Case study of Katpro on SharePoint, Office 365, ASP.Net


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Case Studies Katpro-SharePoint, Office 365

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Case study of Katpro on SharePoint, Office 365, ASP.Net

  1. 1. confidential T E C H N O L O G I E S P V T LT D CASE STUDIES
  2. 2. Corporate Intranet On SharePoint Industry: Retail Country: Saudi Arabia Solution: Corporate Intranet on SharePoint Technologies & Tools: Technology: C#.NET, SharePoint 2010Database: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Background: Our Client is one of the leading suppliers of packaging products in the Middle East. They also have one of the largest bookstores in the Middle East. They have their own publishing Division, which produced more than 1000 different titles. Currently they have over 30 Stores under operation with average store size 3000 – 4000 Sq. Mt. Challenges: Being a group of companies, our client had multiple critical business processes built on different platforms. They were looking to invest in a platform that the whole Group could utilize in order to make processing of information more efficient; both intercompany and across the Group. The new platform needed to allow relevant information to be shared clearly between the large number of staff, the companies that sit within the Group and the separate support functions and departments.
  3. 3. Corporate Intranet On SharePoint Solution: We started with an analysis of the key businesses processes that our client wanted to streamline using an intranet. Meeting with key stakeholders, the team was able to determine the business value of each existing process as well as all proposed and desired modifications. Once our team understood the needs of the business, the next step was to create a project plan to reengineering these processes into a collaborative workflow of enabled SharePoint sites that would allow users to create, share and approve information. A phased approach was devised in which a mix of business applications would be deployed in each phase. Katpro team developed a master intranet page with subsites for each specific department and its related business processes. Document libraries, lists, discussion boards and other SharePoint features were used to create business applications on the SharePoint platform. Custom web parts were created to resolve specific business issues and meet requirements. Active Directory was set as the permissions platform and was used extensively to manage user access into specific business application sub-sites.
  4. 4. Corporate Intranet On SharePoint SharePoint Reporting Services were used for ad-hoc reports and dashboard tools. MySites in collaboration with Lync was enabled for communication. Approval workflows and alerts were incorporated into the sites as required. Katpro also architected an effective SharePoint extranet solution that would enable staff and vendors to manage all aspects of the shipping and order tracking requests. Our team created a SharePoint extranet solution that leveraged forms based authentication using a separate instance of Microsoft® SQL Server instead of having vendor information in the Active Directory. Custom SharePoint Web Parts were leveraged to create a strong authentication process for vendors to login and review requests. The vendors only have access to their own requests and were able to process the requests. Once the requests were processed, vendors are able to notify appropriate staff members of shipment status as well as provide them with real time tracking information.
  5. 5. Corporate Intranet On SharePoint Result: Our Client now has a very successful and dynamic Intranet that has been well received and adopted by their employees. The Intranet was well received at all levels within the group of companies. Some additional benefits include: • Operational and maintenance cost savings for IT • Improved information flow throughout the organization by providing for consistent cross-company communication. • Centralized information allowing for single version of the truth • Search capabilities implemented to reduce staff time spent looking for information • Increased employee productivity by securely providing access to the most recent information • Reduced turnaround time by providing a central site to access and search for information and documents The SharePoint Extranet solution has drastically streamlined the entire shipping process and has been instrumental in reducing request processing time as well and the enhanced tracking of all requests.
  6. 6. Vendor and Contract Management Industry: Manufacturing Country: USA Solution: Vendor & Contract Management on SharePoint Technologies & Tools: Technology: C#.NET, SharePoint 2010Database: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Background: The customer is a North Carolina, US based automobile manufacturing company that has clients, vendors and other operations worldwide. Challenges: Most of the order and purchase tracking currently was being done through emails and spreadsheet manually. The client wanted to have a system that enables them to view, collaborate and manage vendors within their supply chain and also track the progress of the orders through an integrated system. There were difficulties in referring to policies, spend limits and procedures before placing orders for procurement. The users were currently monitoring the status of the orders only through emails/ phone calls. The client also had a few other business applications that needed a reporting solution for easy sharing and collaboration
  7. 7. Vendor and Contract Management Why SharePoint: SharePoint provides built-in infrastructure for document management, versioning, workflow integration apart from collaboration and reporting capabilities. Solution: The SharePoint based solution that Katpro provided allowed users from within the corporate Active Directory (AD) and also partners and vendors from the Extranet to log in to the system to participate in the vendor and procurement process. Katpro helped in building the entire SharePoint based system which included document libraries, information management and policies, approval workflows, site topology, custom branding, custom forms, meta data management and search.
  8. 8. Vendor and Contract Management Katpro Advantage: Katpro with it wide area of expertise in implementing and deploying SharePoint applications to various corporate clients was able to methodically analyze, plan, deliver on-time the Contract and Procurement management system to this client. Katpro has very experienced developer and architects who have wide and deep understanding of Microsoft Technologies who work together in delivering cutting edge SharePoint solutions, that are scalable, flexible and performance oriented.
