stats-2016 • collaboration-strategy-drives-business • ensure-mobile-app-success-part-1-performance- metrics/ • • tour-operators/
  59. 59. Recap • Executive Summary • Situation Analysis • Goal • Strategy • Tactics • Implementation • Control • Exhibits
  60. 60. Disclaimer This App Marketing Plan was created by Prajakta Tamhankar, VIT Mumbai, during marketing management internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.