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Sound and Immersive Content - Power of Play 2017


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How will audio support the next wave in immersion? From 3D audio in VR to digital assistants to sound for IoT, the sonic landscape is evolving with computation. Learn how audio can help both active and passive interaction in present and future waves of immersion from Chris Hegstrom, Senior VR Audio Specialist, The Sound Lab at Technicolor

Presented as part of the VR-AR Track at Power of Play 2017 hosted by the Washington Interactive Network

Published in: Technology
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Sound and Immersive Content - Power of Play 2017

  1. 1. 10TH ANNUAL VIDEO GAME AND INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT CONFERENCE Presented by and Chris Hegstrom Senior VR Audio Specialist The Sound Lab at Technicolor Sound and Immersive Content
  2. 2. Sound and Immersive Content The future of audio design in the age of advanced computing
  3. 3. Games and Audio Tech RAM to CPU VR Games = 3D audio CPU to GPU ± Screen = ± Speakers
  4. 4. Audio & the VR Winter Winter is a time for reflection Standardization & culling What’s worth keeping? What can we toss? What’s coming next?
  5. 5. Audio & the VR Winter
  6. 6. Personal Assistant Race for voice integration Accurate / Conversational On the road to ubiquity
  7. 7. Internet of Things Unnatural transition Illusion of control Audio lingustics Assurance during the transition
  8. 8. Utilitarian Sound Design -
  9. 9. Utilitarian Sound Design +
  10. 10. Future of Sonic Consumption? 3D Augmented Audio Audio Linguistics Ambient Computing Conditional Adaptive Parameters
  11. 11. Appendices… Life after the Smartphone: Future of Streaming & Sonic Branding: Future of Game Audio: Computers for Your Ears: Rise of 3D Audio: Design for the Ear, Not for the Eye: