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Seven Tips for Converting Leads into Sales


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This presentation unveils the 7 essential tips that the top sales organisations use to increase lead conversion and drive up revenues.

Whether you buy leads, or generate your own, these tips will help your sales teams to quickly convert prospects into sales, and help you maximise the return on investment of your leads.

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Seven Tips for Converting Leads into Sales

  1. 1. • Our research indicates that if you phone a new lead within a minute of receiving it, you will increase your chance of generating a conversion by 400%. • The optimal number of calls to get through to a lead is 6. • A structured call back timetable should include the 2nd call being made after 30 minutes, the 3rd between one and two hours, and 3 follow up calls.
  2. 2. • The leads you buy or generate must match your product offering. • Create relevant, market-specific content within your marketing channels to help capture leads that have an intent to buy.
  3. 3. • Ensure that your sales staff have the time to focus on converting leads. • Use automated tools such as CRM systems and remove unnecessary admin tasks. • Get your sales teams to schedule time for telephone calls, both to convert new leads and keep in touch with older prospects.
  4. 4. • Use tried and tested scripts that maximise impact. • Build customer objections into your script. For example: “Why are you more expensive? Why are you any better than the leading brand?” By preparing for the worst, your teams can sell at their best.
  5. 5. • Hire sales superstars who display traits such as perseverance, self-motivation, flexibility and empathy. • Ensure that your sales staff have excellent knowledge of their product, company and industry. Enable them to speak with authority and put their prospects at ease.
  6. 6. • Always listen to your prospect first and sell later. • Understand customer problems. Listening helps to identify and counter any lingering doubts that may affect the prospect’s decision to buy.
  7. 7. • Educate your prospects. Be a problem solver and partner. Point out features and benefits which will give your prospect the best value. • Your prospect will feel that they have gained something of value from the call, thereby increasing your credibility.
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