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Oaug oracle wmsmarkmandeville200605


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Oaug oracle wmsmarkmandeville200605

  1. 1. Oracle Warehouse ManagementMark MandevilleSr. Solution Consultant
  2. 2. Warehouse Management At-a-Glance Internal Inbound Outbound Processing • Purchases • Pick • Assembly • Customer Shipments • Mfg / Assembly • Pack • Storage • Vendor Returns • Transfers • Inspection • Move • Transfers • Outside Processing • Count • Replenish • Outside Processing “Senior level executives now realize that the automated warehouse is as much a part of e-commerce and e-fulfillment as the Internet.” - Supply Chain Yearbook
  3. 3. Warehousing Functionality SpectrumHigh Highly Automated Facilities Automate physical inventory handling Product / Order Complexity es Warehouse Management ti bi li Implement a true “execution system” using a pa system directed tasks and task management C RF / Barcode Only Improve accuracy and reduce latency of existing transactions Manual Inventory Record transactions andLow track balances Small Transaction Velocity / Volume Large
  4. 4. Business PressuresJust-in-Time Delivery Guaranteed Availability• How can I improve the speed • How can I improve order of warehouse operations? promise accuracy?• How do I integrate operations • How do I create a global to reduce order processing view of inventory? time? Internal Inbound Outbound ProcessingOne Size Fits One Lowest Total Cost• How can I manage • Where can I reduce SKU proliferation? inventory while maintaining• How do I ensure high fill rates? labeling compliance? • How do I improve labor efficiency?
  5. 5. Operational ChallengesProcurement Manufacturing Order Management Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse System 1 System 2 System NRF Middleware RF Middleware RF Middleware Integration and Operation Complexity, Localized Solutions
  6. 6. A Need for Change Leading Business Trends• Fulfillment Processes Integrated with Partners• Support All Company Processes (e.g. Service, Mfg)• Automated Material Handling for Improved Productivity• Mobile and Automatic Data Capture (e.g. RF, RFID)• Streamlined Material Flow (e.g. Cross-Docking)
  7. 7. HowDelivers
  8. 8. Foundation: Unified Information Architecture Develop Contracts Market • Common data model enables a single source Projects Sell of truth • Comprehensive suite of HR Customers, Order applications designed to Suppliers, work togetherFinance Plan Products, … • Robust set of integration services based on open Maintain Procure standards Service Make • Modular deployment by business flow Fulfill • Single global instance Warehouse implementations Management
  9. 9. Support for the Integrated Enterprise Built-In, Not Bolt-On Functionality • EliminateProcurement Manufacturing Fulfillment Integration • Reduce Cost and Complexity MSCA & • Reduce Risk and Warehouse Management Upgrade Issues • Eliminate Problems with Service Finance Planning Reconciliation • Simplify Support
  10. 10. Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Apps (MSCA) Support Basic Warehousing Needs… Built-in Mobile User Interface Mobile Manufacturing Mobile Quality Moves, Issues, Returns, Quality Collections, Specifications, … Scrap, Completions, … Mobile Receiving Mobile Inventory Mobile Shipping Direct, Std, Inspect, Misc. Transactions, Pick, Confirm, Ship, Cross-Dock, Print, … Transfers, Counts, … Confirm, Print, … Built-in RF Middleware Mobile Transaction Server RF Base Station LAN or Apps / WAN DatabaseRF Device Telnet Over TCP/IP SQL Net
  11. 11. What Do I get with . . .WMS Installed, WMS OrganizationMSCA • LPNs• Mobile User Interfaces for • Cost Groups • Inventory • Rules • Receiving • Tasks • Shipping • Cartonization • Manufacturing • Exception • Quality Workflows• Labeling
  12. 12. Oracle Warehouse Management Solution …or Provide a Complete Warehouse Execution System Label Assemble RMAs Cross Dock Replen- Receive Putaway Purchases Inspect ish Transfers RF Support Tailorable Cost Rules & Workflow Move RTVs Global Visibility Process Orders Directed WIP Transfers Ship Pack Pick Issues Count Transfer Seamless Integration Planning Purchasing Manufacturing Fulfillment
  13. 13. Oracle Warehouse Mgmt SolutionEnables you to… Support Lower Cost of Ownership Increase Warehouse Efficiency Integrate WMS Throughout the Enterprise
  14. 14. Rules-Driven Processes Flexibly Meet Needs without Customization User Defined Suggestions Transaction (e.g. Pick) Strategies & Rules (e.g. LPNs (e.g. > 30 Days Shelf Life) or Locators) Support for: Directed Picking, Directed Put-away, Tasks Assignment, Costing, Labeling• Eliminates customizations • Improves ROI and ongoing support• Supports common tool with examples • Accelerates implementation• Easily changed and evolved • Increases long-term flexibility
  15. 15. Additional Ways to Avoid Customization Characteristics Benefits • Same application for • Maximum flexibility of RF Device all certified devices RF device selection Independence • Automatically adapts • Lower support costs to any form factor • User definable fields • Flexible interfaces Lot & Serial Attributes • Use throughout WMS • Support your specific (UI, Rules Engine, etc.) data needs
  16. 16. Cost-Effective Global Deployment Think Locally, Act Globally• Deploy and manage on a single global instance• Support with single worldwide organization• Support for statutory and customary local requirements• Multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-org, multi-national capabilities - 30 languages, all installable in same unicode instance
  17. 17. Oracle Warehouse Mgmt SolutionEnables you to… Support Lower Cost of Ownership Increase Warehouse Efficiency Integrate WMS Throughout the Enterprise
  18. 18. Improve Warehouse Mgmt Functions Increase Efficiency of All Resources Warehouse EfficiencyWorker Productivity Resource Utilization Inventory Utilization• Automate Warehouse • Optimize Total • Reduce Inventory Processes Warehouse Space Carrying Costs• Optimize Task • Maximize Use of • Streamline Assignments Equipment Material Flow • Reduce Inventory• Reduce Worker • Optimally Locate Obsolescence Travel Time Inventory to Reduce Travel Time • Automate Replenishment
  19. 19. Worker Productivity Automated Task Management Create, Organize, Dispatch Tasks to Optimal ResourcePick Wave Task Queue Create & Split Allocate Merge Task Sort • Dispatch Tasks To • Create Paperless, RF Devices Streamlined Processes • Support Multiple • Align Pick Plan with Picking Methodologies Business Mix • Match Skills and • Reduce Safety Issues Equipment to Tasks and Training Costs • Perform Task • Significantly Reduce Sequencing and Travel Time Interleaving
  20. 20. Automated Compliance Labeling Meet Customer Specific Requirements• Support Numerous Types and Variations of Labels - LPN, LPN content, LPN summary, material, serial, location, shipping, shipping contents, WIP contents• Flexible to Meet Your Business Needs - Design and rendering choices - Highly flexible configuration - Adapts to changing requirements• Data Transmitted via XML directly to printer or via middleware of choice Print at the Right Time in the Correct Format
  21. 21. Barcode & License Plate # Support Perform Complex Inventory Transactions Multiple Packages Single Unique Number and Products for All Information =Barcode Support Container and LPN* Support• Automatically Track All • Supports Infinite Nesting Levels Related Product Information • Perform Complex Moves via a• Capture All Information Single Scan with a Single Scan • Fully Integrated with ASNs Reduces Cycle Time & Improves Efficiency, Improves Accuracy Accuracy, and Tracking *License Plate Number
  22. 22. Cross-Dock and Direct Ship Selectively Accelerate Warehouse Material Flow Cross-Dock PickReceive Inspect Deliver Put-Away Inventory Pick Drop Ship Release Direct Receipt Direct Ship • Configurable flows • Adjust implementation to • Express ASN receipt business • Cross-docking • Accelerate receiving process • Express picks & load • Reduce handling and inventory • Direct ship • Increase operator efficiency • Support lean mfg processes
