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The Power Life Media Kit 2010


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Media kit

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The Power Life Media Kit 2010

  1. 1. Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  2. 2. Promote Your Brand In The Best Innovative E-Zine Itʼs all about promoting people, places, products and services globally. Since our launch in October 2008, The Power Player Lifestyle magazine is ranked in the top 40,000 in USA and internationally within the top 300,000 out of 189 million corporate website in the worldwide. 95% of readers are online daily 6 days out of a week. We are attracting new visitors and subscribers daily. Our power reporters job is focused on placing the best in spotlight each month! Experience our online lifestyle magazine at Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  3. 3. Who We Are, Why Power-Up With Us Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible...... The Power Player Lifestyle Magazine (PPLM) was created, designed and launched by Lela Christine Thompson in October of 2008. The objective of PPLM is to highlight feature, promote and reveal the best in Entertainment, Style, Health, Sports, Art, Cuisine and current news for viewers across the world to review each month. For the past year, PPLM has moved forward successfully featuring men and women from diverse backgrounds who have made a positive impact on our society. The founder of PPLM along with her team has worked in the field of public relations, marketing, fashion, politics and entertainment for the past 15 years. When you browse through the pages of PPLM you connect with the extraordinary people, places, products and news. Itʼs all about having a wonderful relationship with you and you with our world. We attract a diverse, affluent and well-educated audience that browse our pages daily. Our audience has more disposable income to spend on your products and services than the average consumer. We invite you be among the best, Power-Up with us! Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  4. 4. We Want, What You Want …. High Impact Online Advertising, To Promote Your Corporate Brand. Listed below are the target placement sections relevant to the PPLM interactive content. * Channel Targeting (Business Trends, Technology, Shopping, Art) * Entertainment Reports, Ads. Movies, Music, Games * Fashion, Style and Beauty News * FabFood Corner: Top Restaurants, Best Drinks and Desserts * Sports Power Players: Men & Women Athletes * Play By Play News, Innovative Brands, Special Events * Health Watch News, Updates, Products * Travel: Local, National, International * New Book News & Reviews Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  5. 5. High Impact Power Connection Our Online Audience Profile PPLM’s online audience is growing daily. We have new visitors from USA and internationally that drop by, browse each page, like our website content and gain easy access with no delays. As the web continues to impact the United States magazine sector with some 18 titles stopping their print presses in 2009. The Advertising Age reported that Time Inc.'s digital ad revenue last year totaled an estimated $245 million, or 10% of the company's total ad revenue. We deem it necessary to connect you with our readers who are consumers of technology, television, film, music, fashion, art, food, automobiles and thought provoking news. As of this date, based on the a web information company that ranks website and analyzes a sites demographic, PPLM is ranked is USA 48,000 and globally 357,000. By 2011 we foresee PPLM in the top 10,000 in USA and globally within the top 50,000. We attract men and women ages 18 - 54 to our site daily. 54% of our visitors are from USA, 18% from France, 11.3 from India, 3.5% from Canada and 2.75 from United Kingdom. In addition, 75% of readers shop online. Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  6. 6. Our Mission, The Visionaries We Deliver Exactly What Our Title Conveys The Power Player Lifestyle magazine was birthed from a group of visionaries who are successful, educated, savvy in business and understand the essence of true power. Itʼs not just in words but deeds. We open the door to feature those individuals and companies who represent powerhouse talent in education, sports, film, television, music, fashion, the art community, and a diverse range of notable businesses that are placed in our monthly online magazine that reaches millions worldwide. As technology continues to advance, thereʼs more opportunity for businesses to reach a wider, global audience via online advertising. Many studies have shown that Internet consumption has far exceeded that of traditional forms of media like television and newspapers. This clear shift in media habits is a clear indication that online advertising is a more effective way for businesses to reach a wider audience. Studies have also found that Internet users are the kinds of people that most advertisers crave; they are more educated than the general population, with 75% of Internet users having graduated from college as opposed to 45% of the population. The average Internet user has a household income of $60,800 and that 65% of Internet users have a household income of $50,000 or more (as opposed to 35% of the general United State population). Globally partnerships in business is essential for your brand and what we represent. Join us live at Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  7. 7. Our 2010 Editorial Calendar The Power Player Lifestyle Magazine Monthly Themes January: Work Your Plan, And Plan Your Work: Build A New You February: The Legacy, Our Culture, Unification of All People March: Phenomenal Filmmakers, Artist & Philanthropist April: World Business, The Executives, Their Global Brands May: Mind Power 411: Self Made Millionaires June: Historical Music, Museums, And Literature July: The Master Mind Series: Health, Family, Business August: Teenage Leaders in Technology, Art, Music & Film September: Power Gurus of Fitness, Food & Health October: Women Leaders In Business, Philanthropy & Politics November: Universal Power, New Leadership, Diversity December: 2010 Lifestyle Business Global Review Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  8. 8. High Impact Advertising In USA & Internationally High Impact Online Advertising To Promote Your Corporate Brand $50,000 (1-Year Ad Package per month) The Ultimate Platinum Ad Partner 1- Front Page Ad per month/ 2- Video Ads per month / 4-Email blast per month/ 2-Banner links per month/1complimentary event posting per month/ Bi-weekly “Power Blogs” on your corporate business per month/ premium partner editorial features w/ a press release write up posted to the PR newswire service per month. $30,000 ( 6-Month Ad package per month) Lifestyle Ad Partner 1- Banner Ad per month/ Power Blog announcements per month / 3-Email blast announcement per Month/ 1- Video Ad $12,000 (3 -Month Ad package per month) Power Player Ad Partner Banner Ad in specified section per month/ 2-Email blast announcement (This does not apply to the front page or entertainment $10,000 ( 1 Month) Front Page Power Partner Be a front page Ad partner, place your corporate brand and URL links as a main feature on the front page. $2,500 (Monthly) Video Ad Channel Partner Place your corporate brand video Ad w/ URL links to any section (This does not apply to the front page or entertainment section) $850 (Monthly) Banner w/ Email Blast Partner (Monthly) Small Banner Ad placed in magazine / website URL link to your site/ (2) two email blast sent out to our readers monthly $350 (Monthly) Event Ad Partner Event banner ad placed in the special event section w/ URL linked into your site Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News
  9. 9. Power-Up With The Best International E-Zine We look forward to speaking with you further about promoting your corporate brand, organization and or charitable foundation. Email us at or call us at 310-645-8823. Experience our lifestyle at Entertainment Style Health Fab Food Sports World News