  9. 9. Vendor and Contract Management Result: The client was able to see visible results in order approval and traceability with the help of the solution that Katpro helped develop. Vendors were able to view log in from their offices and view the RFPs and also respond to them in defined timelines and approval and feedback features to record and track approval process. Our client was able to manage orders and procurement requests to vendors and generate reports on the progress of the orders and other key KPIs against each vendor and orders. With the help of document management and sharing, users were able to easily refer to policy documents and other guidelines before creating procurement requests.
  10. 10. Vendor and Contract Management Result: The client was able to see visible results in order approval and traceability with the help of the solution that Katpro helped develop. Vendors were able to view log in from their offices and view the RFPs and also respond to them in defined timelines and approval and feedback features to record and track approval process. Our client was able to manage orders and procurement requests to vendors and generate reports on the progress of the orders and other key KPIs against each vendor and orders. With the help of document management and sharing, users were able to easily refer to policy documents and other guidelines before creating procurement requests.
  11. 11. Medical Transcription Management Industry: Health Care Country: India Solution: Medical Transcription management Technologies & Tools: Technology: C#.NET, WPF, WCF, Microsoft Azure Database: MS SQL Azure Background: Our Client is a transcription industry leader in providing medical transcription services and medical records Challenges: Our Client needed a standard platform that will allow all the transcription and assignment workflow engines to communicate and streamline the day-to-day operation. Originally they were using workflow and transcription system that were not integrated and required significant amount of manual process to keep track of the transcription performed by the Medical Transcriptionist and the Quality Assurance performed by internal processing team. Our client hired Katpro Technologies to design and develop a hosted middleware web based application that will tie all the core components and automate the business process with real-time reporting and tracking component to allow our client to account for each step of the process
  12. 12. Medical Transcription Management Solution: Katpro Technologies designed and developed Cloudbased Medical Transcription Portal that was the primary platform to streamline and automate our client day-to-day business process. Katpro Technologies was successful in creating a backend work flow process that streamlined the business process with minimal human error and achieved cost reduction. We used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Microsoft SQL Azure Database and Microsoft C# to develop the enterprise level cloud-based web application. The Medical Transcription Portal is composed of the following distinct functional modules: Task management: This module streamlines the work assignments and completion of transcription by the Medical Transcriptionist Upload: This module will allow the admin to upload multiple patient details comprised in an excel sheet along with the patient’s details hard copy in PDF format. Reports: Patients reports will be auto generated depending on different parameters assigned.
  13. 13. Medical Transcription Management Documents Archive (Client Management – Portal): The client portal allows the client direct access to their archived medical records. This module provides clients with basic and advance search features to allow them to view or download their work. This module is an online archiving portal to allow clients to access their patient information anytime and anywhere. Automated Task Allocation: Tasks will be auto allocated to different transcriptionists based on their availability. Billing: Automated invoicing and billing based on the completed assignments in the Task Management module. This module provides easy email based invoicing as well as flexible manual invoicing for client with special billing cycle Payroll: Provided complete payroll report with complete employee line count, hourly and contribution amount.
  14. 14. Health Improvement and Management System Industry: Health Care Country: India Solution: Health Improvement & Management System Technologies & Tools: Technology: C#, ASP.NET, WCF, Microsoft Azure Database: MS SQL Azure Background: Our client specializes in offering wellness solutions to individuals as their main focus is to improve the health behavior of the individuals. Their main areas of focus are individuals (working in the company), the enterprise and the insurance company. They wanted to help the individual to maintain their personal wellness, the enterprise to maintain a record of their employees and the insurance company to reach their consumer in a easy and transparent manner
  15. 15. Health Improvement and Management System Challenges: When employees join an institute they need to take medical check up and submit reports but the access to those reports is difficult when it is required. So a platform where all the personal data can be stored can prove to be really useful. Also as an individual In our busy life, it is difficult to have a track on our health status(unless very necessary). Keeping a track can be a boon for health administrators/Doctors as it can help them not only in diagnosing but also in explaining the cause of the disease, hence helping them take proper decision in the treatment. This will automatically help the individual. As an Enterprise The main cause of worry for various enterprises is the absence of the employees from work and the reason being their health issue. It’s also been a challenge for them to work on this issue. Records can help them sort the problem along with a good plan on health premiums, which suits best. As Insurers The challenge for an insurer always remains reaching out to their customers and helping them in the best possible way they can.
  16. 16. Health Improvement and Management System As Administrator The problem is management of huge data in a common platform, easy access and storage. So the client seeks Katpro’s help to decide a platform where all the health records can be saved so that the employees can access it with their own credentials and also from other social networking sites. A solution for the administrators can manage the employee’s information and use it as and when needed. A solution for HR/enterprise management where they can overview the health status of the employees and provide access to the doctor to send Emails and view general employee data.
