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Grooming and Business Etiquette Eagles learning


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Grooming & business Etiquette workshop

Published in: Education
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Grooming and Business Etiquette Eagles learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles Learning, All rights reserved. Grooming & Business Etiquette Program Overview: Today’s workforce comes from varied cultural and social backgrounds, with differing standards of behaviors. These may not always be in sync with the norms of the organization. Through this program, participants will learn about behaviors that are appropriate for the workplace and those that are unacceptable. This program covers the importance of personal grooming, appropriate business dress grooming, verbal and non-verbal communication, telephone skills and general professional conduct. Participants will also learn how to improve their interaction with both internal and external customer. Through videos, question based discussions and facilitator led sessions, participants can target areas for self and/or group improvement, improve their business behavior, transform their professional image and create a positive impact on their careers. Program Objectives: After attending this program, participants will be able to: 1) Recognize the importance of personal grooming 2) Define appropriate and inappropriate office behavior 3) List the do’s & don’t of grooming and business etiquette 4) Demonstrate the use of the telephone in a business environment 5) Understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate business attire Suggested Program Duration: 1 day Participant Profile: Front Line/Supervisor with 0 to 3 years of experience