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Prairie Memories Slideshow


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A celebratory slideshow depicting historic photographs and memories of Prairie community members.

Published in: Education
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Prairie Memories Slideshow

  1. 1. Memories
  2. 2. The 7th/8th grade musicals. Watching the kids grow into young adults. Hosting a foreign exchange student. - Kevin Orlowski
  3. 3. The outstanding musicals and plays so professionally done. - Beth Shelton
  4. 4. Having lockers without locks. - Tom D’Orazio • Class of 1982
  5. 5. My Interim trip to Spain with Mr. Butler, an Interim trip to England with Mrs. Stanton and the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.! - Ann-Elise Henzl • Class of 1983
  6. 6. Our daughters in tennis and watching the plays in the Lower School gym. - Dr. Rafi Rafiullah
  7. 7. The ducklings crossing through the Middle School from the inner circle to the big outside world every year. - Jennifer Popowski • Class of 1992
  8. 8. The wonderful people, especially Bonnie Benes, Kathy Boero, 
 Kevin Will and Pat Wagner! - Rob Bissegger
  9. 9. I really enjoyed being able to kayak at the Willow Reservoir! - Tarah Patzke • Class of 2006
  10. 10. Sam Johnson "Eating his hat" when the original building was finished in time for the initial school opening 50 years ago. - Terry Malone
  11. 11. Building gingerbread houses as a family. - Dr. James Toniolo
  12. 12. All of Jerry Buck’s little chemistry jokes (many of which I already knew from my older siblings' stories). - Johnathan Johnson • Class of 1986
  13. 13. The Art Department fire. I remember that Winnie Johnson and I were goofing around in their observatory and saw smoke coming from school. - Diane Szumowski • Class of 1976
  14. 14. Grandparents’ Day! - Dave Rowland • Class of 1975
  15. 15. My stage debut in ‘Design for Murder.’ - Thomas Navratil • Class of 1978
  16. 16. Soaking up the sunshine 
 on the patio! - Madeline Henderson • Class of 2012
  17. 17. Bob Sagadin, after I'd hit my finger with a hammer: "Don't do that. It hurts." To this day, it's a phrase I use with my kids. My daughter even wrote me a poem for Christmas quoting it! - Nate Warner • Class of 1991
  18. 18. One of my fondest memories of Prairie was glassblowing with Mrs. McCombs! - Mara Hagopian • Class of 2005
  19. 19. I was the Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball Coach for a short time. Coaching was a dream I had fulfilled at Prairie - one of many. - Peggy Wielenberg
  20. 20. Finding out in calculus class that there are shapes with infinite surfaces and finite volumes, so you can fill 'em but you can't paint 'em. - Thomas Navratil • Class of 1978
  21. 21. Showing Sam Johnson how to use the electronic library search station at the library open house. - Peggy Wielenberg
  22. 22. Getting a terrible rash after wearing ‘burr’ sweaters with 
 Lillian Waisman at my 10th grade Biology camp trip in 1979! - Meg Daniels • Class of 1982
  23. 23. Coach Swanson's Bermuda hat and Mrs. Spinks'drama productions! - Kanwar Singh • Class of 1985
  24. 24. I grew up at Prairie, I attended the school for 15 years. It was and always will be my home away from home! The teachers and other faculty watched me grow and became extended members of my family. I know that I always have a 
 place to come back to. - Ashleigh Mohrbacher • Class of 2012
  25. 25. Playing in the 1982 basketball State Championship. - Terry Chapko • Class of 1984
  26. 26. Attending the musicals at Prairie! Feeling a part of the "Prairie Family." - Tom Addison
  27. 27. My great collection of Mother's Day plates. - Tom Issacson
  28. 28. Class of 1996 — first senior class in the new Upper School building. - Benjamin Issacson • Class of 1996
  29. 29. Serving as the President of the Student Council was an honor as well as a challenge. - Sara Walker • Class of 1979
  30. 30. The school and teachers really care about you and your future. That is something that is hard to find other places. The Prairie School community is like no other and I am proud to be a part of it! - Ashleigh Mohrbacher • Class of 2012
  31. 31. Winning the soccer State Championship with great friends in 2004! - Andrew Spinelli • Class of 2005
  32. 32. The openness and freedom allowed to students! I never realized until later how special it was to not have bells, and to leave the lunchroom when you finish eating with the option to CHOOSE where you would spend the rest of that time. - Cassandra Vite • Class of 1996
  33. 33. Loved being a part of the theatrical productions with Mrs. Benson. My favorite was 
 ‘A Midsummer's Night Dream.’ - Martha Tubini • Class of 1976
  34. 34. Winning the 1982 Basketball State Championship highlighted 12 great years at Prairie. - Billy Walker • Class of 1983
  35. 35. My husband going to Caitlyn's Kindergarten class and telling the children how to become a doctor. - Karen Ayres
  36. 36. Field Hockey was great fun! Some of the teachers were real characters: Jim Corsica, Al Hagopian & Stoyan Topalof come to mind. They always kept things interesting. - Toni Alicia Smith • Class of 1984
  37. 37. All the artwork & beautiful architectural features throughout the campus and building. - Everett McKinney
  38. 38. Seeing the ducks every year in the courtyard. - Janet Trimble • Class of 1981