  23. 23. RFID-Initiated Shipping & Receiving Process Transactions with No Manual Intervention RFID (3) Interface to readers, Middleware clean and filter data, (Oracle AS) then pass IDs to application (4) Access objects(1) Load of pallets and / (2) Drive load associated with the RFID Event or cartons with RFID through RFID IDs (e.g. LPNs on ASN) Processor tags on each Reader in then raise correct Receiving Dock Business Event (5) Access associated (6) Process the source document Application Business Event, (e.g. the PO’s ASN) APIs (e.g. Receipt of pallet or carton) Response (7) Confirm success or (8) Putaway, rescan & Exception failure (e.g. trigger or divert Handling green light or sound material buzzer)
  24. 24. Resource Utilization Directed Picking and Put Away Automatically Suggest Optimal Locators Receipt Locator Locator Pick Locator Business Logic• Slot dynamically based • Optimize the use of on velocity, size, etc. storage locations• Control hazardous • Minimize inventory materials / co-mingling fragmentation• Handle task exceptions • Reduce chance with reason codes of obsolescence
  25. 25. Inventory UtilizationAdvanced Inventory CapabilitiesProvide Single Source of Truth for All Inventory • Maintain Accurate, Real-Time Information - Physical inventory measurement - Holding and other associated costs - Cycle counting • Manage Inventory Levels - Automated replenishment - Kanban management - Transfers between facilities • Support Advanced Tracking Capabilities - Material status control - Inventory ownership tracking - Advanced lot and serial control
  26. 26. Performance Management Tools Proactively Manage Warehouse Performance• View current status, perform transactions and calculate availability via Materials Workbench• Monitor and refine facility activity via Control Board• Provide real-time status with active alerts and notification messaging• Handle last minute changes with workflow exceptions• Keep key personnel informed with multiple reporting options
  27. 27. Oracle Warehouse Mgmt SolutionEnables you to… Support Lower Cost of Ownership Increase Warehouse Efficiency Integrate WMS Throughout the Enterprise
  28. 28. Comprehensive Logistics Solution Integrated Logistics Adapts to Changes Carriers / Global 3PLs Customers Collaboration & Event Management Pack & Book / Manage Pick & Plan Rate Ship Track SettleInbound Tender Wrhs Label Outbound Supply Demand Source Integrated Planning & Execution Destination Continuous On-Time Customer Carrier Improvement Performance Satisfaction Analysis
  29. 29. Comprehensive Logistics Solution Enables Cross-Functional Process Optimization Planning Warehouse (Plan & Monitor) Inventory (Store & Manage) Optimization Supply / Demand Dynamic Matching Stage & Rerouting Cross Dock & Drop Ship Transport (Move & Track)
  30. 30. WMS and Manufacturing Extends Beyond Sales Order Inputs • Solution Integration Enables: - Task-managed component picks - Cross-dock to / from manufacturingSales Manufacturing - Directed ship from manufacturingOrders Processes - Compliance labeling - LPN and lot / serial creation and tracking • Supports Full Spectrum of Tasks: - Simple kitting to full BOM / work order jobs WMS Solution - Seamless CTO flow
  31. 31. WMS and Service / Spares Integrate all Inventory Transactions Warehouse Mgmt Manage high volume DC operations (pick, pack and ship) with WMS and leverage internal orders to release parts to the field Distribution Center • Provide a single, common view of all inventory • Integrate and manage internal andRegional / Field Field Technician field inventory locations Warehouses Stock • Consolidate / coordinate all field Service / Spares Mgmt requests to maximize DC efficiency
  32. 32. Integrated Throughout Entire Offering…Business Intelligence
  33. 33. Deliver Daily Business Intelligence Real-Time Access to Complete Business InformationWhat is my inventory accuracy for all products? What are my labor costs for each warehouse?What are my book-to-ship and receipt-to-putaway cycle times? How is my warehouse space utilization changing?How are inventory turns and quantities changing? – Objective: Set institutional targets Manage By… – Fact: Provide performance-based metrics – Exception: Continuously evaluate performance
  34. 34. Mfg & Inventory Intelligence: Timely, Accurate, Relevant Flexible Flexible Time Periods Comparisons • Daily updates on key performance Real-Time indicators Results • Actionable information on Performance Links savings and Measures Reports incremental revenue opportunities • At a glance: - Inventory quantity and turns - Inventory accuracy Graphs - Pick-to-ship cycle time - Warehouse labor costs
  35. 35. Oracle Warehouse Management Solution Single global instance, mobile Support Lower Cost applications, built-in integration, of Ownership barcode and RF capabilities Optimized space and warehouse utilization, improved worker Increase Warehouse productivity, flexible process flows, Efficiency monitoring and mgmt capabilities Integrate WMS Out-of-the-box integration, full Throughout the logistics support for all SCM flows Enterprise
  36. 36. Oracle Warehouse Management Products Develop Contracts MarketProjects Sell HR Customers, Order Suppliers,Finance Products, … Plan Inventory Maintain Procure Management Service Make Warehouse Fulfill Management Mobile Supply Chain Applications Logistics Intelligence
  37. 37. Evolution of Oracle Logistics Base Differentiators… New in 11i.9… New in 11i.10…• Built-in, not bolt-on - RF/mobile • VMI & consigned inventory • Configurable picking & technology & transaction • Task & labor plng control board streamlined shipping UI’s integration • RFID-based transactions • Delivery consolidation by• Flexible rules-based processes locator and / or LPN • UCC 128 / UCC 14 support• Configurable material flows • Cluster picking & WIP picking • Work-plan based put-away• Inbound logistics – receiving, • eAM component picking • Catch weight support inspections, directed put-away, cross docking, ASN • UPC & smart barcode support • Packing workbench• Outbound logistics – dock • Single mobile UI for all • Over picking & bulk picking assignment, pick wave receiving transactions • Inbound transport logistics selection, picking methods, • Additional material handling • Freight payment & audit cartonization / packing, equipment integration shipment execution, trip & • Delivery consolidation • Simplified rules engine def’n delivery planning and examples library • Truckload rating• Advanced inventory mgmt – • Load tendering • Transportation planning – load container & LPNs, lot/serial consolidation, continuous genealogy, status, Kanban • Online tracking of ship status moves, automated mode and• Reverse logistics – RMA • Carrier selection & freight rating carrier selection receiving, supplier returns, • Automated shipping processes • International drop shipments refurbishment & recycling • Non-conformance mgmt • Logistics-related analytics/KPIs
  38. 38. CustomerCase Studies
  39. 39. • Global manufacturer of insulated food and beverage containers, soft coolers, and lunch kits • Live on 11i - Warehouse Management, Order Management, Financials, E-Business Suite On Demand - Saved $665K in one-time and $180K in annually recurring IT costs - On track to save $6.2M through efficiency gains for 222% ROI - Shortened monthly close from 6 days to 2 days “With more demanding on-time requirements, inventory accuracy is essential. With Oracle Warehouse Management we know exactly what product we have, and where, at any point in time and the accuracy level is so high that our auditors no longer require us to take a physical inventory." -- Mike Yeager, Director of Logistics Reduced inventory by $300K, expects to cut an additional $600K Raised warehouse labor productivity by 15%, expects to reach 29%
  40. 40. • Manufacturer, sells and distributes quality informal tableware, cookware and mugs - Headquartered in the UK with operations in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia,• Live on 11i - Warehouse Management, Procurement, Financials, Human Resources - Chose Oracle WMS to streamline supply chain execution from manufacturing to shipment - Goal: achieve 100% paperless warehouse Increased small order picking productivity by 200-300% Ship 30% more product without an increase in headcount Increased inventory accuracy to over 99%
  41. 41. Oracle Warehouse ManagementSupport Lower Total Cost of Ownership Increase Warehouse EfficiencyIntegrate WMS Throughout the Enterprise
  42. 42. Thank You!