Mobilization of the Health Industry


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  • Mobilization of the Health Industry

    1. 1. Mobilization of the Health Industry By Fatih Isbecer September 2012
    2. 2. About Fatih Isbecer  Founder & CEO of Pozitron  Twitter: isbecer  Endeavor Advisory Board Member, TUBISAD Administrative Board Member
    3. 3. About PozitronPozitron is one of EMEA region’s top mobile solutions providers andthe first to develop mobile banking applications in Turkey Our Mission: We help our clients grow their businesses with our unique and custom implemented mobile technologies Our Cutting Edge Solutions:  Turkey’s first Mobile banking application for Is Bank.  World’s pioneering Mobile Ticketing app for Turkish Airlines.  Software provider for eBay ya  Award Winning eDetailing tablet Solution ProDG for GSK
    4. 4. Industries Adopting Mobility Automotive Health Entertainment Workforce Retail Education Manufacturing Banks & Financial Services
    5. 5. Focus Areas in Enterprise Mobility Mobilize your workforce with advanced CRM Sales Force and CLM tools Business Intelligence Collect and Analyze data instantly Access your data from your smartphone of Cloud Storage tablet at anytime Security Secure access to your enterprise data Have meetings and share documents from Collaboration anywhere in the world
    6. 6. Benefits of Mobility to Enterprises Operational Effeciency and Cost-Reduction 25% Increased Productivity 30% and Sales Security and Compliance 16% 23% Business Strategy 6% Flexibility Others Enterprises that adopt mobility for SFA Support, Cloud Storage, Business Intelligence and Security benefit from reduces costs, increased productivity and effeciency and heightened security.
    7. 7. Pharma Companies that Adopted Mobility
    8. 8. Healthcare Environment - Opportunities of the doctors want to be detailed in person of the physicians use smartphones, which is double general smartphone adoption of the doctors own iPads Source: ases/2011/10/prweb8846867.htm
    9. 9. Advantages of Mobile for Healthcare Heightened Productivity and Environment Friendly and Customer Attention Cost Effective Mobile detailing enables sales Using mobile tools in the healthcare reps to stand out in the crowd and industry, companies can significantly retain doctors’ attention for reduce paper consumption and longer. Tablets are slick and printing costs. Faster sharing popular tools among healthcare options, on tablet presentations and professionals. surveys will save your company both time and money.
    10. 10. Advantages of Mobile for HealthcarePromotion of Self-Care with All in One Tool for mobile devices CRM and CLMApplications ranging from heart rate A great tool for healthcaremanagement to regulating sleeping professionals, mobile is offering true cycles are helping individuals to closed loop marketing and integrated improve personal health systems that prevent loss of data
    11. 11. Mobile Health in Developing Countries • In July 2008 the UN Foundation and Vodafone technology partnership held a week-long workshop during a Rockefeller Foundation eHealth event, which brought together 25 experts in the use of mobile technology for health care. The three organisations have now combined forces to create the mHealth for Development programme. • Children in rural areas, such as this village in Columbia, benefit from the use of mobile health technology to gather vital health data in remote locations. • Mobile technology has the potential to revolutionise health care in developing countries, particularly in the area of heath awareness schemes and training health care professionals.
    12. 12. Mobile Diagnostic Examples Mobile radiology viewer & Instant Heart Ratesmartphone ultrasound probe This app allows you to see every heartThe device allows an ultrasound beat on the monitor. To measure youprobe to be connected to a need to hold your finger on yoursmartphone via USB 2.0 support. iPhone’s camera
    13. 13. Mobile Tracking / Control ExamplesPregnancy Weight Gain Tracker Migrane JournalHelps mothersetermine how much Migraine Diary is an electronicweight you need to gain, find out their replacement for a traditional migraineBMI, or body mass index. diary that migraine patients use to help diagnose and management treatments.
    14. 14. Mobile Transformation Focus Areas Content Employee Training Creating logical Even if the tablets are structure instead of very intuitive platforms, linear one is the key. companies need to train Take advantage of the their employees well to platform and go into the achieve highest level of direction that doctor is productivity interested in. Measurement Integration To be able to get most Proper integration of out of the mobile enterprise’s infrastructure platform, your tools or to mobile devices is applications need to have essential. Make sure that advanced measurement integration meets the high and analysis systems. security standards.
    15. 15. Is iPad a Game Changer? Fortune 500 areFortune 100 deploying orCompanies are piloting iPadusing iPadCommerciallyPresenter Benefits: Slick and easy to carry, long battery, easy touse, engaging, no waiting time to turn on the deviceCustomer Benefits: Interactive, customer centered, adjustablepresentations, visual, all data displayed at once
    16. 16. Close the Marketing Loop with iPad
    17. 17. Mobile DetailingUnlike any other eDetailing tool, mobile devices offer an all in one solution forhealth professionals. Enhanced CLM Integrated CRM Easy Reporting Beautiful Presentations • Reps can customize the detail and create a more personal experience • On the go planning made possible, increasing productivity • Logical structure instead of linear one, able to be more concise and go into the direction that doctor is interested in • Story building instead of story telling/ more interactive and collaborative
    18. 18. Thank you! Email: info@pozitron.comTwitter: @Pozitron_Mobile, @isbecer