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Breath @ Work : New Delhi, 4th April: Breath@work corporate presentation


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Breath @ Work: New Delhi, 4th April

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Breath @ Work : New Delhi, 4th April: Breath@work corporate presentation

  1. 1. Unlock the secret to health, wealth & happiness
  2. 2. Tension, Stress, Hyperactivity, Deadlines, Targets, Performance Reviews, Raised BP, Bad Relationships, Financial Problems, Traffic, Unhealthy food, etc., have all combined to make our life far more complicated and painful than it has ever been before. The average human being today is taking on far more stress and pressure than anyone else in the past. Work pressure, tension, commitments, lack of sleep, EMI's, loans, customer issues, etc., are constantly taking over our entire mind space and we struggle for a clear work-life balance. “I have no time to breathe”, I don't have any breathing space”, “I need to catch my breath for a minute” are common statements used in our lives. These unconscious statements are pointers to a deeper malady. We have forgotten how to breathe in a manner that can balance our life better. By changing the way you breathe, you can change your thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviour and results . Excel People Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd offers Breath@Work program, a powerful but simple, practical & learnable solution for Peak Performance and Wellness using your breath.
  3. 3. A peak performance program designed especially for the busy working professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, who don’t have time, but would like to achieve Health, Wealth and Success in their life. Breath@Work is a revolutionary program that combines ancient Indian Science, Management Science & Neuro-Sciences. This potent mix empowers Breath@Work practitioners with the techniques needed to go from good to great in their chosen roles and professions. Leadership starts from within and we now have the technology and know-how to understand, practice & implement ancient Indian techniques for Leadership Development & Performance. Leadership skills are required both at home or at work, in an NGO or a Corporate, for professionals, employers and employees. These skills help you take charge of your life in a manner that you would never have experienced before this workshop. Breath@Work is an experiential breath workshop that synthesizes modern and ancient Sciences to give you simple, practical techniques that you can use daily so you can live the life of your dreams.
  4. 4. Key Features:  Real-time measurement of Breath-Heart-Brain using an advanced neuroscientific tool  Unique amalgamation of sciences - yogic, neuro and management  Peak Performance & Wellness by integrating vedic and management sciences  Flexible & job specific breathing exercises to get things done effortlessly  Techniques to anchor resourceful states to manage emotions at the workplace  Guided visualization & Positive self-affirmations 30 days continuous sustainable learning's and support You will learn how to:  Align your body, mind & emotions towards peak performance & health  Practice & Perform simple practical techniques to keep energy high all day  Unburden negative emotions & stressors to make powerful decisions  Be cool headed & relaxed even during major crisis or challenges  Breathe as per job requirements to enhance productivity
  5. 5. Breath@Work Benefits: * Higher Productivity * Wellness & Mind-Body Alignment * More Profitability * Better Decision Making * Higher Attention levels * More clarity & calmness * Decreased Stress levels * Higher Peace of mind * Emotional Stability Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for Soul Series, Guinness Book World Record Holder, America's # 1 Success Coach recommends Breath@Work program.
  6. 6. Some participants’ feedback: This program gave me a thorough knowledge about breathing and how I can increase my efficiency using my breath. Chartered Accountant Wonderful thought provoking sessions. This program will give best results for those who want to be successful in their life. - HR Manager I got to learn several useful aspects of breath, body and mind. I plan to align my breath for effective stress reduction. - Musician & Flutist I got to learn several useful aspects of breath, body and mind. I plan to align my breath for effective stress reduction. - Musician & Flutist Perfect mix of ancient yogic science with modern medical discoveries. - Learning Associate, IT MNC Simple but powerful concepts that have the ability to transform lives. Successfully learnt that breathing can transform behaviours. Look forward to applying this every day. - Marketing Director
  7. 7. Murali Sundaram Happyness Coach Co-creator, Breath@Work Director - Excel People Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd Author, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Coach & an International Trainer, who shares the stage with International Gurus like Dr. Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Dr, John Gray. By education he is a Pharmacist but his experience over the last 17 years is in the training and sales domain where he has held management positions in MNCS in India in both Health- care & Wellness Industry. This diversity of skills and exposure, helps delegates benefit from his varied business experience and know-how. He is a Qualified NLP Trainer/therapist NFNLP USA, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Trainer, Psychological Counselor, Reiki Master & a practitioner of Kriya yoga & Gnana Yoga. Murali has successfully trained more than 75,000 Professionals, Executives & Students on Personal, Managerial & Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Peak Performance & Wellness and is widely.
  8. 8. Next workshop on at: New Delhi, 4th April 2014 Contact: Prabhjot Singh Sood: 85-1004-2055 Breath@Work is a proprietary program of: 9D, LIG Flats, IInd Avenue, Indra Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020. Email: Call: 9840924436 / 9840729580