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Cint Information Technology


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This Presentation is about CINT Information Technology and
the solutions we provide under this domain.

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Cint Information Technology

  1. 1.
  2. 2. CINT IT – An Overview • We are a complete solution provider for all the IT requirements of organizations • Our services range from initial consultation and design to implementation and maintenance • We have designed and developed IT-based solutions to cater to the unique needs of different sectors • Our focus areas: Products and Solutions Hardware and Software Data Management IT-Enabled Services
  3. 3. Our Approach
  4. 4. Products & Solutions • We have designed and developed our own software and hardware based integrated solutions for various industries • Have gained expertise in developing and delivering products as well as projects specific to different industries • Working extensively for Education sector and have developed cutting-edge products and solutions  CINT Campus – CINT’s ERP System for Schools and Colleges  CINT E-Attendance – RFID and GPRS based Automatic Attendance System • Constantly working on innovative and technologically advanced solutions to make CINT’s IT product portfolio stronger
  5. 5. Hardware & Software • We provide complete IT hardware and software turnkey solutions to our customers for automating their business processes • We help organizations maintain or upgrade their existing IT infrastructure with latest technologies to meet their growing needs • We also help organizations setting up a new IT infrastructure, for instance, Setting up a Call Center • Integrated hardware and software solutions for: Computing – Desktops/ Laptops/ Printers/ Network/ Storage Devices Communication – Telephony/ PBX/ Handsets/ Internet/ Intranet/ Mobile Communication Audio/Video – Voice/Video Conferencing/ Projector Systems Industry-Specific Products – Bar-code Scanners and other POS Systems for Retail Industry
  6. 6. Data Management • Our Document Management System (DMS) helps organizations undergo the transition from paper to paper-less • Phases in DMS: Document Acquisition Document Life Cycle Management Document Retrieval and Distribution • Store, organize, manage and track electronic documents and scanned-images of paper-based information • Modify and manage the document system and incorporate physical filing procedures such as storage location, security, access control and version control
  7. 7. IT Enabled Services • Our offerings in IT-enabled services cover the entire spectrum of operations that helps in improving your efficiency • Combining our proven IT and IT enabled services, we provide organizations with utmost business value in innovation, business process automation and sourcing strategy • Our forte in IT enabled services includes and is not limited to: Digital Marketing Analytics Business Process Outsourcing Technical HelpDesk