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Reasons for the Changes to the Atheon Encounter inside of Vault of Glass


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Lets take a look at why Bungie decided to make some changes to Destiny's Vault of Glass raid.

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Reasons for the Changes to the Atheon Encounter inside of Vault of Glass

  1. 1. Reasons for the Changes to the Atheon Encounter inside of Vault of Glass
  2. 2. The most recent patch for Destiny involved preventing gamers from being able to choose which specific players would have which specific roles inside of the Vault of Glass. This was done in order to prevent any groups from being able to essentially carry those who aren’t experienced enough to hold their own inside the raid. The community manager known as Deej was on the forum trying to calm down the players about this issue, as there was a ton of upset over it. He explained that the Vault of Glass isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park, and this was essentially a hole that allowed people to carry each other through much like you’d carry around a piece of luggage.
  3. 3. Deej explained that he spoke with the devs about gamer’s concerns over this, and supposedly it was discussed at length that we don’t want to be completely chosen at random. Apparently one thought was that they could just change this for Hard Mode, but the devs again said that the raid isn’t supposed to be an easy task for anyone.
  4. 4. They went on to say that it was setup for those who are hardcore and ready to be able to test their skills and be able to adapt to the gameplay. Apparently these are holes that were showed to the devs through gamer’s time in the game, so…way to go, guys? ;) Hey, at least that won’t stop us from our hunt for Warlock exotics (listed at for your viewing pleasure)! In addition to that fix they also made it so that Atheon was properly teleporting targets around at random through his annoying little timestream. It would seem another fix was that there was an exploit where he could potentially be pushed off of his platform, but that has also since been fixed. What are your thoughts on the fixes and changes to the Vault of Glass? Do you think we have a ton more coming to this raid, or will they focus on something else for now?