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Eat more, lift more, lose fat


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More often than not, people want to eat more and at the same time want to lose fat. It is a very familiar case as eat more and also tend to look lean and mean. To accomplish [...]

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Eat more, lift more, lose fat

  1. 1. More often than not, people want to eat more and at the same time want to lose fat. It isa very familiar case as eat more and also tend to look lean and mean. To accomplishthis motive, Eat more FREQUENTLY and lift more REPS. The aftermath of this notion isthe loss of fat and a satiated appetite on the positive.So how does this work?. First, let us converse about eating more FREQUENTLY. Yourbody is adept and fortunately it strives to subsist at all costs. When it comes to eatingmore and losing weight, the logic is simple… if your body thinks that it is going to haveto wait 5, 10 or 15 hours for another meal, it is going respond what it presumesnecessary to sustain. To clarify, your body is under an attempt to save fat. When yourbody decides to save fat, it stores it on the gut and the rest of the physique for anadequate supply of energy in reserve (fat) and it does not think you will feed it when fuelis necessary.When you eat FREQUENTLY, your body realize that it is going to receive a steadysupply of fuel. This is a big change that disallows the body to save fat. The fat does notsimply fall off; however, the body will stop storing an excess as it knows that you aregoing to feed it. When the body becomes aware that fuel is abundant, it realizes that itdoes not need to stockpile additional calories in the form of a fat gut. But eating 7 largepizzas a day, you cannot expect to lose weight. A reasonable caloric intake isnecessary so the frequent meals/snacks will be smaller than that of the person that eatsjust Lunch and Dinner; but, the frequent feedings will keep the appetite suppressed.Following is a sample of how this day may look for you: -Meal #1: Upon waking have oatmeal and two eggs. If you are watching yourcholesterol just have 4-6 egg whites or another protein source such as cottage cheese. -Meal #2: For a late morning snack have a piece of fruit and a low fat greekyogurt. -Meal #3: For lunch have a carbohydrate source such as rice or whole grainbread with a lean protein source. You could accomplish this by eating a sandwich orgrilled fish/chicken with rice. -Meal #4: Small handful of almonds -Meal #5: Post workout Protein Shake -Meal #6: For dinner have a lean protein source such as grilled chicken/fish/steakwith a salad or soup. (Notice the reduced carbohydrate load towards the end of theday)
  2. 2. -Meal #7: Protein Shake or other protein source such as eggs/ tofu/ chickenbreast.At first glance, this schedule may deliver a daunting expression. However, with littlepractice, it becomes regular routine. You will notice that if you can stick to this and makeit happen successfully for three consecutive weeks, you will get solid results and beable to establish the habit as well. That is the most important factor to do with anyeating or workout plan…establish the habit!The next course of action to get your results for a more ripped physique, is to do morereps and slash fat. This process is simple though, it takes you stepping up to the plateand pushing through some challenging workouts. The more you move the more caloriesyou burn. So as long as you keep your caloric intake the same or less, more caloriesburned will result in weight loss. By choosing more sets and/or more reps, and with perset you will burn more calories per every workout. You will also likely create moremuscle adaptation from the increased workload resulting in a higher metabolism afterthe lift and more calories burned sitting on the couch. Both of these byproducts lead tofat loss. “Lose fat by simply sitting on the couch”- sweet!!.Another consideration is maintaining the same workout time-frame but crunching inthese extra sets and reps. When you do this, you have to adapt by reducing rest timebetween sets. This is going to cause your heart rate to remain more elevated during thetime of workout. Again, More calories are burned in the same amount of time. In short.Same workout time…more results!.And how would you actualize this “more reps in same or less time” style of routine?.It is not appalling to comprehend, if you apply it yourself and is not afraid to breaksweat. Let us take a look at a sample program on the Powertec Workbench Levergym.Full Body Routine: (Notice that these exercises are all going to be performed in “pairs”)This mannerof training keeps you moving and burns more calories. At the same time,careful planning is in place to ensure each muscle is adequately rested to get maximummuscle gain at the same time.
  3. 3. Bench Press 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise)Body Weight Squats 3×15-25 repsLat Pulldown 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise)Standing Body Weight Lunges 3×10-20 repsShoulder Press 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise)Single Leg Body Weight Calf Raise 3×15-25 repsIncline Bench Press 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise) Machine Row 3×15-20 reps (the transition from one exercise to the next isquick and simple) Machine Squat 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise) Triceps Pushdown 3×15-20 reps (this is a quick and simple transition)Leg Extension 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise)Standing Machine Shrugs 3×15-20 reps (this is a quick and simple transition)Leg Curl 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise)Ab Crunch 3×15-25 repsArm Curl 3×15-20 reps (alternating with the following exercise) Machine Calf Raise 3×15-25 reps (this is a quick and simple transition)
  4. 4. Bench Press Squat
  5. 5. Lat PulldownYou will notice that the total number of sets is fairly high in this workout. What Irecommend you do for the first 2-3 weeks of the program is to perform 2 sets of eachexercise instead of 3. This drops the total number of sets to just over 30. With very shortrests (basically the time it takes you to move from one exercise to the next) you will beable to obtain this complete workout in less than an hour, if your conditioning is up tothe challenge. As you become more efficient with the program and get into bettershape, you will be able to complete the full three set version listed above. A workout likethis is specifically designed to help you make dramatic changes in your body as long asit is done two-three times per week and coupled with the afore mentioned eatingschedule.So, what iss the take home directive? Eat smaller meals and snacks more frequently.Eat six or more times a day (I prefer to eat meals/snacks of 150-450 calories with somesource of protein in each). Increase your reps and sets in your workout while reducing
  6. 6. the rest time between sets. You will see a spike in intensified training while powered bythe quality nutrition you are fueling up with more frequently. The end result is a leaner,stronger, and more fitness in you. Ian Lauer, CSCS www.ianlauer.comAbout the AuthorIan Lauer is an Actor, Fitness Model and a Certified Strength and ConditioningSpecialist via the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as well asCertified Spencer Pilates Instructor through NESTA (National Exercise & SportsTrainers Association).Ian graduated from The College of Wooster with a degree in Chemistry with a minor inTheatre. After graduating, he acted professionally and performed in a number of stageproductions. He went to graduate school and earned a Master’s degree in Acting atWayne State University.Ian is now the Asst. Fitness Director of Cooking Me Skinny, a new national weight lossprogram launched fall of 2010, Team Powertec member, and a sponsored athlete ofTeam Sci-Fit.
  7. 7. Powertec is a trusted brand in Weight Training and Fitness Home Gym Equipmentbased out of Los Angeles. Powertec manufactures an entire list of strength equipmentfor both domestic and commercial use, from basic weight lifting to look good and livehealthier, to functional training development being used in improving athleticperformance.