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Portfolio of Social Sites - Snsepro

  1. 1. We support our customers success by creating exceptionalvalue through innovative product and service solutions- TEAM SNSEPRO Vision, Clarity & Simple, Clean & Experience, Innovation Pleasurable Success & Power
  2. 2. MobileMovs is designed especially for iPhone ActGivity is a social charity fundraising movie makers to instantly capture videos from website that empowers causes and their phones and upload it directly from their supporters to raise money through fundraising iPhone camera rolls. Videos are reviewed online. activities that they can perform personally. Agami’s holistic solution will include Craftsia is Indian Online Market place for education, as well as public health and proper rare and unique Indian handmade items food. If you are looking for aromatherapy products orMyCampuslink is a Web Portal which provides just starting with the basics of essential oilsonline access for students and faculty to the most check this network “Aromatherapy”up-to-date academic records 2
  3. 3. SweetFry.com was created to allow amateur Filmstock has a unique concept of which will cooks, bakers, chefs, bartenders, wine and beer democratize the way finances are raised for films. markers around the World to share, store, and The concept is tailored to match all needs of a film rate recipes in a fun and helpful community producer, from talent hunt, scripts to funds.Hospitality Elite resource directory for HypedSound is a social music platform forhospitality industry professionals and students artists and listeners. Patchhand is a network of Skilled Workers. Kneadbe is one of its sort allergy free food Professionals from all over the world join-in for marketplace which is multi-store front. It caters jobs, forum discussions area, blogs, and news to patients suffering from multiple allergies. 3
  4. 4. Innovations in technology and the spread of socialnetworking through mobile devices have provided ourclients with new tools for discovering, comparing,evaluating, choosing and experiencing success all underone single roof.
  5. 5. You! leverage other social network connections
  6. 6. Client’s challenge The company was started by a group of enterprising visionaries. They had a vision to build a platform for common folks and artists to come together and collaborate on creating & showcase the artistic talent and stories to community members and the world at large. The same platform extended for sales of these music releases. . .Technical solution ResultThis website was distinctive over other Social This social music networking website helped thenetworking websites due to its focus on media driven community express and connect with friends, relativescollaboration by users via music, videos, pictures and and colleagues through blogs, forums, chat, internalarticles. The website also proposed to bring together messaging and other tools.celebrities like singers, musicians, choreographers,entertainment writers and to shape the future of music The website has dedicated sections that offered qualityindustry. music collaborative tools used by the seasoned professionals and amateur music artists.SNSEPRO used Ajax both in the front end and backend sections which significantly improved the user Important features of the website are:experience and improved user interface. The websitealso offered API (Application programming Interface) to • Music Collaborative toolssoftware developers to create widgets and • Music Shopapplications. These widgets and applications can • Music Blogseamlessly use the activities and information from our • Certifying Systemwebsite with other platforms. • Artist ShowcaseA unique system for collaboration, promotion and sales The site administrator can monitor the user activity andwas created that offers a rich and intuitive interface to based on member performance & categorize theupload, share, review, certify new music Albums. member as regular user or an artist. . 6
  7. 7. Client’s challenge There are millions of short video clips on the web, either produced by professionals or amateurs for sharing through various video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google video. Whether you want to simply point-and-shoot or create a truly inspired short film the site should have the tools to help. To help shoot, create and upload a movie on the fly. .Technical solution ResultSNSEPRO’s mission was to bring movie-making to the Top of the line iphone apps sold through the networkpeople. Everyone watches movies and we believeeveryone can make movies. Movie-making, short andlong, online, private and public, is the most important Splice- Splice lets you add sound effectsaspect of the network. and a bit more control over your edits..Our revolutionary approach to movie-making builds on Cinema FXV- Allows you to color correct,an alternative platform designed for these movies to be apply vignetting, Change format touploaded to a site & fetch tools for editing purposes. widescreen and can give you a true cinematic or vintage look to your Movie.The Social Architecture of the platform provides SlowMo- It allows you to slow down yourenvironment and tools so that you can share your clips. Another great tool for your pocketvideos publicly with the world, with just yourself, or post production.with your own friends and family. You are responsiblefor setting sharing permissions to control who can iTimeLapse- Takes images at se intervalsview, comment on your videos. of time and then stitches those images together 7
  8. 8. Client’s challenge The client’s aim was to Socialize the user experience of online E- commerce by integrating state-of-the-art Social technology into an website that allows for richer and more dynamic interaction, and meet all aspect of user needs, .Technical solutionSNSEPRO designed a hybrid Social commerce Usability testing was completed withplatform to develop the new website with custom targeted users. Results from the expert, ownersnew features like: review were used to guide the development of the test plan so that identified issues1. Site created to target a seller community that is could be validated or dismissed and theirnot adaptive of web/e-commerce market. We had to relevance graded based on actual userallow offline payments as most of the sellers from interaction.this market did not have Credit Cards or PayPal.Instead, this market has great penetration in mobile Resultstechnology. Hence, SMS integration was used to The expert inspections revealed that theincrease user participation. prototype design indeed addressed many2. Multi-currency site with currency toggle facility shortcomings of the current competitors site, and(USD & INR) that integration of the new Social features would3. Single payment for products from all shops further enable self viral marketing for the site..4. Extremely tight admin control/approval on items Usability concerns were prioritized andlisted/people willing to sell on this site associated with redesign recommendations to5. "Make an Offer" on product showcases. drive future development of the website.6. Hyper Local directory listing to match the niche Expected benefits from implementation ofmarket redesign recommendations include improved user satisfaction, accelerated order processing and better handling of advanced features (e.g., multi-products & multi vendors orders). 8
  9. 9. SNSEPRO’s latest release of SNSE 5.0platform is Going to Rock Your World