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What Comes Next from Destiny's Beta


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This is an older document of mine detailing what comes next for Destiny right after its beta test had completed. A bit old, but fun to go back and read older articles of least for me :P

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What Comes Next from Destiny's Beta

  1. 1. Let me start by saying that I wrote this quite some time ago, but wasn't quite sure where it should go. As a new member to Slideshare I thought it would be a good starter document to upload, despite being a bit older. Lets begin. Video game fanatics all over the world all played with the successful Destiny beta and are anticipating the official release. All devotees can do now is await the official release and stay patient. What is this game? Bungie is now among the very iconic gaming studios that exist, and that is mostly due to their work in the Halo franchise, which has been regarded as one of the very most successful FPS to date. Destiny takes lots of inspiration from their #1 seller, as seen in the graphics for the game. Such things like the iconic total- body battle armour, firearms that are exceptional and foreign, along with the iconic face mask that Master Chief was always seen in for Halo. Along with that, the game is going to have a whole lot of MMORPG components too, including an open world, character classes, and several degrees of in depth customization. There are a few important differences from common MMORPGs and common FPS games equally, however, so the outcome will be rather exceptional.
  2. 2. The Destiny Storyline From the Destiny Beta, we saw that the lore of the game occurs in a universe where mankind is beginning to wane. Hostile aliens have taken over the apocalypse for this particular culture that has come and gone, and what is left over of their huge empire is under constant combat.
  3. 3. Destiny's Gameplay Like in many MMORPGs, players will soon have the capacity to decide on a race as well as a class that'll critically discover what their weaknesses as well as their strengths are. There are only three player types to select from: Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. Whatever was selected will influence what their focus is going to be in group scenarios; they will have the ability to select ones that are defensive, offensive, or that are good for supporting their team, among other things. You'll always want to research whichever class and subclass you decide to go with, and to that end I'd suggest reading through this complete Warlock exotic armor list. Many MMORPGs set players down into a consistent world together with the remaining players on that server, yet this game will really have a matchmaking system much like the initial Halo that'll enable players to join and leave groups at their own will. Destiny Beta as well as the release The Destiny beta test finished on July 27, 2014 to much success. There were well over 4 1/2 million players that played with nearly ninety million individual games. Now that the testing period has wrapped up, players will need to wait until the scheduled release date, which is now set for September 9th. The game is all set for a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One release.