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Online connected chat web icons design 2 powerpoint ppt templates.


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Online connected chat web icons design 2 powerpoint ppt templates.

  1. 1. WEB ICONS – Style 2 @ At Blank Cancel $ Cash Chat Check Mark Copy Cut Your Logo
  2. 2. WEB ICONS – Style 2 Down Download Edit ! Exclamation Folder Hand iInfo Heart Your Logo
  3. 3. WEB ICONS – Style 2 Left Magnifier Mail Minus Music Paint Paste Plus Your Logo
  4. 4. WEB ICONS – Style 2 ? Print Question Redo 1 Redo 2 Recycle Restart Right Save Shut Your Logo
  5. 5. WEB ICONS – Style 2 Sound Stand By Favorites A Text Trash Tools Up User Your Logo
  6. 6. WEB ICONS – Style 2 Users Web Zoom In Zoom Out Lock Un Lock Clock RSS Shopping Your Logo
  7. 7. All images are 100% editable in Powerpoint“Change color, size and orientation of any icon to your liking”
  8. 8. Ungrouping the object 2 1 31. Right click the object.2. Choose Group and then Ungroup.3. Click beside the object and drag the arrow over
  9. 9. Edit Color 2 3 11. Select the shape to change the color and Right click the object( click any object which you want to change color)2. Choose Format Shape in the dialog box.3. Choose “Fill” in the Format Shape box then “Solid” or “Gradient” depending on the appearance of the object. Change colour as shown in the