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Nurturing Talent and Developing Leaders_Eagles Learning


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Nurturing Talent and Developing Leaders_Eagles Learning

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Nurturing Talent and Developing Leaders_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles Learning. All rights reserved. Nurturing Talent & Developing Leaders Program Overview: In today’s competitive market, the demand for organizational excellence is higher than ever before. The skills and strength of leaders has never been so important in determining the growth and success of an organization. The old school of thought, which treated people as assets or just another resource, is no longer successful. In order to unleash the true potential of teams/ team members, today’s leaders have to treat the front end team as “skilled people” who contribute immensely to the growth of the organization. Successful team leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. It calls for more; it demands the skills of an effective leader. To provide the best opportunity for maximizing the Supervisory leadership capabilities, Eagles Learning, offers Leadership training for the junior managers. Using case-studies, role plays, activities, group discussions and questionnaires, this programme shall equip Junior Management with the skills required to help and enable each member to achieve their maximum potential. Program Objectives: After attending this program, participants will be able to: A. Practice time management skills B. Identify the stages in team formation C. Demonstrate techniques for effective listening D. Employ suitable techniques for giving feedback E. State the importance of planning and setting goals F. Recognize the importance of task and people balance G. Apply the steps involved in decision making/ problem solving H. Identity the need and power of recognizing a Good Performance Suggested Program Duration: Modular Offering – 4 days (8 modules of 4 Hrs each) Participant Profile: New Team leaders, Supervisors or Managers leading a team and Junior Managers