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CINT Education


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This Presentation is about one of the domain of our company CINT, that is Education. It speaks about all the solutions we provide in this domain.

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CINT Education

  1. 1.
  2. 2. CINT Education – An Overview • Our foray into this sector in orientation with ongoing government reforms like ‘Skill India’ initiatives • Focus on addressing the growing needs of country pertaining to education and skill development • Urgent need to redefine critical components of skill development and training to make them more relevant, creative and inclusive • Aim is to bridge the gap of demand-supply of skilled workforce through our skill development and skill enhancement training programmes
  3. 3. Focus Areas • Focus areas:  Skill Development  Educational Aids  Training Courses • Our Skill Development programmes are aimed at holistic development of individuals who are seeking job opportunities or aspire to become entrepreneurs • We have developed some Educational Kits for school students to make learning easy and fun for them • We provide customized training solutions under our Corporate Training and Teacher Training programmes to develop the skills of the employees and teachers
  4. 4. Our Approach At CINT, we follow a Four Tier Development Model:
  5. 5. Skill Development • Our skill development offerings for the participants are focused on: People who are looking to acquire skills for getting jobs in the organized sector People who need skills for self-employment to start or nurture their own business Students who need educational skills to start their career and improve employability • We follow a holistic approach in providing skill development solutions which includes: Offering end-to-end skill building training programmes which improves the employability quotient of the participants Partnering with organizations to understand their workforce and other resources need and accordingly design training courses and material Partnering with government and their associated organizations to support in their initiatives
  6. 6. Educational Aids • Working for the enhancement of learning opportunities for kids and students • Developed toolkits for students in different subjects to make learning easy and fun for them • Each of our kits has been designed keeping in mind: Class – Age appropriateness Ease of use and focus on concept Mapping of class syllabus • Apart from providing toolkits based on books, games and puzzles, we also offer the students with e-learning opportunities through our online course packs
  7. 7. Training Courses • Courses aimed at enhancing the skills of the employees which improve the efficiency and other performance indicators of the participants • Customized training solutions to develop the skills of: Corporate Employees – under our “Corporate Training” programmes School Teachers – under our “Teacher Training” programmes • We follow a five-stage training solution delivery model: