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Presentazione Corso VMware vSphere 6.5


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Evento 9 febbraio 2017 - Cascina Medici del Vascello - Reggia di Venaria

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Presentazione Corso VMware vSphere 6.5

  3. 3. vSphere 6.5 Overview Torino, 9 febbraio 2017
  4. 4. About me Pietro Ciotola Ingegnere Informatico Dal 2008 Trainer ufficiale VMware (VCI) VCP6-DCV Linkedin : Torino 9 febbraio 2017
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  6. 6. Agenda • Introduzione a VMware vSphere • Le novità della versione 6.5 • Le interfacce WEB di Management • Il Vcenter e l’applicance VCSA • Scenari di migrazione ed upgrade • Il nuovo filesystem VMFS6 • Le Virtual Machines • vSphere HA e vSphere DRS Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  7. 7. What’s New
  8. 8. What’s new in vSphere 6.5 • New Admin Interfaces • Improved vCenter management • Improved VMFS • Improved VM security with encription • Improved Networking • Proactive HA • Predictive DRS Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  9. 9. The Virtual Enviroment
  10. 10. Traditional Architecture Traditional architecture has inherent challenges: – Poor use of physical resources – High management and maintenance costs – High physical infrastructure costs – Provisioning challenges – Insufficient failover and poor disaster protection StorageNetwork Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  11. 11. Virtual Architecture Virtual architecture has inherent benefits: – Expanded use of physical resources – Reduced management and maintenance costs – Improved desktop manageability and security – Increased availability of applications – Increased operational flexibility Network Storage Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  12. 12. About Virtual Machines • A virtual machine is a software representation of a physical computer and its components. • The virtualization software converts the physical machine and its components into files. – Operating system – VMware Tools™ – Virtual resources, such as: • CPU and memory • Network adapters • Disks and controllers • Parallel and serial ports Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Components Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  13. 13. Benefits of Using Virtual Machines Physical machines Difficult to move or copy Bound to a specific set of hardware components Often has a short lifecycle Requires personal contact to upgrade hardware Virtual machines Easy to move or copy – Encapsulated into files – Independent of physical hardware Easy to manage – Isolated from other virtual machines running on same physical hardware – Insulated from physical hardware changes Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  14. 14. Management Tools in vSphere 6.5 VMware Host Client vSphere Client ESXi Host Your Desktop vCenter Server vSphere Web Client Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  15. 15. vSphere Web Client Torino 9 febbraio 2017 • Host and Cluster default start point • MANAGE tab is now CONFIGURE • No more RELATED OBJECT but flat view of HOST,VMs,DATASTORE, NETWORKS • No more CLIENT INTEGRATION PLUGIN
  16. 16. vSphere Client (1) Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  17. 17. vSphere Client (2) • HTML-5 version of vSphere Client • https://vcenterFQDN or IPaddress/ui • No browser plug-ins to install and manage • Fully supports Enhanced Linked Mode • Integrated into vCenter Server 6.5 and fully supported Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  18. 18. VMware HOST Client Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  19. 19. vCenter Server and VCSA
  20. 20. vCenter Server Management Platform vSphere vSphere vSphere vCenter Server Manage Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  21. 21. vCenter Server Architecture ESXi Host ESXi HostESXi Host vSphere Clients vCenter Server and Additional Modules Database Active Directory Domain Platform Services Controller with vCenter Single Sign-On Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  22. 22. Platform Services Controller • vCenter Server includes Platform Services Controller: – Platform Services Controller includes a set of common infrastructure services: • VMware vCenter® Single Sign-On • VMware License Server • Lookup Service • VMware Certificate Authority • Certificate Store • VMware Directory Services – Other features are installed under the vCenter Server component. – You can install vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller on the same or different machines. vCenter Server Platform Services Controller Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  23. 23. vCenter Server Services • The vCenter Server group of services contains: – vCenter Server – vSphere Web Client (server) – VMware Inventory Service – vSphere Update Manager – VMware vSphere® Auto Deploy™ – VMware vSphere® ESXi™ Dump Collector – VMware vSphere® Syslog Collector • You cannot distribute these vCenter Server functions across multiple servers. When you deploy vCenter Server Appliance, all of these features are included. Platform Services Controller vCenter Server Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  24. 24. vCenter Server Appliance Architecture vSphere Clients ESXi Host Hosting vCenter Server Appliance Systems Photon OS vCenter Server Application vCenter Server Database Embedded vCenter Server Appliance Systems Managed Hosts and Guests Photon OS Platform Services Controller Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  25. 25. VMware vCenter Server® 6.5 new features • The installer has been overhauled, resulting in a new, modern look and feel. It is now supported on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux without the need for any plug-ins. • With vSphere 6.5, the VMware vCenter Server Appliance™ has surpassed the Windows installable version. It offers the following exclusive features: – Migration Tool – Improved appliance management – Native high availability – Native backup and restore Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  26. 26. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  27. 27. Appliance Management Torino 9 febbraio 2017 In addition to CPU and memory statistics, it now shows network and database statistics, disk space usage,and health data. This reduces reliance on a command-line interface for simple monitoring and operational tasks.
  28. 28. vCenter Server High Availability Torino 9 febbraio 2017 This solution consists of active, passive, and witness nodes that are cloned from the existing vCenter Server instance. The vCenter HA cluster can be enabled, disabled, or destroyed at any time.
  29. 29. VMware Virtual Storage
  30. 30. Storage Overview Storage Technologies Datastore Types FCoE iSCSI Fibre Channel Direct Attached File System NAS VMFS NFS ESXi Hosts Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  31. 31. Storage Protocol Overview Storage Protocol Boot from SAN Support vSphere vMotion Support vSphere HA Support vSphere DRS Support Raw Device Mapping Support Fibre Channel ● ● ● ● ● FCoE ● ● ● ● ● iSCSI ● ● ● ● ● NFS ● ● ● DAS ● ● Virtual Volumes ● ● ● vSAN ● ● ● Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  32. 32. About VMFS6 • VMFS6: – Allows concurrent access to shared storage. – Can be dynamically expanded. – Uses 1 MB sizes that are good for storing large virtual disk files. – Uses subblock addressing that is good for storing small files: the subblock size is 8 KB. – Provides on-disk locking. HostHost VMFS Datastore Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  33. 33. Automated UNMAP • UNMAP is a vSphere Storage APIs primitive that enables reclamation of dead or stranded space on thinly provisioned VMFS volumes. • In vSphere 6.0, this can be initiated by running a simple ESXCLI command that can free up deleted blocks from storage. vSphere 6.5 automates the UNMAP process by which VMFS tracks the deleted blocks and reclaims deleted space from the backend array in background. • This background operation ensures a minimal storage I/O impact due to UNMAP operations. UNMAP works at a guest OS level with newer versions of Windows and Linux. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  34. 34. LUN Scalability • In vSphere 6 the maximum number of LUNs is 256 and paths is 1,024 • vSphere 6.5 now supports up to 512 LUNs and 2,000 paths Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  35. 35. Creating and Viewing VMFS Datastores Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  36. 36. Browsing Datastore Contents Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  37. 37. Virtual Networks
  38. 38. Virtual Switch Connections Virtual Switch Production TestDev DMZ vSphere vMotion Management Uplink Ports Virtual Machine Port Groups VMkernel Ports Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  39. 39. Network Switch and Port Policies • Policies that are set at the standard switch level apply to all port groups on the standard switch by default. • Available network policies: – Security – Traffic shaping – NIC teaming and failover • Policies are defined at the following levels: – Standard switch level: • Default policies for all the ports on the standard switch. – Port group level: • Effective policies: Policies defined at this level override the default policies that are set at the standard switch level. • Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  40. 40. Configuring Security Policies – Promiscuous mode: Allows a virtual switch or port group to forward all traffic regardless of the destination. – MAC address changes: Accept or reject inbound traffic when the MAC address is altered by the guest. – Forged transmits: Accept or reject outbound traffic when the MAC address is altered by the guest. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  41. 41. Traffic-Shaping Policy • Network traffic shaping is a mechanism for limiting a virtual machine’s consumption of available network bandwidth. • Average rate, peak rate, and burst size are configurable. Peak Bandwidth Average Outbound Bandwidth Time Burst Size = Bandwidth x Time Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  42. 42. NIC Teaming and Failover Policies • Administrators can edit the NIC teaming and failover policy by configuring specific options. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  43. 43. Creating Virtual Machines
  44. 44. About Virtual Machine Files VM folder Configuration file VM_name.vmx Swap files VM_name.vswp vmx-VM_name.vswp BIOS file VM_name.nvram Log files vmware.log Template file VM_name.vmtx Raw device map file VM_name-rdm.vmdk Disk descriptor file VM_name.vmdk Disk data file VM_name-flat.vmdk Suspend state file VM_name.vmss Snapshot data file VM_name.vmsd Snapshot state file VM_name-Snapshot.vmsn Snapshot disk file Snapshot active memory file VM_name-Snapshot#.vmem Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  45. 45. Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Hardware Hardware 3D 2 IDE Controller Devices Up to 3 Parallel Ports Up to 32 Serial/Com ports 1 USB Controller 20 Devices 1 Floppy Controller 2 Devices Up to 10 NICs 15 Devices per Adapter Up to 6 TB of RAM Up to 4 SCSI Adapters Up to 128 vCPUs AHCI SATA Controller Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  46. 46. Virtual Hardware Versions Compatibility Hardware Version ESXi 6.5 and later 13 ESXi 6 and later 11 ESXi 5.5 and later 10 ESXi 5.1 and later 9 ESXi/ESX 5.0 and later 8 Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  47. 47. Creating Virtual Machines Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  48. 48. New Virtual Machine Wizard Settings Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  49. 49. Deploying OVF Templates Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  50. 50. VMware Tools: Supported ISO Images • The following ISOs are included with vSphere 6.5: – windows.iso: For Vista and later guests – winPreVista.iso: For Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003 guests – linux.iso: For Linux 3.x and later guests, CentOS 6 and later, Debian 6 and later, Ubuntu 10 and later • VMware Tools for other guest operating systems, such as FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X, can be downloaded from My VMware at Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  51. 51. Virtual Machine Management
  52. 52. Using a Template • A template is a master copy of a virtual machine. A template is used to create and provision new virtual machines. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  53. 53. Customizing the Guest Operating System • Use the Guest Operating System Customization wizard to make virtual machines created from the same template or clone unique. – Customizing a guest operating system enables you to change: • Computer name • Network settings • License settings • Windows Security Identifier • During cloning or deploying virtual machines from a template: – You can create a specification to prepare the guest operating systems of virtual machines. – Specifications can be stored in the database. – You can edit specifications in the Customization Specifications Manager. – Windows and Linux operating systems are supported. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  54. 54. Migrating Virtual Machines • Migration means moving a virtual machine from one host, datastore, or vCenter Server system to another host, datastore, or vCenter Server system. – Types of migrations: • Cold: Migrate a powered-off virtual machine to a new host or datastore. • Suspended: Migrate a suspended virtual machine to a new host or datastore • vSphere vMotion: Migrate a powered-on virtual machine to a new host. • vSphere Storage vMotion: Migrate a powered-on virtual machine's files to a new datastore. • Shared-nothing vSphere vMotion: Migrate a powered-on virtual machine to a new host and a new datastore simultaneously. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  55. 55. Comparison of Migration Types Migration Type Virtual Machine Power State Change Host or Datastore? Across vCenter Servers? Shared Storage Required? CPU Compatibility Cold Off Host or datastore or both Yes No Different CPU families allowed Suspended Suspended Host or datastore or both Yes No Must meet CPU compatibility requirements vSphere vMotion On Host Yes Yes Must meet CPU compatibility requirements vSphere Storage vMotion On Datastore Yes No N/A Shared-nothing vSphere vMotion On Both Yes No Must meet CPU compatibility requirements Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  56. 56. Resource Management and Monitoring
  57. 57. Memory Reclamation Techniques • Economize use of physical memory pages: – Transparent page sharing allows pages with identical contents to be stored only once. • Deallocate memory from one virtual machine for another: – Ballooning mechanism, active when memory is scarce, forces virtual machines to use their own paging areas. • Memory compression: – Attempts to reclaim some memory performance when memory contention is high. • Host-level SSD swapping: – Use of a solid-state drive (SSD) on the host for a host cache swap file might increase performance. • Page virtual machine memory out to disk: – Use of VMkernel swap space is the last resort, because of poor performance. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  58. 58. CPU Load Balancing uni VM dual VM LCPU LCPU Hyperthreaded Dual-Core, Dual-Socket System LCPU LCPU LCPU LCPU LCPU LCPU uni VM uni VM Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  59. 59. Shares, Limits, and Reservations Available Capacity 0 MHz/MB Limit Shares are used to compete in this range. Reservation Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  60. 60. Using Perfmon to Monitor Virtual Machine Resources Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  61. 61. • esxtop is the primary real-time performance monitoring tool for vSphere: – This tool can be run from an ESXi host local command line as esxtop. – This tool can also be run remotely from VMware vSphere® Command-Line Interface as resxtop. – esxtop works like the top performance utility found in Linux operating systems. • In this example, you enter c and uppercase V to view CPU metrics for virtual machines. • A visual tool can be found on • Using esxtop Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  62. 62. Working with Overview Performance Charts Host’s Performance Charts Partial Overview Panel Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  63. 63. Chart Options: Real-Time and Historical vCenter Server stores statistics at different specificities. Time Interval Data Frequency Number of Samples Real-Time (past hour) 20 seconds 180 Past Day 5 minutes 288 Past Week 30 minutes 336 Past Month 2 hours 360 Past Year 1 day 365 Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  64. 64. Saving Charts You click the Save Chart icon above the graph to save performance chart information. • You can save information in these formats: – PNG – JPEG – CSV Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  65. 65. vSphere HA
