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Being human, sensitive and Gender-inclusion_Eagles Learning


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Being human, sensitive and Gender-inclusion_Eagles Learning

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Being human, sensitive and Gender-inclusion_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. Page | 1 © Eagles Learning, All Rights Reserved, Workshop on Being Human, Sensitive and Gender Inclusion g Why this workshop? Why should you care if your employees are sensitive to others? Sensitive employees are “actively engaged” and therefore produce more and do things right first time every time. Insensitive employees remain mediocre. When Employees' behaviors are insensitive, an antithesis of discipline and less than cordial, they hurt your business and take it down the drain. Gender Sensitive employees are “Actively Engaged” Employees. These employees have greater emotional connect with (feelings for) their Organizations that directly influence their using greater discretion at the workplace and with work, willingly and voluntarily. They are more committed to quality, to colleagues, to cost reduction, to positive workplace environment and to staying longer. Gender Insensitive ones, on the other hand, are essentially “checked out” persons who „sleep-walk‟ through work day and are unlikely to put / invest time, effort or sweat in the work. Yet, there is some hope of revival and recovery with this lot excepting with a miniscule of those employees who harbor pretensions of “some superiority” and are “Actively Disengaged” and are not only “Just Unhappy” but also “act it out” “blare it out” and broadcast the saboteurs inside. These people are out to undermine what actively engaged employees accomplish. Purpose of the Workshop: A. Gender sensitivity aims at increasing the organization‟s chances of survival and sustainable development by empowering the employees to connect with the “vision” & “mission” of the organization willingly so that they can use their discretion in the interest of the organization. B. To instill in the employees a sense of belongingness, strengthen employee relations. C. To inculcate respect for self (heightened morale) and respect for others (collaboration). D. To effectively deal with instances – Reported or unreported of harassment especially in the nature of sexual harassment of employees. E. Create and sustain a fear free workplace environment where employees of either gender are able to work with dignity and honour and where management has notified policies and procedure to prevent all sorts of harassment and also mandated by the law.
  2. 2. Page | 2 © Eagles Learning, All Rights Reserved, Participants will be able to: A. Know each other‟s expectations, anxieties. Causes of misunderstandings, gender blind spots. B. Identify the different stereotypes associated with men and women and analyze how these perceptions affect them. C. Identify and analyze the issue of sexual harassment at workplace and its effect on individual, organization and society. D. Use emotion & logic in a balanced way. This program encourages participants to respect nature, the way god has created us, appreciate the importance of differences as God created. Who should attend? All Executives and Managers especially in operations, training, HR, IR and employee relations function; who daily interact with employees – male and Females. This program is also designed for functional HODs and other senior level managers who are in leadership positions and are responsible for maintaining and enhancing workplace discipline on day-to- day basis and are responsible for taking disciplinary action including discharge/dismissal etc. After attending the program there will be zero acts of omission and commission on the part of those who are responsible for taking action. Methodology All through the workshop you will play an active role rather than a passive role. This will build your confidence leading to active application of newly learned skills in real life situations. Techniques used in each skill are assembled and structured in a simplified format for easy understanding. The concept will be supported with real life examples, case studies, exercises, games and activities, to make you familiar with each skill. Best practices will bring you closer to the desired outcome. Participant Profile: Senior Managers, Mid Management, Executives, Supervisors. Matured audience; openness & willing to learn, experiment with new ideas Suggested Program Duration: Modular Offering – 3 days (6 modules of 4 Hrs each)