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Effective Listening & Communication_Eagles Learning


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Effective Listening & Communication_Eagles Learning

Published in: Education
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Effective Listening & Communication_Eagles Learning

  1. 1. ©Eagles Learning, All rights reserved, Effective Listening & Communication Program Overview: Understanding what others are trying to say to you is essential for building open and strong relationships. More and more organizations are recognizing the value of effective communication through effective listening and techniques to increase productivity and sales. This program will help participants reap the benefits of good communication by avoiding confusion and misunderstanding and reducing frustration and stress. It will also help to gain an understanding of others’ perspectives and meet customer needs. The program will teach participants to be assertive without being aggressive and to overcome barriers in communicating with other people. Using case-studies, role plays and facilitator-led discussions, the program will enable participants to develop more fulfilling interpersonal relationships. Program Objectives: After attending this program, participants will be able to: 1) Exhibit assertive behavior 2) Identify the different types of communication 3) Recognize the importance of effective communication 4) Demonstrate ways to overcome, the barriers to communication 5) Recognize the importance of listening in effective communication 6) Demonstrate ways to overcome, the barriers to effective listening Suggested Program Duration: 1 day