  66. 66. About Clusters A cluster is used in vSphere to share physical resources between a group of ESXi hosts. vCenter Server manages cluster resources as a single pool of resources. Features such as vSphere HA, vSphere DRS, and vSAN can be enabled in a cluster. Cluster Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  67. 67. About vSphere HA Protects against ESXi host failures Protects against application failures Protects against datastore accessibility failures Protects virtual machines against network isolation Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  68. 68. ESXi Host Failure Virtual Machine A Virtual Machine B Virtual Machine C Virtual Machine F vCenter Server ESXi Host ESXi HostESXi Host Virtual Machine D Virtual Machine E Virtual Machine A Virtual Machine B When a host fails, vSphere HA restarts the affected virtual machines on other hosts. = vSphere HA Cluster Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  69. 69. Guest Operating System Failure vCenter Server ESXi Host ESXi Host = vSphere HA Cluster ESXi Host When a virtual machine stops sending heartbeats or the virtual machine process crashes (vmx), vSphere HA resets the virtual machine. Virtual Machine C VMware Tools VMware Tools Virtual Machine E VMware Tools Virtual Machine F VMware Tools Virtual Machine A VMware Tools Virtual Machine B VMware Tools Virtual Machine D Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  70. 70. Application Failure vCenter Server ESXi Host ESXi HostESXi Host Virtual Machine E Application When an application fails, vSphere HA restarts the affected virtual machine on the same host. Requires installation of VMware Tools. Virtual Machine C Application Virtual Machine F Application Virtual Machine D Application Virtual Machine A Application Virtual Machine B Application = vSphere HA Cluster Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  71. 71. Proactive HA • Proactive HA integrates with select hardware partners to detect degraded components and evacuate VMs from affected vSphere hosts before an incident causes a service interruption. • Hardware partners offer a vCenter Server plug-in to provide the health status of the system memory, local storage, power supplies, cooling fans, and network adapters. As hardware components become degraded, Proactive HA determines which hosts are at risk and places them into a new state, Quarantine Mode. While in Quarantine Mode, VMs are migrated to healthy hosts, as long as affinity or antiaffinity rules are not violated and there is no impact to VM performance. In addition, the affected hosts are avoided when new VMs are added to the cluster. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  72. 72. High Availability Orchestrated Restart Torino 9 febbraio 2017 • Orchestrated Restart improves the recoverability of applications that run across multiple VMs. • This is done by creating dependency chains between VMs via VM-to-VM restart rules. • These restart rules enforce the restart order for each VM within the dependency chain, increasing the likelihood that an impacted application will properly recover when vSphere HA restarts the VMs.
  73. 73. Configuring vSphere HA Settings • When you create a vSphere HA cluster or configure a cluster, you must configure settings that determine how the feature works. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  74. 74. vSphere HA Admission Control Improvements Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  75. 75. About vSphere Replication vSphere vSphere Source Target vSphere Replication Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  76. 76. vSphere Replication Appliance Standard OVF Virtual Appliance Delivered with the vSphere Platform Included with Most vSphere Editions vSphere Replication Appliance Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  77. 77. Replication Functions Replication Between Two Sites Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  78. 78. vSphere DRS
  79. 79. vSphere DRS Cluster Prerequisites Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  80. 80. vSphere DRS : Automation Level Migration threshold guides selection of virtual machines for migration. Automation Level Settings Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  81. 81. Predictive DRS (1) In addition to current usage metrics, vSphere DRS initiation also depends on predicted usage metrics provided by vRealize Operations. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  82. 82. Predictive DRS • Predictive DRS is a new feature that leverages the predictive analytics of vRealize Operations Manager with the powerful resource scheduler algorithm of vSphere DRS. Together, these two products enable workload balancing for certain VMs before resource utilization spikes occur, potentially eliminating a great amount of resource contention that might have occurred in the past. • vRealize Operations Manager runs its dynamic thresholds algorithm nightly against the VMs on which it collects data. These dynamic thresholds create forecasted metrics for the future utilization of the VMs. • The metrics are then passed to vSphere DRS to determine the best placement and balance of VMs before resource utilization spikes occur. Predictive DRS helps prevent resource contention on hosts that run VMs with predictable utilization patterns. Torino 9 febbraio 2017
  83. 83. THANK YOU ! Torino 9 febbraio 2017