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"Frank Jones – 2012 Powertec Spokesmodel Search Grand Winner "


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Since 1997, Powertec, the World’s Best Selling Plate-Loaded Home Gym Brand, committed to build stronger lives by bringing in some of the fittest models and athletes from around the world [...]

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"Frank Jones – 2012 Powertec Spokesmodel Search Grand Winner "

  1. 1. Since 1997, Powertec, the World’s Best Selling Plate-Loaded Home Gym Brand,committed to build stronger lives by bringing in some of the fittest models and athletesfrom around the world to represent the Powertec brand, realizing the company’s missionand vision as the Premier Strength Lifestyle Brand.The name Powertec has already been synonymous to fitness, with a powerhouse line-up of elite models and athletes like Natalie Minh, Rob Riches, Ian Lauer, Julien Greaux,Chady Dunmore, Demetris Patsalos, Kelechi Opara, Jamin Thompson and Krissy Chin.These world-class fitness models all boast of impressive resumes, such as numerousmagazine covers and spreads, strength and conditioning features, nutritionalsupplement advertisements, and winning various World Championship physiquecompetitions. Powertec’s tradition of selecting only the best in the world continues, more recently with the 2012 Powertec Spokesmodel Search. The aim of this prestigious intercontinental competition is to discover the best available talent there is, reaching across USA, Canada and Europe. The contest ran for 3 months, with 288 aspirants sending their entries on hoping to win the Grand Prize. After the contest ended on September 30th, 2011, the 30 contestants with the highest number of votes won a customized Powertec SmartShake 2.0 Shaker Cup, T-Shirts, and a special feature in the Powertec Online Magazine, while the top ten were broken out from the group moved into the final round, where a panel of judges and experts deliberated on which model best fit the role to represent the Powertec brand. The judges had the unenviable task of choosing the right one, especially since all entries deserve their spot on Team Powertec.
  2. 2. In the end, there can only be one.Frank Jones, a 29 year old model out of Canton, Ohio, is the 2012 PowertecSpokesmodel Search Grand Prize Winner. With his efforts to spread the word ofPowertec’s mission and vision to claim him the top prize, Frank will winaccommodations and trip for 2 to Los Angeles, California near the legendary MuscleBeach, Venice, Santa Monica, and Hollywood for 4 days; a 1 week membership to workout at the World Famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, home to legendary bodybuilders andfitness models; a full day’s worth of photo and video shoot with internationally-acclaimedfitness photographer Natalie Minh to be featured in Powertec’s next catalog,advertisements and infomercials; and gets to choose a free Powertec home gym, one ofthree of his choice (MultiPress, Compact Gym or Functional Trainer).Since his early teenage years, Frank has been aspiring to join the world of modelingand acting. According to him, “I wanted a good foundation, so I pursued an education tobe sure I’d have a degree to fall back on”. Frank is a planner and likes to stay organizedand on track. While in Ohio, he was introduced to fitness modeling by Clark Bartram(America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional) who told Frank he feels he has what ittakes to make it if he’s willing to put in the hard work. From the experiences he learnedwith Clark, Frank is now in full pursuit of making his dreams come true. “This year, I amplanning to get in the best shape ever and challenging myself to do big things, so as toget my name and face out there and be known in this arena.”Frank can be seen in the popular videos on, as well as gracing thecovers of the April 2010 23rd issue of Physique Magazine (Dubai) and Max Sports andFitness (FMI advertising) April 2011 issue, Physique Magazine Cover 23rd issue April2010, Muscle and Body Magazine Contest Winner/Cover September 2010, MaximumFitness Mag Jan/Feb 2011, World Physique Mag Winter 2011, and Gopher SportsCatalog Cover (2011 Government Issue), among others.Gaining majority of the possible confidence votes, Powertec has officially selectedFrank Jones as the newest member of Team Powertec, joining an elite circle of athleteswith the likes of Natalie Minh, Rob Riches, Ian Lauer, Julien Greaux, Chady Dunmore,Demetris Patsalos, Kelechi Opara, Jamin Thompson and Krissy Chin.Once again, congratulations to Frank Jones, and welcome to Team Powertec!
  3. 3. Powertec is a trusted brand in Weight Training and Fitness Home Gym Equipmentbased out of Los Angeles. Powertec manufactures an entire list of strength equipmentfor both domestic and commercial use, from basic weight lifting to look good and livehealthier, to functional training development being used in improving athleticperformance.