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presented to Rotary Club, my vocation/profession (medicine)

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  • Mr.Manish Patel, Rotary Club Udhana
  • My vocation

    1. 1. My Vocation (medicine) Dr. Paful Chhasatia.MD
    2. 2. • Vocation Month • Impact on, Society, Nation, • Direct and Indirect
    3. 3. • No greater opportunity, responsibility, or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician. In the care of the suffering, [the physician] needs technical skill, scientific knowledge, and human understanding. . .. Tact, sympathy, and understanding are expected of the physician, for the patient is no mere collection of symptoms, signs, disordered functions, damaged organs, and disturbed emotions. [The patient] is human, fearful, and hopeful, seeking relief, help, and reassurance. ] —Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 1950
    4. 4. • “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy(passion). And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” ― Warren Buffett
    5. 5. • A panel of experts from, the Royal College of Physicians-UK, defines the core values of the medical profession as integrity, compassion, altruism and excellence.
    6. 6. • Critical to underscore that cultivating the intimate relationship between physician and patient still lies at the heart of successful patient care.
    7. 7. Profession • Latin Word : Professio:which means a public declaration with the force of a promise. • Definition:Professions are groups which declare in a public way that their members promise to act or behave in certain ways and that the group and the society may discipline those who fail to do so.
    8. 8. Profession • The profession presents itself to society as a social benefit and society accepts the profession, expecting it to serve some important social goal.
    9. 9. The marks of the Profession • Competence in a specialized body of knowledge and skill • An acknowledgment of specific duties and responsibilities toward the individuals it serves and toward society; • The right to train, admit, discipline and dismiss its members for failure to sustain competence or observe the duties and responsibilities. • Professionals have a fiduciary duty toward those they serve.
    10. 10. Obligations and Values of a Professional Physician • Strive for Excellence and become part of the attitudes, behaviors, and skills integral to patient care • Altruism: A physician is obligated to attend to the best interest of patients, rather than self-interest. • Accountability: Physicians are accountable to their patients, to society on issues of public health, and to their profession. • Excellence: Physicians are obligated to make a commitment to life-long learning.
    11. 11. Obligations and Values of a Professional Physician • Duty: A physician should be available and responsive when "on call," accepting a commitment to service within the profession and the community. • Honor and integrity: Physicians should be committed to being fair, truthful and straightforward in their interactions with patients and the profession. • Respect for others: A physician should demonstrate respect for patients and their families, other physicians and team members, medical students, residents and fellows.
    12. 12. Doctor • Who is supposed to cure your disease, relieve agony, pain. • Medicine or surgery or empathy,compassion • Latest Knowledge and technology. • Is he different from other community Helpers.
    13. 13. Community Helpers
    14. 14. How Different • Deal with human lives • Doctor patient relationship • Privacy of patient’s data • 24/7 on toes
    15. 15. Study • Long and tiring, tests your patience • Cost of study • Why Altruism
    16. 16. How Helpful To Society • As a clinician, • OPD, Hospital • Health Education • Natural Calamity
    17. 17. Profession Changing? • Technology • Commercialization • Ethical issues
    18. 18. Up to Date • Continued Medical Education(CME) • Conferences • Workshops • Accreditation
    19. 19. Every Thing’s Rosy? • We have our share of errors, deficiencies, weaknesses.
    20. 20. Work Ethics • Broadly 2 Types ethics exist in modern society • 1. commercial moral syndrome • 2. guardian moral syndrome
    21. 21. Social Issues • Suicide • Tattoo • Alternative Medicine • Alcoholism • Natural Calamity • Proper utilization of Health Infrastructure • Exercise • Tobacco & Smoking
    22. 22. What Society Wants • Charity
    23. 23. Problems • Extended working hours • Family life gets Disturbed • Personal Health and fitness gets compromised • Inadequate Sleep • Hobbies get back seat • MBA(I Know Everythin • Sudden Death
    24. 24. Interesting Cases • Patients are Best Teachers • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4
    25. 25. Thank You