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How Digital has Changed Brands


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A presentation to the Marketing Society on how brands have been influenced by Digital

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How Digital has Changed Brands

  1. 1. Ciaran O’Reilly Refresh Digital Presentation to Marketing Society The Marker Hotel 26 September 2013
  2. 2. Hello! Worked in a number of leading advertising agencies in a career spanning over 25 years. Mainly as a Planner Spent some time as a Brand Advisor to some leading Irish Companies Been directly involved in Digital businesses for almost 10 years MD of Refresh – a full service digital agency Ciaran O’Reilly, MD & Head of Planning
  3. 3. What we will cover How digital has changed what a Brand is How digital has changed Brands relationship with media Socialising Brands Changing role of brands in consumers lives Are we entering yet another new era of marketing?
  4. 4. How digital has changed what a brand is
  5. 5. Who’s in control? • Consumers want control of brands… facilitated by technology. • Challenge for marketers is retaining brand control while allowing consumers to interact.
  6. 6. What a Brand is, has changed David Ogilvy 1960’s-2005 The Branding Era 2005 – Present The Digital Era
  7. 7. Value of Word of Mouth The most recommended company in its category grows 2.5 times faster than the category average Source: Bain & Co. 250% Implications for Agencies Increase the value of brands by making them the most relevant & recommended in its category Implications for Clients Brand Recommendation is now one of the key Brand Metrics. Real Time Reputation Management is critical
  8. 8. "When you see an ad with your"When you see an ad with your friendfriend’’s name in it, recall goes ups name in it, recall goes up by 60%. Word-of-mouth is theby 60%. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising. At Facebook webest advertising. At Facebook we are implementing word-of-mouthare implementing word-of-mouth at scale."at scale." Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Facebook. Jan 2011
  9. 9. Source: Mobile Youth Economy, 100 Trends for 2012
  10. 10. Digital has changed Brands & relationship with Media
  11. 11. What makes new media new?
  12. 12. TV becoming a trailer for Digital Source: Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo
  13. 13. A new way of looking at Media Traditional Media Model Paid Media Your Brand Paid Media Earned Media Owned Media Your Brand Digital Media Model
  14. 14. Digital is about socialising brands
  15. 15. Starting a Facebook Page is not a social strategy!
  16. 16. Enable Sharing of Everything you can!
  17. 17. For Consumers, it’s not about Social Media, it’s about Social Currency Social Currency: The objects that makes us valuable to our friends
  18. 18. Unashamedly jumped on a consumer driven meme What’s amazing is that Paddy Power is not seen as a marketer leaping on a bandwagon
  19. 19. Think Like a Consumer • Know your audience • They have different modes for different moods – so should you • Not one Corporate voice – each channel has different needs and different tone of voice • Have an opinion & avoid ‘Marketing Speak’ – especially in Social Media • Don’t be afraid to be a little self deprecating • Encourage engagement – a relationship is two-way
  20. 20. Two trends emerging from Social Currency 1. Gamification 2. Social TV
  21. 21. Gamification
  22. 22. Gamification & Sales impact
  23. 23. Social TV
  24. 24. Social TV • Connected TV’s integrating social activity • Integrated into EPG Middleware • Twitter & Facebook now major players in TV industry – without making a single TV program • VOD – Timeshifted viewing with social integration
  25. 25. Making friends & influencing people
  26. 26. Consumers transmitting brands Some brands are disproportionately more appealing to digital consumers who are TWICE as likely to be “Transmitters” – influence others with their views *Millward Brown, BrandZ Brand Equity Survey
  27. 27. 99% of influencers say friends ask their opinion before making an important purchase
  28. 28. Source: Mobile Youth Economy,
  29. 29. Digital has changed Brands role in consumers lives
  30. 30. Difference between ‘advertising’ & ‘digital’ “Advertising is about breaking through, digital is about fitting into the more personal media rhythms of peoples day-to-day lives” Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer, R/GA
  31. 31. Have to Breakthrough to Get Noticed
  32. 32. The role of Brands has changed We believe in the digital era brands have two new roles: 1. Becoming an open platform means becoming a ‘connection point’ to engage consumers. Need to make sure brand has something meaningful to say and be brave enough to facilitate a 2 way relationship 2. Brand Utility to play a useful role in the lives of consumers – it is simply not enough to rely on the old principles of media interruption.
  33. 33. Platforms : A Key Trend “Platforms (e.g. Nike+) are worth investing in, they are an efficient and ongoing relationship. Identifying platforms that only that brand can deliver, that fits into peoples day- today lives will become more & more important.”
  34. 34. Final Thought: Are we entering yet another new era in Marketing?
  35. 35. Welcome to the Relationship Era • 44% Nearly half of consumers are less responsive to Mass Marketing Messages (inc. those running on digital media) • 66% of consumers are more inclined to purchase brands that allow them to share their preferences Build Relationships not brands • In the Relationship Era, marketing communications is almost a real-time dialogue, hyper-targetted to ever thinner slices of customer segmentation • Enlightened marketers have unimaginable access from numerous sources to rich consumer data, enabling them to be more proactive and deliberate in ways that are unexpected and highly valued • All leading to an ever evolving era of mass personalisation
  36. 36. Big Data This is being driven by Big Data
  37. 37. Thank You! @ciaranoreill y reilly/6/385/5/