  17. 17. Health Improvement and Management System Solution: Katpro helps in development and knowledge transfer Katpro analyses the problem and comes with a solution that can cater to all the categories which includes the individual (employee), the enterprise (company) and also the insurance company. Innovative service oriented architecture provides a common platform for storage and retrieval of health records. The solution is divided in different categories as per the requirement of the client. 1.Normal user (employee) 2.Employee 3.Administrator
  18. 18. Health Improvement and Management System The Portal is composed of the following distinct functional modules:• A timeline chart showing record of employee’s blood pressure, weight and the goals and requirement to maintain good health. • An option to throw a challenge to another user and compare the readings if the other user is willing to share • An option to set goals and fulfill the targets accordingly. For example losing weight or blood pressure • A Medication Chart where employees can update their medication status • Alerts can be created by users
  19. 19. Health Improvement and Management System Result: The employees of our client were able to monitor their health status and lead a healthy life, adding more value to their life and work. Richer data is available more quickly. Our client was able to maintain huge data of employee information A model for enterprises and organizations This systemized health record system can be followed by enterprises to develop a healthy relationship with the employees and help them to improve health behavior along with their work outputs.
  20. 20. Integrated Learning Management Solution Industry: Education Country: India Solution: Integrated Learning Management Solution Technologies & Tools: Technology: C#.NET, ASP.NET 4.0, AJAX Database: MS SQL Server 2008 R2/ Microsoft SQL Azure Hosting Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2/ Windows Azure Background: Our Client, a learning technology startup headquartered at Bangalore, provides technology solutions to create active learning content and integrate them in existing learning solutions. They work with education content providers, publishers, online learning companies, universities and autonomous institutes to develop custom solutions for activity based learning solutions across K-12 and higher education domains.
  21. 21. Integrated Learning Management Solution Challenges: Our Client wanted a scalable and fast web based solution for colleges to conduct online programming tests to students. The solution should be capable of handling multiple tenants. The solution has to be a cloud based solution in order to be accessed through multiple devices irrespective of their location. Solution: For implementation and development of the new Integrated Learning Management Solution, our client conducted an extensive search of software development companies and chose Katpro as the most competent company in SaaS systems sphere. A course creation and delivery environment was delivered, whereby a users can simply create new courses, new modules within courses, and new topics within modules, using and editing a tree hierarchy of courses, modules and topics.
  22. 22. Integrated Learning Management Solution A topic may have several learning objects associated with it: for example, the text of a lecture in PDF format, the associated PowerPoint presentation, details of formal group work (PDF or a Word document), a feedback form, and so on. There is a facility to edit, move, reorganize, duplicate and delete course elements and add learning objects through Question Bank Management module. A workflow was implemented that automated the process, giving content creators freedom to upload and update their material in a repository while also allowing course leaders and staff at the Department of eLearning control in the assembly and release of modules. A flexible role based permissions system was provided giving the multiple permissions required. Once a module is compiled and approved for release, a publication mechanism releases the module materials to one or more cohorts and integrates it with the appropriate discussion forums and community groups.
  23. 23. Integrated Learning Management Solution Each user has responsibility for particular areas, such as learning module development or proof reading etc. Each course has a ‘Course Leader’ who can also be multiple other roles, depending upon the area of the system they are accessing. The system automatically provides the correct permissions and content entry points for each user. From a student’s perspective, they can log in to a particular course and their progression can be monitored. The system automatically configures content and the look and feel of the web environment based on the students progression. Katpro integrates all the client’s back office data and other systems to dynamically deliver relevant information to each student. Katpro’s tree structure makes use of ‘Content Types’, the tree structure nodes are essentially place holders for content that will be used in the development and delivery of content. Content may or may not be published, or may be made securely available to members, subscribers or visitors that login to the website. Any associated files that should not be made available are automatically locked from view and are inaccessible.
  24. 24. Integrated Learning Management Solution Result: Katpro rolled out a fully functional learning management solution with the following features: • Browser-based interface, available over the web hosted in Microsoft Azure • SQL server data basing, ASP.NET programming • Scalable and stable • Secure data • Faster query Processing • Centralizes course and learner administration • Convenient reporting and learner assessment • Course recommendations linked to competencies and assessment results • Intuitive and user-friendly • Fully developed and tested • Built-in certification, quizzing, evaluation
  25. 25. Integrated Learning Management Solution • Course sharing with other systems • For the learner: E-mail confirmation, view history, selfassessment by competency • Calendars, FAQs, mass e-mails to subgroups and customized emails • Multiple levels of administration permit customization beyond standard course administrator and global administrator; cascading system of read/modify/approve rights based on administrative level • Asynchronous dialogue course approval process for administrators • Individually branded interface • SCORM compliant
  26. 26. Thank You