Mobile Trends for 2012


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Mobile is Global
Mobile Technology Growth
Types of Mobile Users
Noteworthy Platforms
User Experience
Mobile Fragmentation
Mobile Gaming
Internet of Things
Mobile Marketing Examples

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  • Mobile Trends for 2012

    1. 1. Mobile Trends
    2. 2. About Fatih Isbecer  Founder & CEO of Pozitron  Twitter: isbecer  Endeavor Advisory Board Member, TUBISAD Administrative Board Member
    3. 3. Mobile is Global
    4. 4. Mobile Technology Growth 100 M+ Mainframe Microcomputer PC 1 B+ Desktop PC 10 B+ 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 Mobile Internet Mobile growing faster than any technology before
    5. 5. Mobile Taking Over Desktop More and more people are using their phones for internet browsing. By 2015, they mobile internet users number is expected to exceed desktop users.
    6. 6. Types of Mobile Users Mobile Professional Basic Planners Mobirati Social Connector Pragmatic Adapter Uses complex phones with extra features Basic mobile package users First generation to have grown up with mobile phones Uses social networking features and texting the most Just starting to use other features besides voice calls
    7. 7. Segmentation of Mobile Consumers in United States
    8. 8. Apple Android Symbian RIM Other 18% 43% 22 % 10% 7% Smartphones are dominating the mobile world and Android becomes the market leader, leaving both Symbian and iOS behind Worldwide Smartphone Sales 2011
    9. 9. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Apple Google Android BlackBerry Other 68.7% 19.9% 5.6% 5.7% Just like the mobile phone market, Android is expected to obtain major market share in the tablet world. Apple is expected to remain as the market leader in the next five years 2011 Worldwide Tablet Sales
    10. 10. Open Platform Flexible / Experimental platform for developers Limited options in business apps Incresing fragmentation Web-dev friendlyClosed Platform More flexibility and room for creativity for brands and agencies Various entertainment and business app options Suitable for multi screen development Implementation of CMS tools Limited APIs Penetration 100M+ Penetration 120M+ Mass Consumption Inequality among apps Noteworthy Platforms
    11. 11. Paradigm Shift  Product  Place  Price  Promotion  Experience  Everyplace  Exchange  Evangelism
    12. 12. Device Design Simple and Slick OS Usability Easy to navigate and perform tasks App User Experience -Simplified Design -Task focused -Emphasis on the most important tasks -Rich set of capabilities User Experience is Everything!
    13. 13. Marketing Innovation Merging Technology and Social Media
    14. 14. Mobile Trends 2012 Apps taking over web Mobile Fragmentation Mobile Gaming Internet of things Mobile PaymentsTablets Mobile Communities
    15. 15. 450,000 apps in Android Market 65,000 apps in BB App World 550,000 + apps in Apple App Store Apps taking over web
    16. 16. Mobile Fragmentation Mobile is segmented into eight major platforms the moment: iOS (iPhone), Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Phone, Flash/Flash Lite and mobile web (WAP/HTML5/XHTML/CSS/Javascript). Android is very fragmented in itself • 5 OS versions on devices (Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ging erbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich) • Devices in various sizes, from small phones to TVs • Device manufacturers branching their own versions of Android • Ex: Amazon Kindle
    17. 17. Mobile Communities Communities are the new differentiators • Facebook has 500M+ users and over 2.5M developer community • Skype has 8 million paid users • Shift from information overload to social interaction overload • 80% use mobile during their down time or while waiting
    18. 18. Always Connected...
    19. 19. Tablet Revolution • 1 million iPads sold in the first 28 days • 77% use their tablets daily • 16 millions iPads were sold in 2010, expected to reach 85 million in 2012 • Tablet users are constantly spending more time on their tablets Tablets changed the way we interact with computers and where we interact with them (44% of tablets are used on the couch)
    20. 20. Mobile Payments Target Mobile Gift Card Google Wallet Square Starbucks Mobile Payment
    21. 21. Mobile Gaming Temple Run earns 7 million players on a daily basis • Mobile games can go mainstream because they are cheap • People carry their phones all the time and use games to pass spare time • People develop attachments for the mobile games they play Cut the rope is bought by EA Games for $20 million Most famous of them all, Angry Birds, has fan merchandise including Tshirts, iPhone cases, pillow , board game and superbowl spots 300 MM downloads
    22. 22. Internet of Things The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure Ultra-low-power JenNet-IP Smart ThinQ and HeMS In-Car Mobile Apps: the future of Telematics on show in Munich
    23. 23. Istanblue Peri Avı IKEA Interactive Catalog Mobile Marketing Examples Nike + GPS
    24. 24. Audi A4 Driving Challenge Starbucks Augmented Reality Cup Oakley Surf Report Mobile Marketing Examples