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the project is about the supply chain of organized retail store, RELIANCE FRESH,INDORE.

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Reliance fresh MIS ppt

  1. 1. 2012 MIS report on Reliance Fresh The project report describes the study conducted on retail sector & their supply chain system. The study was conducted at RELIANCE FRESH located at FOOTI KOOTHI ,INDORE Submitted to:- Submitted by:- Dr. Vishal Khasgiwala Prachi Jain Priya Soni Sunayani porwal Sapient Institute of Management Studies 7/13/2012
  2. 2. Introduction of reliance fresh: AboutReliance Fresh a convenient store format, is governed by the MukeshAmbani and is the most important part of Reliance Industries retail Business.Reliance Ltd. has planned to invest more than Rs. 25000 crores in the retaildivision.It also comprises more than 560 reliance fresh stores all over the country. Theoutlet sells fresh fruits, staples, dairy products, fresh juice bars, groceries andvegetables. A distinctive Reliance Fresh outlet is around 3000 to 4000 sq.feet and accommodates catchment area of one to three Kilometers. History of Reliance FreshThe Reliance Retail had to face various difficulties before the launch ofReliance fresh, because of the various circumstances prevailing in Orissa,West Bengal and UP, along with the news focusing on the dearth ofvegetables and fruits stocks. The retail business of Reliance then minimizedits exposure in vegetable and fruit business, as a result established Reliancefresh positioning a pure super market play focusing on various categories likeIT, consumer durables, home, FMCG and food.The retail company of Reliance may not supply the vegetables and fruits in afew states, the Reliance Fresh decided to not to race with local wholesalerspartly because of the political reasons as well as its incapability to maintain ahealthy supply chain. Growth of Reliance FreshThe first ever a Reliance Fresh store was established in Hyderabad, whereinthe company, mainly focused on the fresh produced vegetables and fruits atcomparatively low price along with an introduction of farm to fork theory.MIS report on Reliance fresh Page 2
  3. 3. This was the idea, which was anticipated by the company was to take thesupply direct from the farmers and then sell straightaway to the consumersremoving the middle-men off the beaten track. Reliance introduced severalformats in the marketplace to cater to needs of common people, whichincludes Reliance Fresh, Reliance Super, Reliance Footprint, RelianceTimeout, Reliance Jewels, Reliance wellness, Reliance Mart and RelianceDigital, to name a few.In addition to this, the Reliance Retail also entered into a treaty with Apple,which is a leading Information Technology company, to set up a series ofApple Specialty Outlets branded as IStore, with its first ever store inBangalore.With an idea to produce inclusive prosperity and growth for farmers,consumers, small shopkeepers and vendor partners, Reliance Retail was setup in order to lead the foray of Reliance Group into an organized retail. Objectives:- To provide high quality products to its customers. To reduce spoilage through its state of-the-art supply chain & logistic networks. To enrich customer’s shopping experience through customized offer, private labels & ‘value for money’ merchandise. To foster relationship with partners that will create new avenues of value enhancement for customers. To bolster its agribusiness & dairy value chain to support its rapidly expanding store footprint. To ensures fair & timely payments to farmers.MIS report on Reliance fresh Page 3
  4. 4. DATA collection:_Primary data:- primary data is collected trough personal observation aswell as form the logistic head of the reliance fresh located at footi kothi ,Indore.Secondary data :- some data about the reliance fresh is collected through thevarious e journals, magazines & also from various websites. Recommendations (as per observations at selected location) Reliance fresh super value must concentrate more on the fruit & vegetable section. With reference to the Indian shopping mentality the store has to ensure that the quality of fruits & vegetables is to be maintained as per the unorganized retail sector. Reliance fresh must concentrate more on Customers Service Associates (CSA) because of lack of communication with customers. If we talk about Indore then there are only 9 Reliance fresh. So the company must focus on opening more outlets because they are in the business of selling daily fruits & vegetables.MIS report on Reliance fresh Page 4