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Captivating gender smart sales professional shoppers stop Luxury Retail


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In-depth, 30+4 days induction, Captivating gender smart sales professional shoppers stop

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Captivating gender smart sales professional shoppers stop Luxury Retail

  1. 1. Adventure Experiential Activities II Gender Science II Training II Coaching Captivating Gender Smart Sales Professional Signature Workshop for Luxury Retail; How and Why; Men buy-Women shop
  2. 2. Adventure Experiential Activities II Gender Science II Training II Coaching Green- Mother Earth: Nourish & nurture; aware of ground realities. Harmony peace Brown Eagle- Down to earth, sharp eyes focused on target Masculine energies, Man’s deep desire to scale new heights Dove with Olive- Peace & happiness Globe- Cool Blue ocean, sustain all forms of life Feminine energies, Woman’s deep desire to care & nurture Slide Border- Fractal geometry pattern. Harmony, beauty in diversity Purple- Intellect, self-aware and belief; higher things exist in life Eagle looking back- Learning, contemplating, reflecting Inspirations for our Logo Healthy personality is balance and mix of various elements
  3. 3. Consistently evolving and growing; We are seasoned, dynamic & fast emerging training management company Established: 2006 Twenty one corporate clients; retained, since past four year Offices: Chandigarh ll Gurgaon ll Mumbai About Us
  4. 4. Luxury Retail Automobile Consumer Electronics Banking & Financial Services Industry Specialisation
  5. 5. Why this workshop? 1. Do you want to learn; why and how; Men buy & Women shop? 2. Do you want to be a captivating gender smart engaging retail professional? 3. Do you think, you can improve customer retention & increase sales conversion ratio? 4. Dear Online retailer; Do you want to write better description & use superior photography? CEO and Marketing department do immense research for all aspects of conceptualisation of product/service, thoughtfully design all communication campaign, however; 5. Attrition remains high in sales team & especially amongst high performing women 6. Companies struggle to generate desired interest; targeted tele-enquiries and walk-ins 7. Sales professionals are not able to engage/convince; conversion ratio is not as expected Download Brochure, Videos: Shoppers Stop, Ford, Skoda, General Motors, Hyundai, Maruti, Mahindra TTT Flagship Signature Workshop: ECREST Effective Customer Retention Engagement and Selling Techniques; to be Captivating Gender Smart Professional
  6. 6. Why this Induction workshop 1. To empower New joinee (fresher in industry) to improve conversion of walk-ins 2. To enable them to be productive ASAP; on accelerated growth path 3. Thoroughly prepare them about customer expectations, how to address them and close order Duration: 30 + 4 days(post job interaction) Participants Profile: Undergoing MBA, few had 1 year work experience and 4 international exchange students Signature workshop by Prabhjot Singh Case Study: Shoppers Stop
  7. 7. Methodology: 1) Theory-ILT 2) Case study 3) Role plays 4) Video recording 5) Online research 6) Group discussion 7) Interviews (questionnaire) 8) Field research, retail visit observation 9) Post job experience, trainer interaction 10) Sensitisation to concept of gender differences All Videos About the induction workshop
  8. 8. Shopping apparels
  9. 9. What they prefer in ambience
  10. 10. Shopping sports gear
  11. 11. Shopping shoes
  12. 12. Generic behaviour
  13. 13. Differences in buying behaviour
  14. 14. Shopping travel bags & nutritional supplement
  15. 15. Online shopping : jewelry
  16. 16. Shopping watches & jewelry
  17. 17. Shopping watches & jewelry
  18. 18. Differences in buying behaviour
  19. 19. Differences in buying behaviour
  20. 20. Shopping for Men’s apparels, accessories
  21. 21. Shopping for electronics
  22. 22. Differences in buying behaviour
  23. 23. Priorities are different
  24. 24. Priorities are different
  25. 25. Shopping for fragrance, electronics
  26. 26. Differences in buying behaviour
  27. 27. 1. Baba Global 2. Panasonic 3. Ford 4. Skoda 5. Maruti Suzuki 6. Mahindra 7. LML 8. Royal Enfield 9. General Motors 10. Tata-JLR 11. Hyundai 12. Shoppers Stop 13. Metro Cash Carry 14. Castrol 15. Godrej 16. HDFC 17. Aircel 18. Reliance group 19. Petronet (GAIL) 20. DB Power 21. D’ School Eco. Video : Testimonials Our Amazing Well-Wishers: Partial list of clients
  28. 28. (+91): 9653-422-055 Prabhjot Singh Sood Adventure in Relations Coach Co-Founder Eagles Learning Blog: LinkedIn: