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The Rise of Niche Networks #phftrends


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Marketers are obsessed with Facebook, and with 900 mil+ users, they have good reason to be. Facebook is the dominant social network, but users are increasingly spending time and attention outside of Facebook as they seek niche, interest-based social networks to set their online lifestyles apart from the crowd.

Consumers are looking for something else in their social networking routines, and marketers need to know where consumers are going and why.

This presentation speaks to this important social trend. Please pull up slidecast for full webinar with audio.

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The Rise of Niche Networks #phftrends

  1. 1. ⠿ Taylor Wiegert – Powerhouse Social Media Lead⠿ Emily Worstell – Powerhouse Trends Expert
  2. 2. ⠿ Unpack the history and identity of niche social networks and show how they’re fragmenting the social media landscape⠿ Reveal the opportunity presented by niche social networks⠿ Identify action that can be taken to immediately leverage niche social networks
  3. 3. ⠿ Social behavior oscillates between the desires for individuality and belonging⠿ Similarly, social platforms oscillate between specialized and generic or niche and mass⠿ This pattern can be tracked from early forums and chat rooms to the latest crop of niche networks
  4. 4. ⠿ Online artist community for artists to exhibit and discuss their work⠿ 10 million members⠿ 100 million submissions
  5. 5. ⠿ Community for people obsessed with their pets⠿ Users share photos, connect with people who have the same breed of dog and share information⠿ 700,000 pets
  6. 6. ⠿ Simple, mobile social network to share content, activities and updates with close family and friends⠿ Over 2 million users
  7. 7. Niche Mass (Facebook)Not cluttered ClutteredFocused UnfocusedDeep BroadRelevant to passion Seldom relevant to passionQuality consumer interactions Quantity of audience interactions
  8. 8. ⠿ Target by passion ⠕ More relevant audience interactions ⠕ Ability to gain community-driven insights ⠕ Connect with influencers of mass networks⠿ Potential to stand out in a crowded landscape⠿ Tap into leaders/trendsetters within a community⠿ Diversify Social Media platform strategy
  9. 9. ⠿ Let your audience be your compass and follow passion⠿ Evaluate platforms by behavior/passion, not numbers⠿ Tap into audience passion⠿ Have a global perspective
  10. 10. ⠿ Listen - Monitor online conversations not only for mentions, but passion⠿ Be obsessed with your audience’s passion
  11. 11. ⠿ Evaluate existing audience to inform future audience⠿ Are current users customers, potential customers and/or your customer’s influencers?⠿ What type of content is shared? How are users exposed to it?
  12. 12. ⠿ Use niche networks to: ⠕ Focus on relevant conversation—don’t advertise, participate ⠸ Be a trusted resource within a passionate community ⠕ Go deep into product offerings (no need to appeal to lowest common denominator) ⠕ Mobilize and leverage existing passion ⠸ Allow the counter culture (the experts) to spread your message to common culture
  13. 13. ⠿ Using social networks should be driven by brand message and audience mindset⠿ Consider the entire the social universe⠿ Identify and pursue based on insight
  14. 14. ⠕ Upcoming trends presentation ⠸ October 24 @ 2:00 PM ⠕ Questions? ⠸ Contact webinar@powerhousefactories.comCopyright Powerhouse Factories 2012©