Design Nsw Travelling Scholarship


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Design Nsw Travelling Scholarship

  1. 1. Design NSW: Travelling Scholarship In June 2008, Arts NSW with the Powerhouse Museum and British Council launched a new travelling scholarship, worth $18,000, to assist a NSW designer at the beginning of their career to undertake a program of professional development abroad. Following are the top twenty entries. Read more about the award, the winner and the finalists on
  2. 2. FINALIST – Matthew Huynh Clockwise from left: Midnight Morning; CAB: Collaborative Auto-Biography; Happy Birthday, Anyway.
  3. 3. FINALIST – Trent Jansen Clockwise from left: Pregnant Chair; Sign Stool; Topple.
  4. 4. FINALIST – Brad Stebbing Clockwise from left: Melee light; Child resistant lid; Coffee Shakir.
  5. 5. FINALIST – Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis Clockwise from left: Web light; Loose Change; Posy.
  6. 6. Henry Wilson Clockwise from left: Bedrock series; Force of Nature series; Cityscape-LED 3 nesting lights
  7. 7. Rachael Mary Elena Cassar Clockwise from left: As the world falls down; Potent; Sinking Night.
  8. 8. Benjamin Paul Gallagher Clockwise from left: The Archer; Butcher Boy; Interlude from the Wooden City.
  9. 9. Alexandra Gilmour Clockwise from left: As the world falls down; Potent; Sinking Night.
  10. 10. David Pidcock Clockwise from left: Talon – composite car seat; Orca - rowing shoe and foot stretcher system; Viceversa – modular furniture.
  11. 11. Emily Matthews Clockwise from left: Cockatoo Island identity and signage; Midnight basketball; Parklands Foundation visual identity.
  12. 12. Rohan Nicol Clockwise from left: Stretchlight; Splashlight; Peppered Sunlight.
  13. 13. Cesar Cueva Clockwise from left: Heavy/Light; Free Fold; Sign Language.
  14. 14. Rahul Nath Clockwise from left: Energy Display System; Pet Treat Dispenser; Children’s Toy.
  15. 15. Rosary Coloma Clockwise from left: Stitch Maps; Experience the world through other eyes; The Co-table.
  16. 16. Ashley Marsh-Croft Clockwise from left: Backlash – protective apparel system; Bushpig – hedge trimmer; Droplet – electric mulching lawnmower.
  17. 17. Dennis Abalos Clockwise from left: Vic & Vicky Wall Shelves; Slinked Modular Bench; Snug Chair.
  18. 18. Emma Elizabeth Coffey Clockwise from left: CHIUSO Collection Coffee Table; CHIUSO Collection Blocks; CHIUSO Collection Chair.
  19. 19. Damien Butler Clockwise from left: Objects that glow; Tick Tock Watch; Abacus Chair.
  20. 20. Amy Cunningham Clockwise from left: Show-off display unit; Silhouette screen; Steppe stools and tables.
  21. 21. Kimberley Williams Clockwise from left: Hair jewellery earrings; Hair jewellery pendant; Sthaireotypes.