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Brand Building

In the context of brand building communications, when strategy and insight guide true creativity people are inspired and results profound. We align brand positioning, brand blueprint and brand strategy to build strong brands with consistent authentic messaging across all platforms.

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Brand Building

  2. 2. “In the context of Brand Building Communications, Creativity without intelligence and insight is Meaningless, Creativity without purpose and resonance is futile, Creativity without strategy is confusing And that Intelligence and strategy without creativity is mechanical, systematic and uninspiring. But When strategy and insight guide true creativity people are inspired and results profound.”
  3. 3. branddevelopment Why Brand positioning, Brand Blueprint, Brand Strategy? Brands are created and Brands are built With consistent authentic messaging Across all platforms Advertising | Public Relations | Marketing Collateral | Community Corporate Social Investment | Social Media | Internal Communications | Staff Brand Experience | Packaging | POS | POP | Customer Management
  4. 4. brandequity Even though you may report it, YOU DON’T OWN IT! YOU ONLY INFLUENCE IT (No debate, No discussion, Fact!) “Best we get it right upfront” [Future Proofing]
  5. 5. Equity & brand Is the culmination of engaging (two way) communications & how well the experience and product performance match the clients’ needs and the promises made. loyalty
  6. 6. Customer Value (Product) So  what  is  the  relevance?   Where  and  What?   How  and  When?   EVERYTHING   &   F%$#  ALWAYS   And  who  is  responsible?   EVERYONE!   PROMISE  =  OFFER  =  EXPERIENCE